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I have 24 hours to remove this blog or I am going to jail! – Brief Update

Monday, October 26th, 2015

You have 24 hours to remove this blog or police action will follow
-Sean Ruttledge’s response to my blog posts where he is mentioned (dated June 24 2015) and him showing how open to freedom of speech he is.

Oh this blog and YOU are going down and your whole family will be glad of that I’m sure!
-Sean Ruttledge’s response to my blog posts where he is mentioned (dated June 25 2015) Remember this is the same guy who attacked my family for no reason.

– 4 months after him making these threats…I’m still here and still going strong :)

I have been very busy with a number of things in my life and I keep putting off stuff I have plans for: Working on a big video, working on a big blog post etc, so I apologize that this post was not made earlier. I have been watching the feud that has been going on between two individuals by the name of Thunderf00t and Laughinwitch on youtube. The short end of the story is that laughinwich tried to screw up thunderf00ts financial income and freedom by reporting him to his employers and the police. Kinda like what Mr. Ruttledge did to me in January of 2009. Oh if you are not familiar with what Sean Ruttledge did to me, please read these four blog posts in this order:

1. Why did you take your website down?

2. President Obama and not caving in!

3. Like it or not I have the right to defend myself.

4. Sean Ruttledge and Subseven threaten me over my blog posts

This should bring you up to speed.

While I disagree with thunderf00t on many issues, I will say how he handled this situation was rather brilliant. He makes mention of the fact that if you were to say the sorts of things that his enemies were saying about him to his employer, to most employers, the person would be fired, even if they were innocent. Link Provided. Please check out the time of 12:09 to 12:24 of that video to see what I mean.

However I agree with thunderf00ts statements, if you contact someones employer and call them a drug abuser, child predator, animal abuser etc etc, yeah the HR of that place will more then likely fire the person who is on the receiving end of the accusations.

This is what happened to me in January of 2009 with Sean Ruttledge.

Lets just take a look at the sort of accusations Mr. Ruttledge has leveled at me all with ZERO EVIDENCE:

** Sean Ruttledge claims I am an Animal Abuser – shortly after being accused of being one

** Sean Ruttledge claims I have threatened to rape, kill, torture and kidnap his infant daughters over the telephone, and saying this to family members of mine over facebook – I have requested audio recordings or call display or dates and times when these supposed threats were made. I have also requested a call history which his phone provider would have. He made these statements to family members of mine in 2008 and no evidence has ever appeared of his bull shit claims.

** Sean ruttledge claims I am a drug abuser – with Zero evidence

** Sean Ruttledge threatens my own mother over facebook demanding my current location and claiming I brought EXTREME DISTRESS to his children – once again with Zero evidence

** Sean Ruttledge claims I am a vicious cyber stalking troll and citing an encyclopedia dramatica article that features me being photo shopped maliciously into homosexual pornographic positions.

** Sean Ruttledge defames my own sister by dropping her docs, terrifying her, and spamming the Internet with the claim that she is in pornographic videos – screen caps and electronic copies of the events can be provided for law enforcement and Judges.

This one I find to be the most unforgivable because he knew exactly what he was doing here. He had seen the videos I had made on my website and maliciously and deliberately edited them around and put in the tags and titles of the video words that would make a person think she was in some sort of porno. He did this merely because I was able to get his videos attacking me removed from youtube. He was willing to attack a completely innocent person merely because his youtube channels were rightfully being shut down but YouTube. Citation

** Sean Ruttledge spamms the net with my mother and her husbands address and names trying to endanger them in the real world – screen caps and electronic copies can be provided for law enforcement and Judges

** Sean Ruttledge goes onto encyclopedia Dramatica – a website that lies about me and photo shoppes me into porn and posts videos trying to get me arrested

** Ruttledge files dozens upon dozens of false DMCAS on people using my real name – engaging in criminal activity and identity theft for the sole purpose to get people to dislike me.

Somehow in Mr. Ruttledges mind, me talking about what he has done to me, he feels this is CRIMINALLY LIBEL. But its not, its EXPOSING YOUR BEHAVIOR, and if people in your life read my blogs and see what you did to me and then they want nothing to do with you afterwards, then that’s on you Mr. Ruttledge. Maybe you shouldn’t be lying about people online.

And last by not least just in case anyone says Ruttlege did not contact my employer in January of 2009, he himself even ADMITTED to it on a sock account of his.

And then on the day I was let go he posted this on many YouTube channels:


Youtube will have the IP information behind that DEMETERjamie youtube account just like the GolfAssociation account Ruttledge made spamming my work contact information.

The sad thing is about all of this, is, that none of these things, my family, work place, any of it has anything to do with Ruttledges feud with me. It only shows Sean Ruttledges desire to want to hurt me in my real life. His desire to take away my freedom of speech, my financial income, relationships. Heck even youtube user Meanblackedude said this in one of his own videos: Link Provided.

Ruttledge did this to me AFTER I gave him what he wanted and reached out to him in a hand of peace, and he only saw this as weakness as any bully would. He did not appreciate that I would give him what he wanted and I knew it was the wrong thing to do, if I could take it back I would. Citation

The only person who believes Mr. Ruttledge sincerly is Chrinky, but then again Chrinky is the same guy who said he didn’t know who Ruttledge was and yet Ruttledge sent him this message in 2008.

Chrinky is also the same guy who tries to correct people on the bible when he is shown to have never read the bible, so I am not sure if anyone should listen to Chrinkys imaginary bullshit.

Oh yeah Chrinky is also the same guy who looked me in the face while Ruttledge was harassing my sister and claimed that I was destroying Mr. Ruttledges life, ALL WITH ZERO EVIDENCE. Chrinky this year claimed to have called my former work and they claimed this had nothing to with with Ruttledge contacting them and yet Ruttledge himself even admitted to doing this on his own sock account.

Enemies of mine even admitted it was Sean on there own website – Link

And if these things were not enough, Ruttledge, himself, after getting my work contact info vowed he would hurt me in one of his own videos. Here is a portion of that in audio format (due to size constraints) and listen to what he says. Pay attention to the “french men, living in america” who he references. At the time he believed I was french and was living in the United States.

Maybe Chrinky should not talk about things he knows nothing about. Only an idiot would do that. Incidentally what exactly is a “convicted soccer hooligan” ?!

But for those sincere, genuine readers out there, please take the time to search the internet, look at Ruttledges response to my blogs. I post thoughtful ideas backed with evidence and they are only matched by malicious accusations with zero evidence.

I have had alot of nasty trolls go after me and spread malicious lies about me. As I have said before I am working on a long post, but due to time constraints I have had to keep putting it off, but in the blog post I will go into detail a number of trolls who have maliciously lied about me to cover there own actions. Take for example, one youtube troll by the name of Digger. What he did to me was he dropped my docs on a youtube channel titled IAMTHEREDSKULL and was caught for doing this. I told him I did not really care at the time, but there was another third party who did care and proceeded to attack Digger. Digger then claimed that I was harassing him and said I called his phone pretending to be his family members – ALL WITH ZERO EVIDENCE. That’s a pretty malicious lie to spread about me.

Of course the E.D. crowd jumped on this and acted of course, like it was true, despite the fact that Digger is a repeated liar who went on to just continually lie about me with no evidence, and bringing me into situations that had nothing to do with me. For years this guy harassed me and lied about me, when finally, he was banned off the website and then tried to bring me into that situation as well. – Example.

The person who Digger sent that message to, one Trevor Reiger, could not believe Digger would out right lie about me like this, but to me it was no surprise. Here is yet another example of Digger lying about another user and then getting permabanned off of Example

Digger never recanted or apologized for his lies about me and took those lies with him to his grave and as the good book says – all liars have there part in the lake of fire.

Remember I have only ever been banned from one website, and even that situation which I will write about in the future, is highly dubious to say the least. Digger like Sean, has been banned from countless websites.

I have made mentioned in a previous post on this site about how the Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls were posting the personal information of many youtube users on a twisted website and these people conspire with a youtube user by the name of themaskedanalyst. The real difference between me and all these trolls is if it was the other way around, if it was themaskedanalysts name, address, phone number, place of work, deceased fathers info, childrens info, or places of childrens schools on there, I WOULD CONDEMN IT!

Because I REJECT TERRORISM wherever it comes from! These people do not. That website shown above, that featured the schools of the children of some youtube users, the trolls made mention to use the fact that my father had passed away in 2007 as a way to troll me. Yeah if that is not immoral, then what is? If people do not call that bad, then what will they call bad?

Incidentally, if you look at that list, one user by the name of Jasonspeaks had his childrens info displayed on it with instructions on how to attack him. Jasonspeaks would later go on to describe how he had received threats over the phone from Mike Skehan which then themaskedanalyst came to the aid of Skehan. See this video.

You know who the other person who had Jasonspeaks phone number was TMA?!… HIS WIFE! And a simple pm to Jasonspeaks would have solved that. Never mind the fact that Skehan has admitted to dropping peoples docs in his own videos “just for the fun of it”

I am actually a very forgiving person, but with Ruttledge continually following me around, continually lying about me, its clear I am going to have to take action against this nutcase.

If I were you Ruttledge, I would be consulting with a lawyer post haste.

It will be very funny to see you ramble on in court with your bull shit accusations with zero evidence. When you go into court claiming that I harassed your children, claiming that I am a drug abuser, claiming that I committed criminally libel, claiming that I am a child predator, claiming that I am a vicious cyber stalking troll, unlike what you have done with so called family members of mine and the Internet…you are going to have to PROVE those statements in court.

And unlike you, I back up everything of mine with evidence.


A brief update to this stuff is a message I received on the 24th of December 2015. While everyone else is enjoying time with there family and friends at Christmas…someone, who seems to have me on there mind, and seems to have no family or friends, came onto my site and posted a message which I will show you right here:

Link to message

If you recall in an earlier post of mine I had made mention how I came to hear about Sean Ruttledge. It was from two instances 1. Him filing false illegal DMCAs on people using my name and 2. It was from him harassing a user by the name of LordJovian.

It would appear from this message that this message is in fact from the user Jovian himself because the IP address locates roughly to the area he is living in, however it could be someone else. But I will assume for the time being it is him.

I want you the reader to take a look at something in this message. On my site I post a direct threat that Mr. Ruttledge had made towards me where he referred to me as a french men living in America, in which this person here, presumably Jovian is defending Mr. Ruttledge. Jovian is quick to say that Mr. Ruttledge was referring to some guy named Jacques Dreyfus. The same initials as my name coincidentally. Who this Dreyfus is, there is no evidence to back up his connection in anyway to Mr. Ruttledge. Furthermore Mr. Ruttledge also gave clues as to the person who he was referring to. He also said this “French men, living in America” was a “Well known YouTuber”…does anyone out here know of any YouTuber by the name of Jacques Dreyfus? Anyone?

I have found the article that does make mention of a Dreyfus that ended up committing suicide, however there is ZERO connection between this Dreyfus and Mr. Ruttledge and I challenge anyone to prove it. If there was it would mean that, other then me, this Dreyfus character would have had to have been a well known youtuber and no one has ever heard of this guy outside of the article that mentions his death and this blog.

The evidence is also compounded further by the fact that Mr. Ruttledge showed up on this blog moments after I had posted HIS OWN VIDEOS where he mocks other people. It was then and only then he showed up to attack and threaten me. Why? Because before then Mr. Ruttledge could just say to some person reading this blog who asked him about this “oh that is just some nutcase rambling on about me, look at this E.D. article about him, look how crazy this person is”, but when I post HIS OWN VIDEOS on my site it takes away the ability for him to make it my word versus his word.

The fact is what Jovian is saying here is an out right lie to try and deflect the harassment and threats Ruttledge made towards me. Who Mr. Ruttledge was referring to in that video (there is a lot more where that came from – that is a tiny audio sample from a much larger video – Ruttledge makes a number of other refrences in that video to me) was me and no one else. All the additional evidence of websites, wiki pages, comments, private messages sent to family members of mine, all refer to me. The evidence says it, I say it and Mr. Ruttledge gave me only 24 hours to take this blog down, or else I was going to jail or something. Ive given him more then half a year, so whats going on? Whats with the weak threats?

Oh by the way in Jovians message, he makes mention at the end about two individuals who came down with similar tragedies. The two people who he does not name (because then you could fact check it) who Mr. Ruttledge was referring to are Michael Dimou and Dimitrious Xenos, both of whom are still alive and living reasonably healthy. Another lie of Jovians.

Also if Jovian or Ruttledge or whomever found this blog to be a joke, why would I receive threats for merely just posting the truth? You do not threaten someone over a joke.

My bet is that Jovian is appearing on here (assuming its him) to defend Mr. Ruttledge because I had posted links on my site to videos that Mr. Ruttledge does not want people seeing, which tracts his clear history of harassing people, which Jovian was connected with. Again its when I post the evidence that people show up and threaten me. Perhaps Jovian does not like being mentioned or being brought up. But I had to bring him up because it details how I came to first hear about Mr. Ruttledge, not that I am saying Jovian is a credible person in anyway, he was always a very shady individual, but nevertheless we share a history together.

Why would  Jovian years later be defending this person I am not sure, nor do I really care, if he is spending his Christmas thinking about things that he himself calls “silly” then he is not someone I respect nor wish to have anything to do with.

Lastly I want to remind Jovian and anyone else who would go down the dark path of the occult is that “No sorcerer shall inherit the kingdom of heaven“, and you reap what you sow.

I am not going to get into a discussion about whether or not black magik is real but indeed there are people out here who believe it and perform this stuff on people: placing curses etc. Whether you the reader believes it is not important, these sorts of people believe it. However the goods news is that I am always reminded every day of my life that it is not demons who have the true authority but God himself, after all the good book says “even the demons tremble in terror”.

No demon, Witch or Warlock will decide my fate, but God himself. I don’t care if this power comes in the form of Wicca, Haitian Vodoun or Satanism, I will die when the Creator says I do and not a moment sooner.