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President Obama and not caving in…

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Recently I have been watching the situation unfold between North Korea and a movie that was made by Seth Rogan titled “The Interview”. If you are not familiar with what happened allow me to fill you in. Seth Rogan made a movie funded by Sony Pictures in which two characters are sent to North Korea to try and assassinate the leader of the country. You can see the trailer for it right here: .

Now from the get go this is an obvious satirical movie and no one should really take it seriously. However North Korea did take it serious and responded by doing some serious cyber attacks on Sony, sending threats to theater vendors to such an extent that Sony decided to cancel the release of the movie. I say again, that Sony decided to pull the plug on the movie in response to the attacks.

When questioned by the media this is what President Obama said about the situation:

At 2:40 and then on is where Obama really hits the nail on the head. I believe that the way to deal with oppressive people whether it be a regime, individual or a group is to simply not cooperate with them. I agree 100% with the United States on its stance on not negotiating with terrorists and thankfully Obama understands why you should never enable your enemy even further. I can relate to this situation in a unique and metaphorical way.

I can remember years ago when a psychopath was stalking and defaming me, I decided that I had enough of this guy and was going to make a website about him. If he was going to hurt me, everyone in his life was going to know about. I had seen this person go after far too many people and I already knew this was not someone you negotiate with. However this did not stop certain individuals around me from being controlled by this psychopath. What he did was he called up the police in these individuals areas and make false statements about me, saying his feelings were hurt and so on. The police not knowing what was going on eventually tracked me down and I talked to one police office over the phone. Never once did the police assume that perhaps the person contacting them was oh I dunno…lying?! This stalker of mine, MrSeanie, never reached out to me in a pleasant calm way to talk about this fued, this cop seemed to only know how to talk to me by trying in an indirect way to intimidate me by saying “well you COULD be sued”. But that is a whole other story on the failure of some police officers. Anyways the individuals around me contacted me claiming that the police claimed this nut bar was going to sue me, for what I am not sure, but that is what the claim was. This cop, (wish I wrote his name down), even said to me I wasn’t breaking any law, so who knows why this cop was even contacting me. Is it the business of cops to police someone else’s feelings? Especially if the other party is being attacked and feels threatened, and if I feel that my life is under attack like it or not I have the right to defend myself.

Anyways the point is that these certain individuals said I had to take this particular website down in order for me not to be sued. Now think about this for a second, if I was stalking or destroying someones life, it wouldn’t matter if I removed the offensive material or not, just it being posted and said would be enough. But here I was being asked to removed something that was potentially protecting my life, and holding an immoral monster’s feet to the fire. Keep in mind the police officer who I spoke to over the phone never once said I had to do this, but that it would show I was being morally superior…???…??? Never-mind the fact that I endured years of defemation and stalking by this person and others, and still do to this day and I tolerated all of it, but I digress. Somehow in this mis-informed naive officers mind, taking this website down (which by the way there was nothing even on the site except a URL and a image placeholder – no information) would somehow show me to be honest or something…still to this day I am not sure what that cop was trying to do. He certainly never cared about how I was being treated. He never held MrSeanie to the same standard that I was being held too. Why did he not go to MrSeanie and also tell him to remove his material from the net? Why?

I told that cop I would not do what he said to which the cop said “listen I don’t know what is going on, but if he is telling the truth he could sue you” and I said “let him” and I hung up the phone. Shortly after I was contacted by a certain individual whose house that cop showed up at and she demanded I give in to all demands, that it did not matter what the truth was, that I was going to be sued and then she went on a diatribe of all these supposed things that would happen to me if I did not give in. Her exact words were “Do you have any idea how it makes me FEEL!!!”. She did not care about how I was being treated, how I was being defamed, how this individual found where I was working, and was posting the contact information in a hostile form all over the Internet. No, she cared about the safety of this freak as apparently did the police officer. Where she got this idea was from her husband, whom I guess does not understand how police complaints work. If you make a complaint to the police about anyone, true or false, right or wrong, the police are obligated to look into it. It doesn’t mean the police are after you, or are going to arrest you, it just means they will look at it. This is what this freak did, knowing full well that the police, without evidence, would take him at this word and just look into it. If the police were really AFTER me, they would arrest me. Not talk to me once, only to never hear from them ever again. Another thing her husband should do is look into what swatting is…See what happens here is this husband gets an idea in his head, tells his wife, and his wife then tells me. When I debunk the claim, when my lawyer debunks it, when I put a Detective of the OPP in touch with her to debunk his claims, does this wife go back to her husband and tell him? Nope, she keeps it to herself.

If I was an honest cop I would be pissed off at being used in this fashion to hurt someone. That is why a good police officer always has discernment. I made a big mistake in taking that website down because it sent a message to this guy, MrSeanie, and his buddies, that “we can do anything to this guy and nothing will happen to us”, and that cop who helped MrSeanie backed off saying “I don’t understand it, he just puts it back up in a video about you, I am not even going to contact that guy again” after that cop saw MrSeanies attacks increased, after I gave MrSeanie what he wanted. He never went to MrSeanie and said “hey take your stuff down” no, he did not hold that guy to the standard he held me. Even when he found videos of this guy parading a Nazi flag around and questioned this guys morale’s, he still didn’t! Then MrSeanie contacted my place of employment and I lost my job. This is all after I gave this SOB what he wanted. This is about as unfair as it can ever get people. I told that cop that he better contact MrSeanie back and tell him what he thinks or else MrSeanie is going to believe the police are on his side, which of course that cop never did contact him back. All that cop did was help him, simple as that. Why is a cop helping a cyber stalker, racist, terrorist and pervert? Why? To this day I am bewildered by the whole thing. That cop changed his story from originally me going after Mrseanie, to, two guys fighting. Now if he is changing his story so fast, and also saying “I don’t understand it” perhaps he shouldn’t jump to conclusions?

Basically what happened here was I was punished for doing the nice thing, and this guy, Sean Ruttledge, was rewarded for doing the wrong thing. How unfair is that.

I personally believe that this woman and her husband knew damn well I was being misrepresented, but they did not care, they saw this as a nuisance. I asked her why she not respond to this guy, after all she thinks he is a victim, he claims to be a victim, so why not talk to him? She said “Oh I am afraid of that guy…”. They would rather take the easy way out, because its not there life that is being damaged. This is why this particular individual contacted her again in 2011, asking to know where I lived to try and do the same thing again. He believed then and still to this day that this woman and her husband would give this guy what he wanted. After all they gave him what he wanted back in 2009. See a screen cap of the email he sent from his Facebook page to this woman’s page right here: Screencap. There are so many lies in that message, every sentence contains an out right lie! I say again when you are being lied about in this fashion, the number 1 thing you should never do is give into those demands. If you read that message, notice the underhanded threat he sends in what may happen if you “don’t give me his address”. This guy is a known liar.

Remember this is the guy whom these two people Anne and Fred, claim is suing me. Now if he was suing me, why does he need my address? He doesn’t. He only needs my address to try and harass me in some way, like make bull shit complaints to the police about me to get me harassed.

I even had a very trusted mentor of mine tell me in no certain terms do not do what she is saying. But I made a mistake and gave in to her demands, taking the site down, this gave my stalker a blank check to do what ever he wanted in my life, and boy he sure did. The cop who helped that guy backed off saying ” I don’t understand, he just starts posting more crap about you on the net, Im not even going to contact that guy back” and I said ” why didn’t you listen to me?” and the cop evaded my question. A week later that psycho contacted my place on employment and I lost my job based on his word. This is all after I gave this nut-bar what he wanted, and this was his response to getting what he wanted. He has since continued (this was in 2009 its now 2014) with persistent stalking of me. From this I learned why the United States does not give in to threats because it only enables there enemies even further.

While I no longer have any silly cop or crazy person claiming I am being sued, the point is, if all it takes to destroy someones life is to contact the police in there area to try and bully them into giving this person what they want, where is the freedom? Where is the right to self-defend? After this any time I spoke with the FBI, RCMP, New Scotland Yard or anyone, it was on my terms not theres, and even after all that, they didn’t seem interested in talking to me. They seemed to not want to admit that a boneheaded street cop could be wrong. But he was, so very wrong and time has shown that.

Perhaps another way of getting my point across is to describe the battle a person can have with cancer. Imagine a person is told by a Doctor they are going to die by cancer, yet they can take a risky surgery that may save them, but more then likely they will die. What should that person do? The answer is ultimately up to that individual, but I say take the one that has the chance. If you are going to go down, at least go fighting. Its the same way in dealing with malevolent people.

If you can take anything away from this post its this, if you know you are right, if you know you are in the defense, do not enable your enemies even further by giving into there demands. I knew it back then, and I really know it now. If you do it will create a piranha effect from which you will never recover. The certain individuals who helped that freak have never answered one of my questions “why should I removed all my work?” or “why should I stop doing what I enjoy or love?”. If you haven’t noticed I have a very small presence on the Internet now, and this is not an accident. I have yet to ever see one of my oppressors remove there material or libelous crap about me on there own, yet I have to do something, that they won’t because…why?! In giving that person what he wanted, it sent a message far and wide on the net that we can ruin this person, its ok to lie about him, but heaven forbid he is allowed to tell the truth.

The reason I gave into that woman’s demands is because I had hoped she would come around and see her view of me was wrong, that in fact I was the one being targeted and attacked. But instead after my career was destroyed she turned it back on me, as did her husband. In there minds its ok to lie about me, make websites about me, yet heaven forbid I make my own decisions. Even one of her sons (a true idiot, perhaps the dumbest person I have ever met in my life) said I was ruining that particular stalkers life after my career came to an end. Now I just lost my job over stalking yet I am the one hurting someone?! Over years of being attacked, I go to defend myself, and then I am told by so called family members that I am not allowed to defend myself, that it doesn’t matter how I am treated, so I give my stalker everything he wants, he gets what he wants, and turns around and ruins my life, yet I apparently am destroying this guys life? Yes that is what someone said to my face, while I saw my career destroyed. “Your destroying his life!”. Its almost as if these people live in a shell and they cannot imagine there has been serious injustice done towards me. Never once did this woman, her husband, and her moronic son ever apologize for getting involved in my business or telling me that I couldn’t defend myself or being totally wrong in there assertion. But to be truly honest, I can say those people were never my friends, ever!

They have tried many times to come up with excuses for selling me out, changing there story, bringing up old videos in the past which have nothing to do with this situation, just in the attempt to divert the responsibilities of theirs on to me. So for example, this woman who we will call Anne, in one of her excuses she brought up old videos of mine that she never saw until after I lost my job in 2009 to try and justify her stance. That is totally disingenuous. She was getting this crap from her husband Fred, whom needed an excuse for his stupidity so he brought up old videos of mine in a completely unconnected and unrelated event, just so they didn’t have to say “sorry” or “we are wrong”. Her husband is about as honest as the hair on top of his head. The videos in question were made in early 2007, got a maximum of 80 views each, and were taken down by me. But somehow those videos were connected to an event that happened in early 2009, two years later, for which there is no evidence. My life was going just fine until one specific moment where I gave that psychopath what he wanted. Not before this. I also believe the reason they do this kind of shifting of responsibilities is Anne wants me to remain a little boy underneath her. She doesn’t want me to grow up and be an adult. If I am living on my own, paying my own way in society, with a job I worked for, with a degree I earned, then where does Anne get the right to speak for all of those things and jeopardize it? If Anne is not going to provide a living for me, then she doesn’t have the right to speak for my life. Its that simple. If I feel threatened and if I feel my life is under attack, I have the right to defend it. Period. My work is not Anne, nor her husbands work, and they do not have the right to speak for my life.

The people who helped that psychopath (so called family members) don’t like the fact I have cut ties with them, but you know what you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You cannot tell me that if I am attacked and stalked and I go to defend myself, that I am in the wrong. If every time a so called family member is speaking in the defense of the villain or accuser, then they are simply not your friends or family and they should not be surprised when you disown them. Its really that simple. These so called family members still hold to there delusions to this day and I hope that one day they get a dose of reality and truth. I hope one day they can be honest.

Even if your oppressor has the ability to pull off there threats (even if they try and scare you with stupid legal threats), don’t give in, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. It will only either fuel them further or help out the next guy in line whose feelings are hurt by your opinions. The moment anyone says “It doesn’t matter whats right or whats wrong” or “your rights don’t matter”, then freedom and the right to determine ones own destiny has gone out the window. Its why if you violate and silence one persons life, you really in the end silence the society itself. The Internet is no different.

What this family did to me was ultimately stunted my growth. This woman wanted me to remain a child when I was living on my own, and refused to allow me to make my own decisions. I don’t want to be a person stuck as a child, I don’t want to be a person who has to edit his life just because someone says something negative about me. I don’t believe in living in fear, but these people obviously do. I remember this woman, who we will call Anne, said to me “but I just want good for you”. What she wants for me, is what she DEEMS as good…living a life of mediocrity, not joy, creativity, happiness or thriving. There is a wonderful episode of Star Trek The next Generation that deals with this subject in an off handed way. The episode was where Picard dies and Q, takes him on a journey of his life. And what was the moral of the story? Just watch: