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Like it or not I have the right to defend myself

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

Quick question, if a snake bites a dear, is it because the dear has somehow failed to engage the snake properly, or is it because the snake is a snake?

A warning to my casual readers, this blog post is not for you, it will more then likely only swell up negative emotions in you, so I suggest you don’t read this. Readers discretion is strongly advised here.

I thought long and hard about making this blog post public, but after some deliberation, I realize telling that truth, and possibly making enemies is better then staying silent. If this post ends up being used as ammunition against me by my stalkers then so be it. I was thinking of a comment I removed from Facebook and it got me to receive a death threat from a so called family member. I have already blocked this person from facebook but that did not stop him from abruptly sending me texts. He told me what I could and could not say on Facebook and that my comment was hateful and libelous. He told me that it  was my final warning. In light of this and the fact that this person, who we will just call Chrinky, responded in this way to a simple comment, (which tells me there is something wrong with this person, after all the bit dog barks) I am re-posting the comment in full right here.  The comment that I made that got me to receive this threat from Chrinky, was in reply to an article that stated if you had older wiser siblings you were in a good position for life, so I said:

What if you don’t?

I decided to add to the comment and say

What if you had self proclaimed brothers who sold you out to a satanist? What if you had so-called brothers who let someone live with them for three years rent free, who was also getting money from his multimillionaire friend, and received a free hummer from his friend, yet I (there so called brother) went flat broke living with them? What if that when you spoke to there friend, there friend said to your face that he couldn’t find a job and disrespected you in front of all your so called siblings, for which none of them challenged him. What if you had to get a job making 11 dollars an hour and this FRIEND of there’s lived off his multimillionaire friend? All the while they were praising and admonishing each other as talented wise people and assuring me that there friend was a smart talented person, and that I just knew nothing. What then?

I’d like to add to that comment here, and say:

What if one of your so called brothers lied about you to your face and claimed you had 75 grand invested somewhere…when in fact you were penniless? What then? What if your so called brothers claimed this multimillionaire who gave there friend a free hummer, was just an asshole, so there was no way to funnel money from his friend to them… Anyone who gives away a free brand new hummer as a gift is not an asshole! Hes called a generous man.

Now while some may detect a bit of anger in that quote, I mean I was angry, I still stand by everything I said there. What was the trigger of this comment was a text ex-change I had with someone who I have cut ties with. This person sent me a immature message and I responded with “grow up”. Well this person did not like that and responded with a slew of accusations that I take very seriously. This blog post stands to debunk the claims he made. It takes zero effort to lie and accuse someone with zero evidence, but the truth takes effort.

Anyways lets get into these accusations he leveled at me. Years ago I was being stalked by a psychopath, which I have detailed to some degree in this blog post: Blog post. I hope someday I can make a documentary about what happened to me as I have documented so much and it is wrong I should be silent. But anyways, in 2008, this stalker contacted two individuals on facebook and sent them the exact same message. You can see the message here along with a reply from one of these so called family members: Screen shot of pm from Seanie

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Again aside from the numerous libelous lies this person is spreading about me, claiming I go after children etc, what I find funny in the post is what the other person said, not Mr.Seanie, but this “brother” said. He said that he may act in someway…??? And what was that? Nothing. He has since backtracked and claimed that if I just gave this guy what he wanted he would leave me alone. But this is precisely why I lost job in 2009, because I was being attacked by this nut bar, gave him what he wanted, which was the wrong thing to do, and it hurt me terribly. You can read more about Seanie and what he gets up to right here, please note you may need to translate that into English. Notice the kind of disrespect Chrinky sends my way, and yet when Sean sends Chrinky a message on Facebook and lies about me, Chrinky did not send Sean the same disrespect. That is because Chrinky is a coward and would never say those things to Sean.Here is just two screen caps of what I was dealing with on a nonstop basis from MrSeanie in 2009 and 2010, after I lost my job because of Seanies words: Screencap 1 and Screencap 2. It is MrSeanie who is ultimatly responsible for me losing my job in February of 2009 as well as spamming the Internet daily with attempts to prevent me from being able to get another job. What he wanted to do was hurt me in my real life and this was all after I gave that man what he wanted, after I gave into his demands he turned right around and increased his attacks on me. Again read this blog post for more information on the events leading up to what he did to me in February of 2009. Notice how Seanie attempts to paint me as a dangerous cyber stalker, out here to randomly target innocent people. Anyone who knows me personally knows I have a long history of acting, story telling and video making. Sean will take characters and bits I have done and turn them into identities that supposedly are only here to hurt people. He went threw my entire old website so he would have known those were simply characters of mine, different personas, but he deliberately paints that in a false light. How is that not defamation? I have literally given my enemies everything they could possible want, and in exchange have received nothing, but more stalking. Why should I run and hide in a corner for ever more? Seanie really stepped up his attacks on me, in February of 2009, even after I gave this guy what he wanted. It only told him that he could torment me further.

How did MrSeanie and the other “trolls” behind him know who I was, my docs were dropped in 2006 by Steven Pheby. Please see this blog post: Right here.

Oh, Mr. Seanie and other stalkers of mine on the net laughed about what Seanie did. As someone who has been silenced, I have never told how I first herd of Mr. Seanie, it was from him filing false dmcas on people on youtube using my real name. See this video here and go to the time of 18:24 in this Video. This narrative that I randomly harass people is a lie. I would like to go into more detail on this…and maybe I will but anyone who says that I started some fight with Mr. Seanie, or anyone else for that matter, is either lying or ignorant. It was Mr. Seanie who discovered where I worked, spammed it across the Internet and then contacted my former place of employment in 2009, and based on his words and his words alone, I lost my job. He then laughed about it publicly on the net and was spamming the net with all sorts of supposed reasons why I lost my job. I suspect what Sean said was something very similar to a message he sent my mother on facebook. At a casual glance, a person may believe those sorts of statements, after all an Encyclopedia Dramatica article exists about me, but not MrSeanie. If a place of work were to see that, a loss of reputation would occur no doubt. Not for anything I have done, but because of the character assassinations that are going on, name calling, photoshopping me in pornographic situations etc. He is also the same person who has tried on many occasions to get me arrested by the police for bogus and libelous claims.

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Just in case anyone tries to say Seanie had nothing to do with me losing my job, despite the fact it was him who found where I was working, despite the fact it was him who was spamming the net with my work contact details, even trolls on his side of the fence said it was him who contacted my place of employment back in 2009 to get me fired. Here is a Screen Shot of a hidden website that my obsessors/detractors did not know I was aware of. They were storing the names and addresses of a lot of other people on that site, and any information they could use to troll there victims. Notice in that screen shot they themselves even mention it was Seanie behind it. I will not provide a URL to that site because it would be revealing the personal address, family information, and work information of many people on the Internet. The URL that contains all that information was made by a strong supporter of themaskedanalyst (youtube troll) and as well has made many accounts assuming my identity and spreading my name and former address all over youtube, as well as lying about me right here. See right here, where this troll dontclownyourself aka lowball aka fewprospects aka redskullrepository admits to being me. If I need to, I can prove all those accounts are made by the same individual, the same person who was posting my information and over 40 other people on a twisted website. Yeah that’s what these people do when they can’t win an argument, they skulk and assume your real life identity, lie about you and drop your real life address. And even if it is not your address they will just drop it anyways because they could care less if some random person is opened up to harassment. You can read an exchange this person had with the youtube user Dynacatlovesme right here. This person tends to be an ardent defender of themaskedanalyst. “Birds of a feather flock together” – themaskedanalyst.

This paragraph is somewhat of a tangent but I have to demonstrate that even other stalkers of me were saying it was MrSeanie behind me losing my job. This same DCY troll aka Lowball has had a long history of stalking and defaming me on the Internet. This person, again, hails from the Encyclopedia Dramatica community, and tends to jump on the band wagon of whatever is going on. My last interaction with the DCY/Lowball troll was in an email exchange where I informed this person or perhaps persons, of what another troll in his group known as Subseven did to me. Subseven in April of 2009 gathered a bunch of trolls together to call up my former residence or at least where they THINK I live and threatened to kill over the phone the people who live there. Little did Subseven aka James Patrick Saxton know that all those phone calls were recorded. This DCY/Lowball character called me a liar for merely stating the truth to them in which I then sent audio recordings of some of the threats made towards the people living there. This Lowball troll downplayed it and tried to make light of the attack. This was the last time I ever replied to any message from this Lowball character because from this kind of criminal attack, and the fact they downplayed it and called me immature, it told me they were not sincere, so I no longer tried to talk to them; but that doesn’t stop this person from sending me messages. This person has deliberately lied about me even trying to compare me to pedophiles. The ultimate hypocrisy of this person to point there fingers at anyone is ridiculous when they were storing the personal information and locations of many YouTube users on a twisted website. You can read some of the email exchanges I have had with this troll here:

DCY/Lowball troll lies directly to me. – Says they never asked for a sample of audio recordings of what Subseven did, when just a few emails prior you can see they did.

DCY/Lowball troll downplays harassment and death threats made by there own Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls over the phone to family members of mine – But then again this is the same person who made that website linked above showcasing the names, addresses, phone numbers and family member information of over 40 people.

DCY/Lowball troll calls me a liar only moments before I send them audio recordings of family members of mine being harassed over the phone, – in which they downplay right above.

DCY/Lowball troll continuously asks for me to go onto skype to chat with them as if we are pals. – This is just a small selection, I have counted at least 20 different times of this person asking to chat with me on Skype, for what reason I am not sure, I don’t even reply to this person!

Of course after me no longer responding, this person decided to copy and paste text from a forum and make up a phony email which I never sent to them in the event to make me look crazy and then post it onto Encyclopedia Dramatica because I would not go onto Skype and talk with them:

What the DCY/Lowball troll wrote about me – In response to me rejecting there nonsense and ignoring them.

The post that this DCY/Lowball troll says I sent them – a quick google search of the message reveals they just copied and pasted it from a forum.

This is the typical treatment I have received from people of Encyclopedia Dramatica who act purely out of spite. If you do not respect them or do what they say, that make up crap about you.

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But back to how I first herd of Ruttledge: When the user in one of the video links above, named SpikeBravo had DMCAs filed on him using my real name, I looked at his channel and saw the YouTube account named MyBossTM was dropping SpikeBravos docs on that channel. I remembered this channel before because in early 2008, MyBossTM and a number of trolls from encyclopedia dramatica, along with Mike Skehan were dropping my docs on YouTube. This was the typical message I would get from these guys. Basically you could call all of 2008, a very traumatic year for me because I was constantly being harassed and threatened. Someone kept making accounts with my real life name: JamieDemeter1, 2, 3, 4, and so on, and they were dropping my docs and threatening me, telling me to “stay off the net” etc. Someone was also making accounts with the name Redskull but using a capital i instead of a lower case L. Who that person or persons was I am not 100% sure unfortunately. I have herd around the grape vine many names thrown about, Mike Skehan, various Random trolls, even Steven Pheby (very big suspect, he was one of the original trolls to impersonate me, and was extremely bitter at the fact I found out who he was in the real world), and oddly a youtube user named Happycabbie was somehow connected to this. Ironically the same Happycabbie who had dmcas filed on him by Seanie, using my real name. I have no direct proof of this, so for now its just speculation. I had made a note to keep a watchful eye on the MyBossTM account, and it was later discovered that the person in control of that account was MrSeanie. MrSeanie also known as Sean Ruttledge, I had briefly herd about before this from a YouTube personality known as LordJovian. LordJovian was also one of Seans victims. You can see an exchange that took place between Ruttledge and Jovian right here. Notice in the comments Sean showed up on there two years ago requesting it to be removed. If Sean is speaking the truth, that he has been unfairly lied about, then why does he want a video where he is defending himself removed? Sean will also claim he has been unfairly libeled as a pedophile yet he has zero problem calling people pedophiles like right here. So my question to Sean is why is it OK for you to call people pedophiles yet the same standard you use on others cannot be reflected back at you?

So, anyways, what did I do after finding out who was dropping my docs and other peoples? The responsible thing and reported that channel as well as a number of MrSeanies channels to YouTube, which YouTube preceded to bann. This is the REAL reason why Seanie went after me, not for any libelous claim of any kind, but because I was reporting his channels to YouTube. He just didn’t like that. That is why the MyBossTM account was suspended as well as hundreds of his accounts. If I had not reported those accounts of his, all his videos going after SpikeBravo and Listhevideomaker and other people would still be online. Listhevideomaker was one of many Seanies targets. The reason he went after her? She called him out for his animal abuse videos. More on that below. Here is a very tame video he made about her in response to what she rightfully said. Notice he says the same kind of rhetoric, using words like “psycho” and “stalker”, to describe her, as he describes me. The end result of him dropping her docs and defaming her character was she had to leave the Internet. You can read my further interactions with MrSeanie by reading this blog post.

After this Ruttledge stepped up his attacks on me by dropping docs on family members, and even my father who passed away in the summer of 2007. Yeah, he dropped the former address of my father. Now I never wanted to talk about this, and its sad I have to talk about things that are this personal, but these losers hit, always, below the belt. This brings up another subject in that, in the summer of 2007, I was accused of a ton of accusations by the E.D. trolls that had zero merit, I was dragged into situations that had nothing to do with me that lead to me being banned from YouTube, and during that time I was spending time with my dying father. Yet these bastards, who have no lives, in the summer of 2007 were accusing me of being behind tons of YouTube channels and all sorts of nonsense, but yet my time was preoccupied with the last moments of my father. These people just don’t have a sensible and realistic view of me. Lets put it this way it was a rough number of years to put it mildly. I am working on a blog that will deal in detail about this particular event.

Seanie continued to file bogus DMCA claims on people using my real name from late 2008 all the way into early 2010. Here is a link to an example of a person named Charles Douglas who also had DMCA’s filed on him by Seanie using my name: Example Link Sean had the YouTube user Spikebravo aka Nicholas Bravo fooled for along time into thinking I was harassing him which I was not.

[Update] The link provided up above showcasing MrSeanie making a video response to listhevideomaker on one of his channels has been made private by Seanie on his main account on youtube titled SeaniesOtherAccount, in an attempt to bury the evidence after it being posted on this blog. That tells me he is watching this blog closely. Bare in mind this was a very tame example. I have kept out of this blog some of the more drastic things Sean has done to people through impersonation accounts and even with him in his own videos.

You can watch the video he privated right here:
Seanie tries to show he is not an Animal Abuser

I have also added another video you can check out where he makes a series of wild accusations against Listhevideomaker:
Seanie makes wild accusations with zero evidence

Thirdly here is another video he made after people questioned him for stalking Listhevideomaker:
Sean responds to stalking listhevideomaker

Keep in mind this is a huge summation of a years of harassment by this nutcase and others who jumped on the bandwagon. In that third video notice he uses words like vicious and stalker and troll to describe her just as he has described me. This is yet another tactic of Rutledge’s against his victims. He will claim they are the one doing the wrong when in fact if is him. There are so many videos I have of this guy attacking people and myself, I am very tempted to put them all up on my website because in a “interview” with New Scotland Yard Detective Phil Ellis, Mr.Ruttledge claimed to have never harassed anyone and that he had disappeared from the net shortly before making the videos you see above. I wonder if that Detective has seen those videos.

Skip a head to late 2011 where Ruttledge decided for whatever reason to make a video trying to get me arrested by the police. In the video in question there is zero evidence by Sean to back up any of his claims, just a plethora of accusations. Here are a few print screen images. Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3. The same email that you have seen up above where Ruttledge contacted my mother is during the same time he was making this video where he was trying to “Swat” me. He sent my mother the facebook threat on November 1st and then made his video about me two days later. See each screen-cap for a comparison. There are two things I would like to say about the video he was spamming about me. One: he claims that I have violated penal code 300 of Canadian Criminal law, and yet if Sean had read just a few inches down he would have seen this section:

When truth a defense
311. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel where he proves that the publication of the defamatory matter in the manner in which it was published was for the public benefit at the time when it was published and that the matter itself was true.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 275.

312. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes defamatory matter
(a) on the invitation or challenge of the person in respect of whom it is published, or
(b) that it is necessary to publish in order to refute defamatory matter published in respect of him by another person,
if he believes that the defamatory matter is true and it is relevant to the invitation, challenge or necessary refutation, as the case may be, and does not in any respect exceed what is reasonably sufficient in the circumstances. [R.S., c.C-34, s.276.]

Feel free to read up on the laws pretaining to libel right here. Be sure to read up on section 314 that deals in communicating statements to people. See I actually believe the things I have said about Mr. Ruttledge. Him on the other hand, he has called me a drug abuser, animal abuser, and child predator to family members of mine over Facebook and other forms of media.

Lets also not forget it was him who sought my attention, not the other way around, which goes in line with section 312.

Oh yeah Sean, you may want to read into your own laws in the UK like:

the Malicious Communications Act (1998) classified cyberstalking as a criminal offense.

When you sent that message to Anne, she found it to be very threatening, as did a handful of officers, thus breaking the Malicious Communications Act. Given that I have a number of witnesses who will testify against you Sean, it will be very easy to prove you were intending to scare Anne with that message. Try telling to a judge or the police that your intent in sending that threatening message to Anne was comedy. Its pretty obvious you wanted my address to try and hurt me in someway, thus breaking the Act.

Two: in the video he made in 2011, which he spammed the net with, there is a screen shot I want you to take a look at right HERE. It is a shot of the last video I had made on YouTube where you see me talking. In it I offer Sean and his friends a truce. Despite the fact I knew full well Sean would turn right around and use my offering as a chance to strike me harder, I took down all my materials of Sean off the web, which by the way are all true, and yet Sean and his buddies have never willingly taken down anything of there’s off the net. The only material I had posted about Sean was a url titled and it contained a image place holder on it saying coming soon. There was in fact NO WEBSITE that ever existed about him. I wanted a place where I could document all his actions against me and he would not be able to get it removed. This was all I ever posted about this guy and I took the url and the ONE jpg image placeholder down. Sean has never, nor has any of his friends, ever taken down all the hundreds of youtube channels, images, websites etc about me. There are two words to sum all this up: UNFAIR and UNJUST! I have always had to report the videos and channels of there’s. No police officer I have even talked would even think to ask Sean to remove his material. Think about this too, the screen shot in this paragraph was from Seans video where he was giving an example of me stalking him. Yet his example is from my video where I offer him a truce, knowing full well it was the wrong thing to do. Thats the best example he could come up with for me “stalking” him. So I ask you, if the statements Sean has made about me above are true, what kind of “DANGEROUS CYBER STALKER” takes down his material, gives his enemies what they want, and disarms himself and leaves himself at the mercy of his enemies? What Sean did in response to me offering this truce was spammed the Internet harder

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And I haven’t even mentioned the authors of that E.D. article and the kind of hypocritical and terrorist crap they get up to. For example the primary author of the article made about me, in April of 2009, who goes by the name Subseven, (real life name James Patrick Saxton) gathered a bunch of people from the net to call up my former residence and harass the people who were living there. A person, who we will just call Anne, called me and said I was endangering her life on the Internet. Now everyone, I want you to listen to this audio recording from the same man (Subseven) who orchestrated that attack on Anne and her husband.

Notice the words Subseven aka James Patrick Saxton uses “let them know shes endangering her family on the internet” being almost the same as when Anne said to me “you are now endangering my life on the net”. What Saxton did here is pure evil and terrrosism but Anne fell for his trap.

Is there any doubt in what that mans intentions are for his victim…? Is it parody, satire, or freedom of speech? It is to fill someones family, or in my case, so called family, with ideas about that person. It is to cause relationship problems. If you are the target and your family member doesn’t like you or is naive, they are likely to fall for that persons trap. And for anyone who asks, “but why you?”, its not just me, as evident by that audio recording. There is a lot more where that came from, that is just one tiny, tiny example. There is so much more I could go into, like the nonsense these people put out about the Digital Millennium Copyright act and how they care about it, when in fact they do not. This is all just a rouse to give them the air of credibility. But if you just scratch beneath the surface you will find there true intentions. If you want to hear Subsevens personal take on the DMCA just listen here:

That same individual in that audio recording, who is commonly referred to as Subseven, who you hear saying “let them know shes endangering her entire family on the internet”, posted my work contact information on that E.D. article in December of 2008 and was calling for everyone to contact my place of employment to get me fired. Now I have never done that to him, or anyone for that matter but he saw it fit to do that to me.

The point here is to make clear what these peoples intentions are. They want to throw darts at a board, hope something sticks, to try and get a negative reaction out of you, to hurt you. So called family members of mine who get involved with this, start with the false presupposition that these people are sincere and genuine, and they are simply “going after” me because of things I have done to them. This is an outright lie, they are not genuine or sincere, and could give a rats ass about any accusations they hurl at me, and they just want to catch there target up in a swell of negative emotions to hurt them. What they are to people is a distraction, and if left unchecked will ruin your life by distracting you.

And yes I have even had so called family members say to me, “Now, to be fair, you have done this to people…”

Well to be fair, these people have never been fair to me, because any accusations they have made against me, they in fact, don’t even care about, its just an attempt to use it as ammunition to hurt me. Furthermore I have never dropped dox on anyone just because they were on the Internet. Have I tried to find out who was trying to hurt me in my real life? Yes, and only a responsible person with the technical know how would do that. Have I ever stalked someones family? No. Have I ever got someone fired from there job? No. Have I ever called someone on the net over the phone? No. Have I ever impersonated someone on the net? No. Yet all these things and much more have been done to me and more. There are a number of people on the net who say some pretty funny things about me, completely untrue, but nevertheless funny…and also malicious. I made a lot of videos on YouTube, but to try and pass it off as if I was out there to hurt people is a lie! That is precisely the reason why my detractors are out here, not me. Remember in high school and university I was always making videos. I did not do drugs, break the law, or get involved in gangs. I really believe my so called family does not know what a bad person looks like. I had a  number of kids go after me in high school because I was doing things at that time that were cutting edge and also no one else in my school was doing them, so some kids were jealous of me. Again this is not a sign of a bad person but someone who has dreams and goals and is willing to work towards them.

No one is a one key-note person. Have I made videos of a serious nature, discussed issues of importance to me, and done humorous videos? Yes, but none where I try to destroy an innocent persons life. And they are my videos, not yours, and I don’t believe I owe people an explanation. I remember one of these so called family members said to me “we don’t need this drama.” Yeah and I do? Neither do I need it, but one should not run and hide in a corner just because they are afraid or because someone says something negative about someone else on the net. This is what my so called family did to me. They did not help when they got involved in my situation, they only made it worse. Dropping docs just for the fun of it, to hurt someone or humiliate them is completely totally wrong! But trying to track someone down who is doing it to you (self-defense) is understandable. Think about the issue of guns. In the right hands a gun can be used for self-defense. In the wrong hands, a gun can be used by someone who just wants to hurt other people out of spite or jealousy. Think of Elliot Rodger. To try and say that someone who killed in self-defense is out to randomly murder people is disingenuous, just like saying if I try and track someone down who dropped my docs is doc dropping for no reason…

During this time of when I lost my job in 2009 I was apart of a website named and everyone can go ask Renetto and Tom, the co creators of that website how I was behaving on that site. MrSeanie and one other individual were banned from that site for dropping my docs.

After Seanie contacted my former place of employment, and I lost my job in 2009, right afterward he was spamming the net with the claim that I murder and torture animals. Now at first I did not know why he was claiming this about me, but then I found an early post on the website now known as See Screencap. See what happened was Sean made a video, making light of a cat being tortured and then murdered. People called him out on it and what did he do, he pretended to be me and re-uploaded the same crap and proceeded to attack and drop docs of people who questioned his motives. Fortunately the mods of that site, who had access to the awstats function were able to see it was him doing this and not me.

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One goal here by the people who went after me is to force me into a position of defense so you lose the fight, and your enemies remain on the offensive. This is ultimately why I lost this fight, my so called family simply helped put in me in a state of explanation. I remember in March of 2012, where I had a face to face discussion with someone who we will just call Fred, at my former residence. His explanation was that the reason they did not listen to me was because of old videos made in 2007. Those videos that he brought up, in a false-indignation way, were nothing more then humor, but he was trying to twist it around to justify his position. Funny how he brings up videos in 2012, that were made in 2007. Funny that he didn’t bring it up when they were made. One may not like those videos, but it doesn’t mean anyone was hurt, or lost there job or anything like that. If anyone was hurt by that it was only me, because Fred was twisting this around to mean something else. He was taking one entirely unconnected event long ago and trying to connect it to another event to cover his and his wife’s actions for selling me out so quickly. If I had not made those videos am I to believe that Fred and his wife would be strongly against my treatment. Wrong! Fred elaborated more and said “that I dropped there docs! So it was only right they do it to me!” Um no, like I said, finding out who is dropping your docs, and hurting your life, IS NOT THE SAME, as simply going after someone you see on the net to hurt there life. One should not confuse self defense and protection with hurting people for no good reason. They are not the same! Fred knows it, he knows hes wrong, but he won’t admit it because that would be taking the high road wouldn’t it? It is Fred who filled his wife’s head with nonsense of me being sued and baloney crap of the police out to get me. Six and a half years from him making that statement, no lawsuits and no police out to get me? Where are they Fred?Has Fred ever bothered to ask anyone why they went after me, or why is he trying to justify there actions. I have had many people, essentially gang stalk me, but you can’t sum up everyone into one boat, different strokes for different folks. But what does Weev, the co-creator of Encyclopedia Dramatica say about why he “targets” people:Listen. Now if you notice Weev evaded that question, but nevertheless his reason for going after someone was simply if they were public, and nothing more. I actually agree with this reason as it explains why E.D. has targeted hundreds of Youtubers and Vloggers and anyone who makes videos on the net.

Oh and how did Fred and his wife react when the person above, whose audio recording you herd, who is referred to as Subseven, the original co-creator of the E.D. Article about me, got a bunch of people to harass them at there home?

He threatened to kill them and find out who they are! If we are to believe his threats he also has no problem killing people when he feels his life is endanger. Now imagine if I was like him and said “Hey you can’t say that Fred, you can’t threaten them, or drop there docs!, Your hurting them! This makes you a bad person! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!” No doubt he would find me to be disingenuous and he would be right, because it would ultimately be in self defense. Just like if I am living on my own, paying my own way in the world with a job I worked hard for, with a degree I earned, and if I feel I am threatened or under attack I have the right to defend myself. It doesn’t make me a troll. It doesn’t make me a doc dropper. It doesn’t make me dishonest. Its the right thing to do, and most people, if pushed into a corner will eventually try and defend themselves and there is nothing wrong with it. I have the right to defend myself, but for some reason Fred thinks I don’t.

I also recall Anne saying to me over the phone “are you threatening these people?” No I am not Anne, but here your husband is, and you don’t judge him, but yet you would judge me, why? Why is it ok for your husband to do something that I cannot do?

Fred further complained because MrSeanie spammed the net with his and Annes information from 2009 to 2010. Remember Fred, it wasn’t me in 2009 who gave MrSeanie what he wanted. It was you and your wife. Sean did those things because he knows he can manipulate you. Why else would Sean send your wife Anne this message on facebook requesting my current location. Why would Mrseanie think Anne is going to give over to him my current location? If Mrseanie is going to sue me Fred as you or your wife, or someone, or…uh, I am not sure because only Chrinky seems to be the one nowadays who says this crap about me being sued, but if I am going to be sued by someone, why would Sean need my address? See that message above, Sean wants my address, and he never makes any mention, nor has he EVER made any mention, of suing me. He wants my address, not to sue me, but to screw with me. Under Canadian Civil law you do not need the specific address of a person to sue them, but there legal name and a general area of where they are living. Check out this link and read the section on Where should you sue? Also be sure to read the section on When should you sue? See its been more then six years since you made these statements Fred, so even IF Sean had a case against me, the time frame for this has passed.

Why would he think Fred, that you and your wife would give him my address? If you read that message Fred, notice Sean brings up the event in 2009 that lead to me losing my job when he called one police officer over to your house because his feelings were hurt. See if you make a complaint about someone to the police, the police, rightly or wrongly, are obligated to look into it. You and your wife blew that situation way out of proportion and simply aided him. If you don’t like Sean spamming the net with your information Fred, and if you don’t want to be involved Fred then DON’T GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS! I remember in 2012 Fred when you and I had that face to face discussion and you acted like I did not know about the cop who showed up at your house. Not only did I know about that, I spoke to that police officer over the phone, met him in person, and with some work that I won’t go into, had your wife get in touch with a Detective who debunked your claims about me. Did Anne ever tell you all of this? Did she tell you she spoke to a Detective above that cop who denied your claims? No, she let you live in this silly delusion.

I don’t like seeing anyone get harassed just because people from E.D. or other stalkers out here, don’t want to be exposed or feel threatened by me. This is also not trolling. Trolling is about trying to get, generally, a negative reaction from someone, not drive them off the net into censorship. To call someone up at there home and harass them to the point of them threatening you back is criminal, not parody or satire. The fact that enemies of mine have resorted to such cowardly extremes proves my point about them, and my original suspicion about them back in 2006 was proven right along. They are simply out here to hurt people. It is a gutless and cowardly thing to do. But I am not responsible for any harassment family members have received from enemies of mine. If you want to blame someone, blame those people. And if you think I am like them, I want to see evidence of me doing that to other people, don’t just say it, don’t just say “oh so and so said your hurting them”, don’t just show a plethora of accusations, show me actual evidence, because if you can’t, its because it doesn’t exist.

What Fred was saying here, reading between the lines, is that I can do no right or be in the right, and the people who have gone after me can do no wrong. The problem with this is you can say this about anyone. You could virtually take anyone who has been attacked and find something in there past, in my case unconnected and use it to justify any current event or attack. The idea that the trolls, stalkers, and criminal terrorists who have gone after me could be wrong, Fred and his wife just refuse to listen to, because of what it would mean about them.

If you want to know Fred why “those” people went after me. For one, Pheby went after me because I was becoming somewhat popular on YouTube, if I appeared today instead of 2006, I doubt he would have cared. The Encyclopedia Dramatica crowd went after me because after what Pheby did I was an easy target, and some of those trolls had a creepy infatuation with me (I intend to write detailing in full my history with these people), and MrSeanie went after me because he wanted to hurt people because he had his business shut down and his wife leave him after he was arrested for inciting racial hatred and…well a situation in 2007, long before I ever herd of the guy. But the MAIN reason the E.D. crowd went after me, which mostly consisted of four particular trolls under a vast array of sock accounts: Subseven, Zenophile808, Weatherman, and Dontclownyourself, was because I would not respect them. Respect is a choice and it cannot be forced. Like above, the reason the DCY troll made that fake email to make me look insane was because I would not talk to them on Skype or act civilly around them. I cannot stop someone from dropping my docs, threatening or lying about me. The fact these people have to resort to such dastardly acts should show that they have no real point. But I do not have to respect someone just because they can threaten me. If that is the only way someone knows how to get my attention, there is a word for this: Antisocial. The very first thing these people ever did when they came onto YouTube was dropped my docs. The Zenophile808 characters channel, every video of his was about me. Also they have had a long history of seeing me in places where I am not. This is obsession.

You will not see the treatment leveled at me used with the same standard by the very people in this group. This is because they act like a gang and look out for another. They, to use there own terminology, have each others backs. The link provided right above from Urbandictionary sums up there actions perfectly on how they “are not just in it for the lolz”. Meaning they want to hurt people in there real lives. This is the fight I was dragged into.

What is interesting about Fred is that this face to face discussion arose when I questioned him at his home in early 2012 about property of mine that was at his house that he trashed. I asked Anne and she evaded the question. When I questioned Fred right in front of my property he at first said “nothing is trashed”. But then after pressing him a little he then changed the subject and went on the defensive thinking he had a right to be hurt or offended. I am not sure what happened but I suspect he went on a temper tantrum. He then went on and on at the supposed injustices that happened to him and was trying to say how he did me right by 1. purchasing a ford festiva for me when I was in high school (it cost him 500$) and also purchasing a computer for me which came to about I believe 1k when I was in highschool. What he does not remember is when I was living with him an his wife and paying 600$ a month living with them, I quickly paid off those two expenses that demonstrate that he is my friend. I then went on to pay for my tuition all by myself and at the same time working, so don’t try and take credit Fred for my hard work.

When he brought up old videos of mine, that he was using as an excuse as to why him and his wife sold me out so quickly, remember I was living on my own at this time in February of 2009 and working. He had no right to tell me what to do, nor did his wife. He was trying to connect old videos that were made in January of 2007 to the event between me and Mr. Ruttledge that lead to Ruttledge getting my fired from my job. That is completely dishonest and disingenuous and he knows it. The very videos that Fred mentioned Mr. Seanie nor, E.D. even know exist or ever saw. Nor did my job. So to connect obvious satirical videos to this event is a lie.

Fred said he had done me such a big favor about how long my property was with him and demanded I get it out of there that instant when I questioned him. I said “look ill go home and ill find a day within three weeks and ill get the stuff”. He said “good I want it out of here”, as again telling me what to do. Well anyways I went home, looked at my scheduale and found a day to get the stuff which was a Saturday. I called and left a message. I then receive a message from him at night saying “it can’t be that day because you said after three weeks”. So get this everyone, Fred lies right here to me, saying I said After when he knows I said within, for something as small as transporting someones property, which in the end took all of 15 minutes, he acted self-righteous and felt he had a right to complain about the terrible burden my property was bringing on him, and when I finally give him a day to get it, he says it can’t be that day and he re-writes history and lies right to me. It was only me and him that had that conversation so he knows he was lying to me to try and save face because he knows he made such a big deal about it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted my stuff out of harms way in a safe location I would have told that lying prideful sob to go to hell. If Fred can’t be honest with something as small as this, how can he be honest when it comes to the fact that he and his wife helped people ruin my life.

Now lets go back in time to February 2009.

When I first lost that job I was trying to find out the reason why, the very next day, Chrinky suggests it was because I talked about life else where in the universe in YouTube videos…I’m not kidding he actually said that, and that if my job were to see that video, that I believe in extraterrestrials, well they would just fire me based on my personal views…??? His beginning presupposition is that I am doing something wrong so I am only getting what I deserve, because if I was doing something cool or right, well then he would OBVIOUSLY be the one doing it first right?. Please note I am being sarcastic here I’m just demonstrating how this guy thinks.

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Compare all of this to Chrinkys “friend” who lived with Chrinky and his other brother for three years rent free. Why did this friend of theirs not have a job? He quit his. So get this, I get fired from a job because I was stalked and defamed beyond what most people could ever imagine, I even give my enemies everything they want, and then I have to walk away from building of a career that took me over 15 years of work, remove my website, BUT this guy just decides one day hes had enough of his job and leaves and hes the one who has people to catch him when he decided to fall. Furthermore he was receiving money from his multimillionaire friend who also gave this friend of theirs a free brand new hummer. I can remember when I was in high school, long time ago, and a person gave me a old 1990 Festiva. It was worth about 500$ and had its fair share of problems, but still it was a nice gift no doubt. One of these so called brothers of mine was very jealous of me and kept saying how I should be extremely grateful for such a generous gift. And yet when there friend gets a free brand new hummer for nothing…no one says a damn word! Instead these brothers call this millionaire an asshole…not someone who is generous… The fact that this friend of theirs looked me right in the face and told me there were no jobs at all out there is astounding. There are plenty of jobs for 10, 11, or 12 dollars an hour. You may not like working those jobs, you may disagree with temp agencies, but nevertheless they are there. I’ve worked them, why can’t this guy?

I asked there mother about all this and she was extremely evasive. She said “that’s none of my business”. OK Anne, so when I am living on my own and making my own way in the world you have the right to speak for my life and tell me I cannot defend myself when I am being attacked, yet when your two sons use me and give a ‘friend’ of theirs a nice easy free ride, then that’s none of your business? Seems someone is picking and choosing there fights Anne. The point here is these people like to think its OK to use, disrespect, and abuse me, because according to them I am there family but there “friends” are on a pedestal above me, because of course in there mind, so are they. But I believe the idea of a family ideally should not be about someone being used, more on this later. There was a time I was living with these two so called bros, and I was paying more a month there with them, about 400$, with no job, then these two “older” brothers. So if anyone even tries to call me a “bottom feeder”, then you better get a lawyer. I tried my best to contribute, and to try and find a job while Mr.Seanie was spamming the net about me losing my job as well as calling me a psychopath, stalker, evil, child predator, drug abuser, and anything he could come up with. Not only did this prevent me in not being able to find another job, but it also led to me going broke while living with these two. No one cared if I went penniless and no so called family member helped me. None of them expected my attackers to remove there material about me. That is something you don’t forget. Incidentally I believe everyone should be held to the same standard as everyone else. If everyone did that a whole lot of trouble would be avoided in life. People should ought not to be jealous of someone else or see someone who they can take advantage of, while there friends get a nice easy free ride. There is a whole lot more I could say about this, about the unfair treatment leveled at me, by people who are secretly jealous (that’s why someone usually takes a hit at you) and who wish to stunt my growth so I live under there shadow, and in the schism of what they call “the family”. I know that if it was the other way around, that if I got a free hummer, and thousands of dollars from a multimillionaire friend, and lived for three years rent-free, I would never hear the end of how I was using my so called brothers. Funny how when it happens to me…I’m supposedly not being used? If these guys gave there buddy such an easy free ride, when he didn’t even need it, but saw me as a terrible cross to bare, when I at least tried, and did not have a multimillionaire to catch me when I fell, then how can these people honestly call me there family?

I asked these two bros how come they cannot ask this multimillionaire for help? Which to me seems pretty reasonable, after all he was giving there buddy money and ended up giving him a free hummer. Chrinky, without thinking, said “No! Hes an asshole!” Referring to “larry” the guy who is the multimillionaire. You know, I am not an idiot Chrinky, when you say that, you only show yourself to be a coward. Minky said “We don’t just want to think about ourselves now Jamie!” In reference to the comment I made. Yet Minky was putting words in my mouth that I never said which is a very common tactic of his. What I said was sound, and had reasoned judgement behind it. Being a fool and being used is not being charitable. Being charitable would be like giving money to children in a starving country, not to a grown man who has a multimillionaire friend to help him. Your friend is a grown man who should have be able to take care of himself, yet he could not. It is a wonderful message to me personally in that this situation really blew up in Minky and Chrinkys face when after all this time they basically started to figure out they too were being used by there friend, which I had said from the beginning. It never had to get to that situation if they had listened to me, which them fighting with each other and yelling etc. As an aside both of you have no buisness pointing the figure at me talking about anger issues, lol! The only truthful thing I have ever herd from Minky is when we all had that intervention for his buddy and Minky introspectively said to himself “what am I, a fool?”. Yep Minky, you are! Should have listened to me, but your jealousy of me blinds you to the truth. If money is tight as it was, you look around, and there was a damn gold mind just sitting there waiting to be scratched and you idiots didn’t take it, because, why? Because you were afraid to ask Larry.

Chrinky, the person who threatened me in the phone text acted shocked and appalled by the comment at the beginning of this blog post. You know I wasn’t born yesterday, perhaps this person was, but I wasn’t. Recently I was watching a video about how children see adults as authority figures and in there desire to seek approval they will some times do things they don’t want to do, just to get the approval of the adult: “See daddy, I am a good boy aren’t I?” Now I say children, but this particular person, who psychically is full grown, but inside is obviously still a child, and still thinks like this. Sometimes doing the right thing means not seeking approval, and going it alone, even at the expense of yourself. After all Gandhi said “even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”. Someone saw that post and sent it to Chrinky, Chrinky without thinking just responded in an emotional and irrational way. Again the fact he responded this way tells me I am right. My sister who saw the post contacted me, we had a discussion, but she thought better of it later and apologized, this guy however did not.

Chrinky later compounded his accusations towards me by lying saying he called my former work and found out the true reason why I was fired, which he claims had nothing to do with Ruttledge. LOL! Oh yeah Chrinky?! You may be a fool, but i’m not! What should I do? Ignore all the evidence found in this blog or listen to Chrinky who claims he called my former work and they just told him, for some unknown reason, why I was fired? Chrinky provided zero proof to this and I will call him out right here and now. You are lying Chrinky! The fact you have to lie to try and run with your false narrative should tell you, you are wrong!

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There was a time when MrSeanie was going after my sister. Seanie will try and claim I am libeling him, and this is the source of the conflict. Yet anyone can see above it was him who went after me, for no reason but to drop my docs and file false dmcas on people using my name. I simply reported his channels and this is what started him going after me. Add to that, how many lies he knowingly spread about me. All I ever did was look into who this guy is. Anything I have said about him I genuinely believe to be the truth, or at the very least the truth as I see it. The truth is a defense against libel. There was one particular incident where Sean took a video off my website that had my sister in it, he edited it around and put in the tags and title of the video to make it look like my sister was in some sort of porno. He had to have known that was an outright lie, because he edited it! I could provide a screen-cap but I don’t want to bring my sister into this anymore then she already has. Seanie had to have known what he was doing. If Sean was the one being libeled or defamed, why would he do this, why would he feel the need to do it? So when Chrinky said in that text exchange that “you weren’t defamed”, how can this guy try and call himself my family or brother, and overlook the OBVIOUS!

Remember defamation is strictly speaking when one person communicates a message to another to hurt someone else’s reputation with false information. Kinda like what Sean did with Anne to me on November 1st 2011. Everyone knows how much I abuse drugs right?! Well anyways Chrinky said in front of all of us “I am going to write YouTube a letter and get it taken down”. Now while I have contacts from YouTube that no one knows about, I could easily report those videos, but this guy wanted to appear to be the hero and get approval. In the end I don’t know where he sent that letter, but it was me who got that nonsense removed, not you. As an aside, its not important in getting something removed from the net, you have to set a precedent to people that if they continue to upload that material, something will happen to them. You have to fight back, this person just doesn’t have that kind of character nor the knowledge or tools to do that.

A recent shooter in California by the name of Elliot Rodger said in his manifesto that he planned to kill his younger brother simply because he could “not allow him to be better them me”. See Elliots younger brother was doing things that Elliot wasn’t. Elliot liked it when his younger brother looked up to him and admonished him. There is a word for this: selfishness. This is the reason why Cain murdered Able. I am reminded of many instances in my life where my so called brothers did not like me knowing something they didn’t or me improving on something or doing something better then them, both of them. However one time in particular really spelled it out for me, and my suspicions were proved correct: The time when one of my so called brothers threatened to kill me saying “I will end you!” and all I was doing was displaying my talent for making websites when I was 17 years old, and oh boy, he couldn’t stand it. It tells me this person is very insecure and lives in a small world. By me showing off a talent that he does not have, it prevented him from lying to himself and others about how great he is… People who do this to me are not my friends.

This idea that I have my place underneath them has haunted me my whole life, and any time I try to grow or find my own place in the world, one of them has to try and put it down in some way or try to tag along. It could be anything from taking ideas of mine and passing them off as there own, or telling me what I can and cannot like, and what I can and cannot do. When I have watched them I don’t see where they get this pretentious character from. Why should I or anyone for that matter have to lower ourselves just to make someone feel comfortable? Any videos I have made on the net I made for myself, someone does not like it, they don’t need to watch.

I believe this guy was always jealous when ever I had my own space, when I was making videos, figuring out how to do special effects, going to school for studying computers and multi-media, video editing, because it prevented him from lying to himself that he was the ‘great’ one of the family. This to me is the sign of someone who lives in a very selfish and small world. He had to remind himself he was the technical one of the family and that I lived underneath him. All he would do is skulk. Back in 1998 to 2002 the stuff I was doing was pretty cutting edge for its time. Never have I seen him have a job managing a web site, or server, building a website for someone, being commissioned to do work for someone or a company, photo shopping pamphlets, newsletters, posters, or images. Never have I seen him editing video with Photoshop or aftereffects. You do have to know something first about computers before you start playing around with those programs because you need to know the system that is required to run those programs. This was all before the day when you could look up a tutorial on YouTube or Google. A lot of that was trial, experience, and error. He went to school for Classics, nothing to do with anything (to use his own words) “technical”. Not to boast but my computer is pretty damn impressive and its custom made to specification, complete with a water coolant system. I have never ever seen this person demonstrate any superior knowledge of computers, the Internet, photo/video manipulation aside from the most general usage. All he could ever say when I showed a website I made is “Oh I know how to do this!” Well maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I’ve never seen him show off his technical skills, just boast about himself, in his attempt to put me down so I don’t appear to be better then him. Remember Elliot Rodger?

His other brother is very similar to him and acts in the same way. I remember one incident where we were all watching Television and there same friend said his TV could display a high def image. I informed him this could not be so, and he responded that it could and I was wrong, “No” he told me, and this other so called brother agreed with his friend. This revealed to me they did not know what they were talking about because this television was made before 1080p resolution video was available and this was not even a digital tv of any kind. I once gave this so called brother a HDMI connector for his new HD TV and he was blown away by the resolution. I personally just wanted to see his reaction and compare that with the analog television his friend was boasting could play 1080p resolution. You see 1080p refers to pixels and resolution, and something like the old televisions with there glass panels cannot display 1080 pixels because there just isn’t any room. I have to say this is pretty basic knowledge when it comes to anything concerning multi-media, its a 101, and the fact they they didn’t know that tells me they don’t know what they are talking about.

There was another incident involving, well we will just call him, Minky. In a situation where I was completely broke, and I mean as broke as one could possibly be, and this particular house had some taxes that needed to be paid on it. This particular house was going to be sold soon. I told him, that I had nothing, which was true. So what did he do, he got some money to pay the extra taxes from his girlfriend. Now, his brother wasn’t broke, Minky wasn’t broke, nor was my sister. So one of them could have helped in that manner. Furthermore he could have gone to his friend with the brand new hummer and got some money but he didn’t. His other brother who was paying a little over 150$ a month living there could have easily paid it, easily, but he didn’t. So Minky was angry at me because why? Because I was stalked, and as a result lost my job and this led me to become broke, and made it much harder to find another job, and hes not happy I can’t pay? These bastards just used me till I had nothing left, and what money I did give them they spent on trivial crap. When I needed help, I just didn’t get it, but I got to see there friend, not family, just friend, get tons and tons of help… Minky then proceed to tell me that I had 75k invested somewhere! Really?! If I have money like that hidden somewhere, please someone, anyone, show me! I really want to see it! By the way what money his girlfriend paid, was eventually paid back…by me.

There are so many situations I could go into with Minky and Chrinky, from the present stretching all the way to the past, where they have tried again and again to put down anything I did, drawings, characters of mine, any talent I showed, they always put it down or act like I can’t have my own identity. They are so full of themselves and yet they have no reason to be. Many times they would steal my ideas or things I did and pass them off as there own to make themselves look good. If you really believe you are better then someone, you don’t try and emulate them, even right down to clothing I wear. You do that to someone who you know is better then you or you secretly look up to, but just don’t want to admit it out of spite. No, these people are not, and were never my friends.

This is really all about respect in that I am viewed in the schism of the ‘family’ not as who I am, but who I am suppose to be, who I should be according to these people. This is about as stifling and oppressive as it can get. See in there mind, someone who is automatically older then them deserves respect but I, one who is younger, does not. Who here knows that age has nothing to do with experience, knowledge, and wisdom? Its about trying to conform someone and control them. Its actually down right evil now that I think about it. It is Elliot Rodger.

Now I do want to say that when I when flat broke there was a time after that I was living with them for free, but this was only because I had nothing and COULD NOT pay and that part of the house I did own legally. What little money I gathered around I used on food. There is a difference between not being able to pay and being able to pay but choosing not to. As a result of all of these things I had to abandon my former career and completely start over from scratch, starting at the lowest of the low. My message to you Chrinky for all the libelous accusations you hurdled at me is this: What this is, is not bottom feeding, its called being ruined. You had a friend who you could have used to get money from, but instead you and your brother opted to use me. So don’t you ever try and say its the other way around! Any money that you paid when I lived with you guys, when I was broke, you and your brother got back in spades when you sold that house. If you want to see someone, Chrinky, who only cares about himself, look in the mirror! If I only cared about myself as you claim, I would never have gotten all those videos Mr. Seanie made about Anne, Fred or my sister removed from the net. It was I who went through all the countless websites, YouTube channels and videos and had them taken down. Not you! It was I who, despite your attempt to disarm me, showed Mr. Seanie that there would be repercussions for him if he continued his actions. Oh and your welcome Freddy for me getting all those videos removed. I had waited about a few months to see if you could get them removed Freddy, you couldn’t, so I stepped in.

It was I who consoled Anne for over 12 years when you had nothing to do with her Chrinky, when she would send you presents for your birthday, Christmas, try to get you guys to come visit her and you scoffed at the idea, mocked her, and took all of her gifts, at the same time trying to put down any talent of mine that I had that you didn’t. You trashed her family behind her back, oh I am sure they would love to hear about that Chrinky! And of course NOT remembering her birthday! I remember when Anne lost her job because of you know who with a capital K, and you didn’t even know about that until I told you recently! Instead I got to hear from you and your other brother for YEARS how you guys are right and I am wrong and how I should not question you. Yeah I remember when Minky was so offended that I questioned him and he said “I think I’ve done right by Jamie, I feel so offended”. I guess no one ever told Minky that respect is a two way street.

And if anyone is a bottom feeder Chrinky, if we compare our ages, when we each were living on our own and when we started, I was much younger, than you were, when I started living on my own.

I remember in 2002 when I finished a video I made called Fell Endgame, Anne wanted to have it shown for the fist time (the premier) at her house, which I thought that was a great idea. But you and your brother prevented that from happening didn’t you?! How out of line you are to even try and point the finger at me for my decisions, you are in no position, coward, to point your finger at anyone! And lets not forget you just started to have relationship with Anne because your father died in 2007, so without her you would have no one to admonish you. You need someone to give you favor cause of your lackluster character. And what is it that you complain about? That I cut ties with people who are a hazard to my life, and I don’t show up at “Family” gatherings no more. Gees someone call the police, and yet for 12 years, you did just that to your mother, and for what reason?! For no reason! Other then you listened to the authority figure in your life, and have zero discernment between right and wrong. Its people like you who turn a blind eye to the most grievous of injustices in this world, all in the name of following orders. Don’t even try and compare your cowardly untalented nature with my decisions. You are in no position to be pointing fingers. You want to see a man-child Chrinky, again, look in the mirror!

Oh and when the house that I lived with them in was sold those two got a lot more money then me on the selling of that house, yet I was the one who for a time, before I went completely broke, was paying more then them each month. How I know that is, is because it started to get so tight for me, that I eventually said: “Hey guys lets collect all the bills each month and spread it three ways for us”. I think that’s fair but they didn’t like that. And I was able to see first hand with the bills how much they were paying each month and it was considerably less then the 400$. Further more some of these bills you just didn’t need like, cable television. Where I live now I don’t have TV, and my Internet provider keeps trying to get me to use cable/internet television, for which I am still not interested. I was paying almost what these two “older” brothers were paying a month, TIMES TWO! I was paying 400, plus insurance and a car, which came to about 800 before food or other expenses. Minky was in the ball park of 250 with chrinky being around 150 to 180. That’s messed! But somehow in Chrinky’s mind I am the one who cannot take care of himself. REALLY?!

You know Anne why did I have to do what you said, which caused me to end up living with these two only to be used by them. If you are going to speak for my life Anne you better be willing to pick up the pieces.

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It seems almost any subject for that matter, they try and act like they know more then me about it. I remember recently I quoted a bible passage at Chrinky: “The sting of death is sin” I said. He immediately, without thinking, said, “actually its wages”. I informed him he was thinking of something else and to not be so quick to judge. He went on to change the subject and say “Paul wrote in Greek”, meaning that sting in the King James Bible is actually wages in the original Greek text and that I did not know what I was talking about. Yeah, I don’t know how to use Google translator to see what sting is in Greek? Its τσίμπημα by the way and wages is μισθοί. See he was thinking of the passage “The wages of sin is death” which is a very common quote used in movies, but he had never herd that “the sting of death is sin” passage, probably because he hasn’t read the bible. Instead of him just being honest and saying he did not know what he was talking about he tried to change the subject by saying the original text would be wages instead of sting. He tried to make himself appear to be intelligent by lying as to suggest he has read the original Greek text. But even in the original text, in Greek, it is still “sting of death is sin!” He only shows himself here to not know what he is talking about and then lying to cover his tracks. After all “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion (Proverbs 18:2). The words fake and fraud comes to mind here. This is a very good example of what I grew up with. So called brothers who want me to be someone who nods to there opinions, even if I know they are wrong and they take no delight in being corrected because in the schism of there mind I am below them no matter what. With that the truth goes out the door. Furthermore anyone can see that “wages of sin is death” and “sting of death is sin” are two completely different sentences. The two words are not just different, but the entire sentences. Its obvious he didn’t read what I was saying properly and just jumped the gun. In doing so he only showed his total lack of knowledge and his desire to appear to be something hes not. The fact that someone, purportedly some sort of classics expert doesn’t know whats in spiritual texts is a travesty for academia. I think this is what Jesus meant when he said “stop judging by exterior standards, and judge by true standards”

His only knowledge of things comes from what he herd someone else say, and hes all to eager to dispense his “knowledge” to others, even when they have herd it long before him. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. Id be willing to bet he has never sat down and read any book from cover to cover. However, its perfectly OK that not everyone has read the bible, I understand that, but why would someone try and pass themselves off as a expert on it, when they have never read it? Furthermore it is a wonderful irony that he would say something wrong and lie about it when it can be so easily proven that he was wrong and that 1 Corinthians 15:56 is “sting of death is sin”, at the same time he says I “wasn’t defamed” in the exact same sentence where he is confusing wages of sin is death with sting of death is sin. Anyone can read this blog and see how I have been misrepresented, the fact that Chrinky did not know that at the same time didn’t know the sting of death is sin passage, is really interesting from my vantage point. It is almost like God himself is smiling on me and confirming what I already knew. You cannot beat the truth Chrinkster, know matter what it means about you. The truth is the truth.

Incidentally what the “sting of death is sin” means is that what makes death hurt afterwards, the after effects of being dead, is a persons sinful deeds so in this case: Lying. How ironic Chrinky would miss that point at the same time saying I “wasn’t defamed” and “u botched it with red skull stuff”, of course giving me no specific examples.Now I have to say its perfectly OK for someone not to know something, I don’t know everything, nor do I pretend to. But when someone tries to pretend to know and then tells someone who does know that they are wrong, that is the perfect breeding ground for tension and dislike. There own father who died in 2007 once said to them, “You are making enemies!”. A great article that sums up stuff like the paragraph above can be found here. One quote in that article really stands out to me:

If the self-loathing person thinks of himself as stupid, and someone ribs him about a minor slip-up he made that day, he may take that as serious criticism rather than an innocent joke. Of course, the other person didn’t mean it that way, but the self-loathing person hears it that way nonetheless—because that’s how he thinks of himself, so that’s how he assumes others (really) see him too.

See from my point of view I was just correcting him on a quote that he mistakenly thought was something else. He was angry, simply at the fact he was wrong. Self-loathing people create false over-zealous egos to cover there true character. I remember once incident where his other brother, Minky, was trying to inform me of a movie that was coming out, and I told him he was mistaken. He responded with “Well you can rest assured that is happening!”. He immediately responded in with anger. He wanted me to be that person who just looks up to him and accept anything he says, yet what he was saying was wrong. When he was corrected he was angry, because ultimately, it reflects what he and his brother both know, inside, about each other. They are fools. That failing on there character comes out in negative ways. In one incident when I was a young boy, Chrinky would find ways to belittle me, probably because he wasn’t liked in school for obvious reasons. Well my father confronted him on this and asked why are you doing this? Chrinky responded with a devilish smile, at which point my father rightfully smacked him across the face. This wouldn’t be the last time Chrinkster would try and belittle what I was doing. Another incident involving a party of mine, that had many of my friends, Chrinky, being the jealous one, who didn’t have a lot of friends, tried various ways to get my attention and to rob me of any joy in the situation. He deliberately went out of his way to put down what would bring me happiness. A true loser.

If I met someone more “technical” then me or perceived them to be better then me in some field my first reaction would not be to be instantly jealous, rather I would try and learn something from them to empower myself further. I would not try and put someone down so I always appear to be the “better one of the family”. That is just the actions of someone who is insecure.  Yet I have to remind myself that because Chrinky can type peoples names into Google and burn DVDs with pre-made software in this day and age, in the schism of what he calls the family, hes the technical smart one… that’s about as disrespecting as they come for all the work I have done in the past, and I am sure him and his brother think its perfectly OK to disrespect me. I remember one job I had years ago that I disliked, I was asked by someone if I enjoyed it and I said “No” and one of these so called brothers, right in front of me, could only sneer with laughter. When you have a family like this, who needs enemies? I ask you, the reader, is that not insulting or degrading to someones life? Why should someone tolerate that or surround themselves with these sort of people?

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate what I am talking about is to discuss someone else’s past, namely Fred’s. You see when Fred’s first marriage did not work out, for reasons I won’t go into, what did his mother do? She took him in so he could save up enough money all over again to get the house him and his wife are currently living in. That is what families do for one another, they look out for each other and help one another.

The fact is I was hung out to dry by my so called family, end of story. Have any of them ever told those who went after me to remove there material? Nope. After they screwed up my life they tried to turn around and pin it on me, and that is what usually someone does to you when they’ve crossed the line and won’t accept responsibility. Fred and Anne’s last ditch resort to explaining themselves was to put it back on me, bringing up old videos that were nothing more then dark humor. I remember a Television show called To Catch a Predator in which the show tried to track down pedophiles. In one incident they stormed a house of a man who later committed suicide after being caught. His family sued the network and settled out of court. This was a pedophile and his own family did not throw him under the bus. I am not a pedophile, and yet my so called family immediately, for reasons of cowardliness, selfishness, jealousy, and annoyance disarmed me, left me at the mercy of those who would destroy my life and then left me to pick up all the pieces. But I did not pick up the pieces, rather I left that broken glass on the ground and went to start all over. Sometimes the best thing to do is not try and fix the past, rather to make a new with new people, and new relationships. A mentor of mine said to me “If you can’t have a loving relationship with those who should have loved you, go find someone who you can have a loving relationship with because it only makes sense we go where the love is”. The best thing to do is for all my so called family members reading this is to stay out of my business, stop following me around, and get out of my life, because I want nothing to do with any of you, period. If any person from the net starts something with any of you, or goes after you for any reason, I will not help you, I will not get any material of yours removed, I will not try and discover who is doing it, you’re on your own.

The problem on the Internet is not big brother i.e. the Government but little brother. So called family members who stick there nose into your business un-invited and can’t take a hint. They follow you around and only make matters worse. “I don’t want anything to do with this” they may say. But yet they will want to give there two cents on the situation. Privately, pulling me aside of course, never publicly and saying what THEY KNOW to be happening. Well then, have nothing to do with it, don’t be apart of it, don’t give into the demands of those who contact you, and try for once to defy these kinds of people if you do make yourself involved.

If you or anyone else do not like the actions I have taken with detractors of mine, remember this, it would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t tracked down some of these sobs. If I hadn’t tracked down Pheby, if I just ignored him, he would still be harassing me to this day, and no doubt he would post information of you and others around you all over the internet. This is something one SHOULD NOT ignore! Actions like that are a direct threat to me, you and others. This was the first thing he did on a blog post. He only backed off when I discovered who he is in the real world.

If I have said anything untrue or libelous  in this blog, the offended parties are welcome to sue me. But for anyone who thinks they have a case against me, you need to know my lawyer has a wonderful rule. If you sue me and your suit fails to pass litigation, my lawyer will happily sue you, and the best part about this is that you will have to pay for the counter-suit, not me.

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I have been accused of virtually everything a person could be accused of: being a child predator, stalker, psychopath, and even a plagiarist..? Seriously, a person who colludes with these people said this because I acted like a You-tuber who I am a fan of. He had to have known I was acting like him, but that didn’t stop him from consistently saying I am a plagiarist, and throwing that word around like it was two cents. Someone needs to inform that guy what plagiarism is and is not. Its no different then a movie I made in 2002, titled Fell Endgame, where I acted like the character of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. Take a look:

Who could possibly see that and not think of the Emperor from Star Wars?! Has that man ever herd of impersonating people or acting? I guess all the Star Wars Fan films on YouTube, all the light saber battles made by aspiring filmmakers are really just plagiarizing star wars because they don’t mention Star Wars in there light saber videos. Is that to say that is plagiarism?! But this is the kind of crap that has been used to justify unforgivable acts against me!Oh look at this everyone! I found a video where people are using light-sabers and they don’t give proper credit to Star Wars in the video! That makes this video plagiarism!!! Seriously this is nuts, but this is the kind of crap I have had to deal with from miserable underachieving scumbags! Plagiarism is not when you create work of your own or impersonate someone or ACT like someone, when it is obvious who you are impersonating. Plagiarism is when you copy exactly something from another to try and pass it off as your own in the hope the viewer or reader does not know of the work your getting it from. Kinda like what Pheby did with his website here, which he got from here. That is plagiarism right there! He was trying to pass off a website template he purchased as a company of his that would make websites for people. If you are going to make websites for people, you better know how to create original websites, not just copy and paste templates, images, and text from another. You also better have a firm grasp of Photoshop which I have never seen Pheby demonstrate. Greg Solomon was someone I was subscribed too, talked about, everyone knew I was acting like him. That’s not plagiarism because it was obvious I was acting like him. Someone, (wish I had a copy of the video) even said I was a “damn good actor, because your playing the part of Greg Solomon with a mask”.

This youtube troll named themaskedanalyst I have more to say about in a blog I am working on, but the best example I can come up with to debunked his knowingly false claims of me committing plagiarism is where I made a video acting like themaskedanalyst himself, but I never said in the video description or anywhere else that I was impersonating him. See I expect my viewers to have a certain amount of intelligence and to know that I was acting like him. Just take a look:

Specifically compare the section of that video right above at 0:41 with the time of 2:58 at this video: Notice the same words. One could, if they were dishonest, make an argument to say I was plagiarizing themaskedanalyst. You see that is not plagiarism but it is impersonation. Even if someone did not know I was impersonating him, it doesn’t make it plagiarism. Notice how are backgrounds are the same and I am speaking similar to themaskedanalyst. For me to say, “Oh hey guys, just so you know, I am impersonating themaskedanalyst, or gregsolomon, or anyone else for that matter” would completely ruin the joke. Themaskedanalyst took what was me impersonating someone else, and knowingly twisted it around and accused me of plagiarism. He knew full well he was being disingenuous and dishonest, and the reason he said this about me was because I made a video about him that he did not like but like I said that will be for a more detailed blog to come.

Just because someone did not know I was acting like him does not make it plagiarism, it just means they’re stupid. It was part of the gag of what I was doing.I did not deserve to be treated like this, I did not deserve to have my docs dropped, lied about, reputation and career ruined, by hypocrites, jealous bullies and underachievers. What respect is given out to most people on the net, has never been given out to me. These people mentioned in this blog post revel in disrespecting me as does my so called family. A great link to check out on why people like this targeted me, can be found here.I suspect that the people who went after me, E.D. and others, found me from the person linked above, as he was one of the original people who went after me and promoted someone who dropped my docs and family member information. Some may not like the actions I took in defense, but it was in defense, and if I feel threatened, I have the right to act in self-defense. As I have said in the past, I am ultimately proud of myself for standing up to the sorts of people who went after me. I don’t know too many people who could do that. While I did lose this fight, I did achieve a major victory in the battle against these people. Most of them have been disarmed, most of them are gone, there groups disbanded, and most of there identities found out. This has had a major positive impact on the Internet and communities. It has also given me a peace of mind in the face of great opposition and a true moral code.

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However what I find the most frustrating out of all of this is that my questions towards my so called family members have never been answered. For example I have asked: Who is sueing me? The evade that question. What police agency is after me? They evade that question. But the real important question, the one they will never answer is this. Fred and his wife and I guess Annes son Chrinky will say that I was going after these people and they were defending themselves when I have always said it was the other way around. My question is if Fred and his wife and Chrinky REALLY BELIEVE what they are saying, why did they (my so called family) never reach out to any of my so called victims and talk to them? When Sean was spamming the net with Fred and Annes information, all Fred would do is contact me saying “do you have any idea how much my info was spammed on the net, my name?!” just like when Anne said to me “Do you have any idea how this makes me feel”. It seems the only thing they can do is run to me and complain. They appear to have no way of fighting back or defending themselves. If they really believed I was attacking someone, they would just reach out to that person, but they didn’t and never have, because they knew full well I was the one being misrepresented but all they wanted to do is make it go away, even if it meant me running and hiding in a corner and forever disappearing off the net. The answer is NOT TO RUN AND HIDE IN A CORNER. What that does is it will tell your enemies they can do whatever they want to you and get away with it. It creates a piranha effect. Why am I held to a standard that these people do not hold to others? or has my so called family ever “reached out to my um…”victims”…and talked to them?”, or “Why is it OK for my oppressors to leave up there material about me, but I have to disappear?” Why are these things OK? In what situation am I permitted to defend myself? These questions for over six years and counting have never been answered. Can anyone out there answer them for me?

Ill never forget when my life was ruined, I looked around at my so called family and said to myself “Holy shit, these people are actually going to watch my life be totally destroyed, and me possibly ending up dead, and not only that they will help those who want to hurt me just for the fun of it and turn right around and say I am not even allowed to defend myself or be angry”. Oh and Chrinky, when you tried to downplay the attacks on me as if you have been through the same thing, no you haven’t. You having a thin skin is not the same as me being gang stalked. You have not had anyone deliberately try and destroy your life just for the fun of it. You have not had everything you have ever done or created be torn apart by people in a place as public as the Internet. To anyone who is a victim of this kind of extreme gang stalking, and believe me, what you have seen on this blog is not even the worst of what I have been through (there is a whole level to this I haven’t even mentioned), I say be pissed off! Don’t hold that anger in. Assholes like Chrinky will try and say “don’t be angry”. No! You be pissed off, cause if not, that anger turned in ward will kill you as it almost did me. So you lose a couple friends and so called family members! Trust me after you have been through what I have, and people turn away from you, then they weren’t your friends or family to begin with and your better off without them! Lastly, I hate focusing on this kind of negativity, and I hate being so serious, life is just to damn short for this nonsense. In the past, when I was much younger, I always tried to focus on things I enjoyed and subjects that I found cool. But its bullies and cowards who try to steal my joy and happiness. I have zero choice over this blog post. It had to be said, and as Ghandi said “never apologize for telling the truth.” My so called family did not help me one bit because they are cowards. They don’t want to admit that because they want to tell lies to themselves to make themselves feel better. They prefer living in a delusion. But I have now seen there true colors and there is no going back.

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If I made any mistake in this, it was trying to appease people. I focused on people who were trying to tear me down. Tony Robbins gives a great analogy on this:

A fantastic analogy for the power of focus is racing cars. When your car begins to skid, the natural reflex is to look at the wall in an attempt to avoid it. But if you keep focusing on what you fear, that’s exactly where you’ll end up. Professional racers know that we unconsciously steer in the direction of our focus, so with their lives on the line, they turn their focus away from the wall and towards the open track


I think the reason my so called family does not want to believe I was the victim in all of this can be best demonstrated by this simple formula:

See if I am the one who has been misrepresented in all of this, which is the key to defamation, the question will inevitably be asked, why did your so called family listen to your defamers so easily. The answer is because they don’t really love me, and only saw me as and end unto them. Meaning I was just something there for them to use. When I did good for me, Anne and her husband Fred felt it made them look really good, but when someone said something negative about me, then it looked bad on Fred and Anne. They only care about themselves. They actually don’t really love me, as evident by that simple formula, which is why you will never hear any of them say I was the victim and that I was the one misrepresented. With the exception of maybe my sister, these people don’t like the fact I could know something they don’t. In the schism of what they call the “family” I am at the bottom of the pecking order. This has nothing to do with work, education what have you. I worked very hard to get where I was in life. I worked hard through school, university, branded myself, built an online portfolio, worked hard to get where I was, and underachieving scumbags on the net destroyed all of that, not me. I am not responsible for someone else’s actions.

When people in my life contact me saying, “Oh such and such contacted me saying negative things about you”, all it really is, is a distraction to get my attention, nothing more. If someone really wants me to have a good life, then they should know I cannot waste my time anymore with people who say negative things about me. I cannot be editing my life for someone else or wasting my time trying to make everyone happy. I just need to stay focused on my path.

[*]Back to topThe Most important point of this blog

If this blog post is too much for one to read, then read this section. I am not responsible for someone else’s behavior or actions. The ultimate reason for the destruction of the relationships between me and so called family members is not really complex. It is because they would hold me responsible for what someone else was doing. Fred would say to my face “my name was spammed across the net”, which Sean Ruttledge did to him in 2009 and 2010. But I did not do that, Ruttledge did. Don’t hold me responsible for someone else’s actions. The whole goal of Sean Ruttledge in going after my sister or others was in fact really designed to hurt me not anyone else.

There was a time when Ruttledge went after my sister and was posting her pictures from Facebook all over the net. I told her before this as I have told other so called family members to put privacy settings on there Facebook pages. Still to this day they have not done this. I am not responsible for that. When I warn someone of something, and they do not listen, only to find out later that there is now a problem, well, to be frank: I told you so!

Again, Chrinky said to my face that I was destroying this guys life, which is a complete and utter lie! And I welcome you Chrinky to prove it! You cannot!

Chrinky, like Anne and Fred immediately fell for Seanies trap. See Sean attacked my sister and spammed the names of Anne and Fred across the net for two reasons.

1.So my so called family will try and control me

2. My so called family will try and hold me accountable for Seans actions in that they will believe I MUST be doing something to warrant Seans actions when in fact I was doing nothing in that I REPORTED Seans accounts to YouTube, which is what the police have said I should do. The police will not even go to Sean and expect him to listen and take down his material willingly. They will not go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and ask them to take there material down about me willingly. They know the answer they will get from Sean and E.D. It will be “fuck you!”

If you have read this blog, Chrinky calls me a whole slew of names from a Doc Dropper, Mother Beater, Bottom Feeder, Man child etc Do you think he would call Sean Ruttledge that? No, in fact he has never sent Sean Ruttledge one message because he is afraid of him. In Chrinky’s mind I am the younger brother, so its perfectly OK to disrespect me, but he overreacts and panics when I left a simple comment on an article. He panicked and sent me another threatening (laughable) message because he is afraid of his Uncle who informed him of the post. This is all about status’s and someones place in the schism of the family. It has nothing to do with the truth. I want to say as an aside that I don’t put a lot of weight into anything Chrinky says because if you have read this blog, you can see how much of a liar he really is, so…

Its just like when, recently in the news, the terrorist group known as I.S.I.S. carried out the executions of innocent people and there explanation for all of this was the so called attacks by America against I.S.I.S. So in effect they were blaming America for there ACTUAL ACTS!

There hope is to win over public opinion and grow hatred against America, when in fact the only ones committing the actual murders are I.S.I.S. This same tactic of blaming someone else for your actual actions is what Sean Ruttledge was doing to me. My so called family fell for that trap and listened to him. This is why I don’t have anything to do with them anymore. I am not responsible for this, these so called family members are. I will no longer waste my time explaining something anymore to someone because it just puts me in a state of defensiveness and re-activeness rather then being in the state of offensiveness and activeness. Just like President Obama said about I.S.I.S., “Isis is on the defensive, we are on the offensive, Isis is going to lose”. [Link] Putting me in that state will only hurt me, weaken me, disarm me and effectively make me lose the fight when I SHOULD HAVE been on the offensiveness against Ruttledge. Not the other way around. My best friend and mentor I have ever known, once said “The best defense is a good offense” Boy he was right.

At the beginning of this blog I posed the question:

If a snake bites a dear is it because the dear has somehow failed to engage the snake properly or is it because the snake is a snake, and if the dear was kind, courteous, collective and considered the poor feelings of the helpless defenseless snake, well then the snake would never ever dream of striking the dangerous venomous dear…?

What we do know from this question is that the snake is the aggressor. What we do not for sure is that the dear is being attacked not the snake. See in Chrinky’s deceitful mind, if I am nice and kind to Mr.Ruttledge then he would never ever dream of attacking me, thus making me, the victim, responsible for the attackers acts. This is nonsense. In a world where there is good and evil, this kind of subjective garbage, belongs in the trash. Anyone reading this, can read this blog and see the many people who Mr.Ruttledge attacked, and he attacked them for very petty reasons, and each and everyone of them have very solid reasons for questioning and criticizing him. Most notably listhevideomaker who called Sean out on his animal abuse videos.

When I told Chrinky to grow up, he responded with lies, accusations, and threats. He did not hold himself to the same kind of standard he would put on me, meaning he has no trouble responding with insults if he FEELs he has been insulted. If indeed I was responsible for Mr. Ruttledges campaign of hatred towards me, in that IF I once misspoke about him, if we were to reverse the positions, and he misspoke about me once, would Chrinky feel that I am justified in destroying Mr. Ruttledges life? No he wouldn’t because he does not hold me to the standard of Ruttledge or himself. We all need to start holding everyone to the same standard, and to be wary in realizing there is evil in this world and it comes in many shapes and sizes. We all have to be-careful and to not be naive and realize there are people out there who do not play by the rules. The dear is not responsible for the snakes actions, and people, like myself, have the right to defend themselves.

And even if Ruttledge was going to sue me, and everything he said about me was correct I still would not want to give into his demands. If I am living on my own, I need the freedom to make my own decisions, and not have someone else be the one to make my decisions for me. If your not going to pay my way in society then it is not your call to tell me what to do if I feel threatened. Its mine.

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Update: Sean has shown up on this blog and made a threat that he will contact the police about me if I do not remove mentions of him on this blog. The ip address behind that comment is this:
ip address:
provider: BT
City: Bromley
Country: Great Britain
Now the only way Sean could get me arrested by the police is if he lied to them about me. So we shall all see what he does. He has made another threat again today (June 25th 2015). The reason he is doing this now, after all this blog has been up for a number of months, is because I uploaded two of his videos where you can see him talking on camera, which he does not want people seeing. Yet they are his videos unedited. Both comments he posted are full of outright lies. What is really interesting about all this is the timing of his attack. All this blog does is show his actions, and it is that which he does not want people knowing.Notice I uploaded a video about him and see the timing of the video of when it was uploaded. It was uploaded on June 24th 2015, at 1:54 pm. Then on the same day just a few hours later I receive a message from Sean at June 24th 2015, at 3:17 pm

Just two hours difference.

This blog has been up for months and yet he only now shows up, only when two videos of his are uploaded on here that he does not want people seeing. I mean, all he is doing is showing his clear connection to harassing someone. I wonder why he doesn’t want people seeing it?

I suspected when I made this blog and when it was done, keep in mind what I show up on here is literally 1% of what Sean himself has done to me, I knew he might use the information on here as a tool against me. Hence the introduction on this blog.

To better understand Seans mind see this screen shot of the “interview” that happened between Sean and Detective Phil Ellis of New Scotland Yard.

See Sean lies to himself and says he is a victim when in reality, when he harassed people who were of Greek Decent and then reported him to the police. The police saw videos on him parading a Nazi Flag along with a Greek flag, and this is what got him in trouble. Of course after not taking responsibility, he simply blames people as “lying” about him when the only one doing the lying is Sean. He believes he can use the police as a tool to hurt people, and while swatting is a real thing and a real problem only carried out by people as sick as Ruttledge, if you are genuinely innocent you should have nothing, in the end, to worry about. It is sad however Sean tries to fool and use the police like this.

Both messages of his are full of lies. For instance he claims he has had no contact with me in seven years yet it was him who spammed the net with his filth about me from 2009 to 2010 on a nonstop basis, and you can also read up above that on November 1st 2011 on his main facebook account he sent a threatening message to Anne. He also says he has forgotten about me and yet he came onto my website without being contacted and posted, so far, two comments. The last interaction I had with Sean, that I am aware of was in 2012. Hardly a seven years difference. He was the one behind the account YouTubeMostSuspended trying to get me arrested. He also said in the message where he referred to an old website I wanted to make about him in January 2009 where I mention in this blog I took down as a show of good faith, and he claims that is harassing him yet I took it down. Remember I took that website down, and that is what he is claiming as harassment, a website that never went online. What I would like to know is when has Sean or any of his co-conspirators ever reached out to me in a friendly manner. I tried to reach out to this guy in January 2009 and got hurt as a result of it. Never has Sean or any other troll ever tried to make peace with me, ever.

He is also back to trying to use his two daughters as human shields to deflect criticism, which I find to be the most disgusting thing of all. No one has ever harassed his children. If anyone knows of his kids, it is because of Sean constantly mentioning them, thinking he can get away with his crimes because he has kids. If you go through this whole website his children are never mentioned ever, except in this instances where Sean brings them up. Bullies like Sean don’t rely on the truth.

He came onto my website and started his rants yet I am not seeking him out, it is the other way around. It is he who has been constantly following me around the net for so many years. He has a problem with this blog because it exposes his actions. Nothing more. And like an evil man who practices lawlessness, he does not want to look in the mirror. The only chance he has to go against me is to lie. It appears some people really do not change.

P.S. When you are thinking of your next attack on me Sean, and you spam the net with how horrible a person I am, remember this. If you have read this blog you will remember a screen shot I provided of a shadowy website that had the names, addresses, and phone numbers of many people and I had blurred one name on that list. Do you want to see who that was Sean? Put your mouse over the image below to see…