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If you have to lie about me to make me look bad, what does that mean?

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Update Someone has been filing DoS attacks on this site to keep this blog down. It won’t work, DoS attacks will only keep this site down for a temporary amount of time and it is just one more example of Ruttledge and the E.D. trolls to censor me because the facts are not on there side. This is very reminiscent of when one troll by the name of mike10dude was doing this to a website named dramatube Citation

The author of that link above, bcj999 was yet another user who was attacked by Ruttledge for one, banning him from dramatube for dropping my docs and two, accusing Ruttledge, rightly so, of animal abuse. I have the video where Ruttledge responds to bcj, ill find it and put it up when i get around to it, Ive been really busy.

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6

I have been very busy as of late but every now and again I go on the net to see what’s going on. I keep a very small presence on the net: 2 youtube channels, a twitter account, and my website, all of which I hardly use. That’s it. The reason for this is so that any troll who decides to conjure up some insane conspiracy theory about me, they must lie, because there is nothing to reveal or expose. There is no longer any need for cloak and dagger accusations.

In the blog preceding this one I had made mention of a youtube user by the name of LordJovian who came onto my website and he had some choice words for me. My questions to Jovian are: Do you have an Encyclopedia Dramatica Article made about you? Have you had your own family threatened with murder simply because you voice an opinion against Encyclopedia Dramatica? Have you ever had a job taken away from you that you rightfully earned simply because someone was offended by you on the net and complained to them about you? Have you ever been photoshopped in homosexual pornographic positions? When Mr. Seanie was targeting you did he go after your family? Did he terrorize them? Have you ever had people claim knowingly false accusations about you such as owning social media accounts that are not yours? Would you like to be accused of things you did not do?

The answer to all these questions I can answer for him, it is a resounding NO. Why is that? No one seems to pay him any sort of attention. But there is something about me, you the reader can decide what it is, that makes these people respond in the ways that they do. For some reason when I talk about them I will receive threats, attacks, defamatory statements, and people impersonating me and committing illegal acts in my name.

Often when someone does something egregious to anyone, they may try to put it back on the person or even blame the victim in some way. If we are to believe Jovian or anyone who sincerely shares his opinion, Jovian then would have no problem with people doing the very things I had just mentioned above, to him, after all he started fights with many people, including Mr. Seanie.

Does that justify trying to destroy someone’s life? Is this the road pigs and dogs go down? I guess.

Even if Jovian was correct that I was wrong in ONE of my assertions, he ignores all the other evidence on my site. He focuses on one piece of evidence and ignores the rest because its all true. And even if he was right, it would just be one more example of Ruttledges complete lack of respect for human beings in that it would show he was harassing some other youtube user as well.

I encourage everyone to read this blog right here, and read it in its entirety. If someone did read that blog in its completeness, they would discover that the point of that blog was not about any troll on the net that has stalked and defamed me, but rather a deeper issue with the people in my life.

I use trolls like Mr. Seanie as an example to illustrate a point. That if so called family members around me can be used and deceived by him so easily, they can be deceived by anyone and there is a whole host of reasons, which have nothing to do with me, as to why they would listen to such a person. Its all about how I am suppose to fit in the schismatic function and level of a “family members” mind. Its about someone who thinks they have the right to define another human being. That’s the point of that blog.

I could have used examples in high school, say when I was assaulted and had my nose broken simply because I walked down the wrong hall way and I was doing something that three attackers felt they should be doing, or perceived me as being better then them in some way, so I needed to be taken down a notch. The people I was living with at the time ignored the assault and claimed I should give the attackers money for lunch and I was promptly “grounded” for two weeks all because of how these people felt they were being perceived. That’s the point of the blog, how disgusting and evil victim blaming is.

I could have used countless examples from my childhood where certain individuals saw me as someone they could use and abuse and steal ideas from. One example comes to mind when I was six years old and my so called “older brother” (he likes to point that out, makes him feel superior, seriously it actually does), Minky, would copy anything I would do. I was at the time playing with lego play-sets that were based on the medieval era. Of course he then, after I was into that, started doing that as well. This was a trend with me in and him. Anything I did, even the clothing I wore, he would then emulate. I study Martial Arts, he then does. I am into a particular genre of movies, he then is. So anyways in this situation, he had tried to customize certain figurines of his, these small lego characters. I saw what he was doing, and customized my own, but mine had, how do I say this, more creativity put into it, and he saw it. He was so furious he ran to his mother because mine were better then his. He couldn’t stand that I did something better then him, so what did he do, he copied one of my creations exactly the same, except with the character having red eyes, it was green eyes. And in his mind he told himself I was copying him? He was so angry saying to me “I BETTER NOT EVER SEE YOU COPY ME!”. Why Minky, because I will show you up to be the untalented mediocre loser we both know you are? Because I will do it better then you? How is it my fault if someone is uncreative? Its not, and I should not have to lower myself underneath someone just to make that person feel good about themselves. I may hurt people with the truth, but I will never comfort someone with a lie.

If Minky, he was ten at the time, would get so bent out of shape because I make better lego figures then him, do you really think that person wants good for me? No, he feels I am only there to elevate him in the schism of his selfish life. That is what that blog is all about, the evil actions of selfish people. See I don’t think I am entitled to anything, if I want to think of myself as an expert on something I better be able to DEMONSTRATE it! I don’t expect people to just say “oh he is a smart person” or a “technical person” or whatever these misfits tell themselves. Minky, however, feels he is entitled and deserves admonishment, simply because of the level of where he considers to be in his own mind in the system of “the family” and that I need to “know my place” of where I fit and to make sure I “NEVER EVER” elevate myself or show a talent of mine that he doesn’t have or perhaps is better then him. Watch this video. Joe Rogan gives a perfect incite into what I am talking about.

When ever I showed off a talent of mine, in Minky or Chrinkys mind it was only because someone was holding my hand or someone did it for me or lead me to that. In no way could I have figured it out myself because that would mean I had better skills then Chrinky and Minky. It would prevent them from telling themselves lies about themselves. Its all about Jealousy. Still to this day anything I do, usually they end up doing it, but its always me first, and them second, always! When I was in highschool I did not know anyone who was doing what I was. I herd a lot of people say they could, but never DEMONSTRATE it. They would just say it. I remember Chrinky under his breath would just say “its because Fred is a electrician”. Or when I got my own car and paid for it myself and Chrinky and Minky, the “older brothers” couldn’t purchase there own cars, they would say under there breath “there is NO WAY anyone could do that. Implying that someone is paying it for me. Lol! Yeah Fred helped, yeah right! You tell that Chrinky, to your sister, see what says. Someone else does not deserve the credit for things I do.

Another example I could give, I have thousands of them, is when I was working on a video in University titled “Shades of Time” and at the end of the video the main hero arrives in a desert area. I had used a quarry which I found for the final scene. I had found that quarry years prior and had wanted to use it for another video titled “Fell Endgame”, but Minky wanted to use a forest area, which directly contradicted the story of Fell Endgame. So I had always kept in my head that quarry because it was just perfect. Anyone I show that video to they always remark about that area. Anyways this scene in Shades of Time, using that quarry, turned out really well, except for the mistakes of hearing Minky talk while the camera is on, and forgetting certain items etc etc…but it turned out great with the special effects that at the time I was not certain would work, I was still very new to using Adobe After effects.

Well years later Minky wanted to re-write history and conjure up some imaginary scene in his mind where he said to me “hey remember we use to drive in the back roads and I found that quarry and mentioned to you to use that scene and say wouldn’t this be a good place to use for shades of time”. No Minky, but I remember I would drive through those back-roads all by myself, without you there, cause during that time you had nothing to do with Anne! Remember?! I gotta say it! Minky you are a fucking liar and you have always tried to steal any idea I came up with! Think of the thinking that goes into coming up with a discussion in Minkys mind that never took place all for him to try and take credit for something I had always wanted to use and found myself. He has no qualms about stealing someone else’s idea. What a scumbag! Its just like when I was making Fell Endgame, and Minky would act like Lloyd (the same bum who lived off his multi-millionaire friend) was this expect martial arts guy and that I could not instruct Lloyd and Minky on anything. All the mistakes in those movies, the biggest ones come from Lloyd and Minky, and there was no way for me to edit those out (I can give examples if I need to) and every time I have shown Fell Endgame to someone the only time someone mentions to me that the choreography is good is the scene where I block all the lasers with the lightsaber – a scene that Minky and Lloyd had nothing to do with.

Add to that still to this day I get pms from people on my channel, and emails like these, saying that I am a good editor and I understand pacing despite me barely using YouTube and with all the slanderous/libelous defamatory statements of the Encyclopedia Dramatica crowd. When has Minky or Lloyd ever demonstrated there amazing talents aside from just saying it? So it turns out I do know something, and I am not the idiot those douche bags tell themselves. And I know it REALLY BURNS Minky and Chrinky that I should demonstrate an ability where they feel they should just be respected or deserve admonishment. Here you have two people who act in the complete opposite of what I do.

If these two were really better then me in someway they wouldn’t feel the need to put down anything I do, and they wouldn’t get jealous and try to re-write history to take credit for things I did. I wish what I was saying here was wrong, but it isn’t, its all true.

I use to get emails from my father before he passed away in the summer of 2007 when he would have feuds with chrinky and every time Chrinky would bring me up in his emails because he was jealous of me. He would bring me up in his fights with his father because he is a shallow, insecure, untalented loser who doesn’t understand that his world view of me is a selfish and jealous one and that I am under no obligation to lower myself underneath his underachieving character. Remember this is the same guy who threatened to kill me simply because he was jealous. I know lots of talented people and they don’t act like Chrinky. See in chrinkys mind, he is entitled and he deserves something because he came out of someones vagina sooner then me. Seriously this moron actually thinks like this.

This is all about respect and peoples presumptions towards me that they do not owe me respect in any way shape or form. You know birds of a feather flock together and Minky and chrinkys buddies consist of bums and welfare recipients and its those people who they feel are the really talented people, not me. If I received a message like this one: Message I would ask the person to leave me out of the situation and that it was none of my business or I would ask for evidence. I would not just take the person at there word nor would I ask the person on the receiving end of this to alter there behavior. It only would reveal someones true colors as a coward. The reason ruttledge contacts Chrinky, or anne or whomever is because it believes he can control them…and he can, hes demonstrated that.

And on the opposite end of that I should not be held responsible for someone else’s actions.

So what does that all have to do with trolls on the Internet attacking and trolling me? It means that Ruttledge and the Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls were able to pull off what they did to me, not because they are super smart or talented or anything like that, but because selfishness and how the so called family members around me were use to putting me down and taking advantage of me. So it stands to reason that as soon as someone says something negative about me, even if it is completely and knowingly false, like the statements, Ruttledge makes about me, to these so called family memmbers, that they would listen to it so blindly. I mean just look at Chrinkys reply up there to Ruttledges bull shit claims. One moment he says “i doubt what he is saying” and then in the next moment he says “well if you are hurting him stop”. So what that means is he refuses to take a stance one way or another, like any fool would.

When you come across accusations like the ones Ruttledge makes about me, claiming I am a drug abuser, animal abuser etc, instead of running to me and asking about it, why not focus on the evidence like police, lawyers, and judges do? If someone sent me that message I would ask for evidence like dates, times, audio recordings, screen shots, emails, pms, phone records, call display, or anything besides an unsubstantiated claim. But that is what an averagely intelligent person would do, not a fool. When you go down the road of he said vs he said, the best thing to do is focus on the evidence so you get off that road. Going by he said vs he said will only sow doubt and make wedges between people, which is what Ruttledge’s goal was all along, and that’s not my fault that these people fell for it, its theirs. One of the reasons why I always (as much as they hate it) back up everything my detractors say about me, is so I have the evidence on hand to show what they are doing so you don’t have to rely just on my words. They on the other hand, where is there evidence?

If any troll does not like me writing about them, and they obviously don’t cause otherwise I would not receive threats of legal action, police action, and death for merely stating what happened to me, then maybe they should not write about me either. It only makes sense to treat everyone with the same standard right?

After all they have no trouble talking about me, so in fairness I should be allowed to talk about them. After all it was a very famous troll who said about me “he couldn’t debate me, he couldn’t meet me on a equal playing field of ideas”

And I would agree with themaskedanalyst. I couldn’t. Why? Because I never had a proper say on YouTube. I was never treated fairly on that site. Very early on I was banned unfairly and trolls like him capitalized on that and just continued to lie about me. Its very easy to form a false narrative about someone in an environment where they get no say.

So much for the equal playing field of ideas and free speech, right TMA?

In order to have the “equal playing field of ideas” or “free exchange of ideas” as some of these trolls like to spout, you first have to treat people fairly and equally. Themaskedanalyst has said repeatedly in his videos about me that I do not deserve respect nor fairness. He opts to obsess over three old comments I made to youtube users, one of whom was cheating the system of youtube and knowingly looks the other way when his internet friends and allies engage in so much worse. The comments he obsesses over were nothing more then dry humor, and its a humor that has seemed to have gone over his head. He will say it was not a joke, but it was. I take cheating serious, and in my profession if you are even caught once cheating, its game over forever. themaskedanalyst doesn’t care if someone cheats or is dishonest.

Speaking of themaskedanalyst I remember another quote from him where he said about me “he’s driven a number of people off youtube due to his harassment”

-And these people are whom? Care to share some of these names?

Its like saying “he robbed a bank”. Well I cannot prove a negative. You have to go into specifics, otherwise its pointless. If I were a betting man I would wager that the person he was referring to was Steven Pheby. Pheby however, was never driven off the net. He ran into hiding when people found out who he was. He could not handle the same treatment he dished out on me sent back to him. He is a gutless coward so he ran and hid. Its called Karma. Very much like Subseven, the well known E.D. Sysop who was one of the original contributors to my E.D. article.

I still have to remind myself this is the same lying coward who said “there is no evidence that he (Pheby) released info on his family on any blog”, yet anyone can easily email Pheby and ask him yourself if he did –

I guess a confession means nothing to themaskedanalyst.

If Pheby really believed the bull shit he about me, he would have zero trouble having his name and face attached to his actions towards me. He should be proud of his behavior, but instead of standing tall when his anonymity was blown, he ran like the gutless coward he is. Not because he was afraid of me going to kill him, but because now there was a price to pay for his words.

Incidentally the very same trolls who themaskedanalyst has conspired with for so long, have driven maybe as much as a hundred people off the net, simply for being human, and I can post those names.

Who is themaskedanalyst or any troll to point there finger at me for anything when they engage and collude with people who do the very same things they are against. For example, themaskedanalyst made video after video attacking me about 1 false dmca I filed on him. That’s it, just ONE, which I even apologized for, and I never laughed or gloated over it. Yet him and the trolls who he conspires with responded in releasing the address of innocent people who ended up being harassed and threatened. Furthermore themaskedanalyst claims to be against the dmca but when one of his self professed friends (subseven) files over thirty false dmcas on people with fake names, and laughs about it, what is themaskedanalysts response?

Can you imagine if I did such a thing? I cannot even fathom the unfair treatment and double or hell triple standards that would be on me. It would be front page on E.D., spread across the net, Ruttledge would make hundreds of videos about it, themaskedanalyst would discuss it at least ten videos. Yet when there friend ACTUALLY engages in that behavior, what happens? Nothing, no one says a damn word. They are pure hypocrites and they know it.

How many times have these people accused me of preying on children with zero evidence only for me to find out later that is what these accusers engage in. They Photoshop me into porn and yet if i did that it would be beyond the pale. Its ok for me to be treated like that right, but not these people?

In all the years I have known them I have never seen Anne, Fred or Anne’s children condemn the actions that were done towards me, yet if I so much as speak up in defense against false accusations made about me, then that, to them, is the ultimate sin.

Far to often I have been held hostage to my own kindness. How many times when someone said even the smallest negative thing about themaskedanalyst did he immediately make a video accusing me of being that person only for me to contact him and tell him that he is wrong and he has the wrong guy and all he is doing is letting someone else off the hook and letting them know they can get away with there actions. I would tell him he is also revealing to people he is obsessed with me and that there are trolls out here would will capitalize on that.

Did he listen? Nope.

Its just like in 2007 right before I was perma-banned off youtube I tried the best I could to reach out to themaskedanalyst in a hand of peace. I closed my accounts, gave him the victory to which I thought he would be happy. And how did he respond?

He responded simply by attacking me and claiming I was a person called theonetheycallgod and was supposedly harassing a user by the name of Digger. Kinda funny about that because it was Digger who was behind the channel “IAMTHEREDSKULL” and he was dropping my docs and threatening me, yet in themaskedanalysts mind I am harassing Digger?! WTF?! And this was all after I closed my accounts. You would think a rational person who have better discernment, but no, not this troll.

Do you see whats going on here? Everyone is talking about me, the one person who has nothing to do with anything.

I tried before this. going out onto E.D. onto a IRC chat, to talk to these trolls who would lie about me so maliciously and that chat was a complete waste of time because they went back on every one of there words.

I tried, which I have documented on this site, repeatedly to reach out to Mr. Ruttledge in a hand of peace, to which he would always respond with more attacks. I guess I should have known better because all these instances came from none other then my so called mother, whom every once and awhile I would ask for advice, I would say “hey what do you think about all this” and she would say “just give them whatever they want to make them happy”, so I tried to do that, and oh boy that was the mother of all mistakes and only sewed failure and suffering in my life. – Matthew 7:6

I tried to do what I considered to be the decent thing and time after time was only used, attacked, defamed, and ruined again and again. I will never again be held hostage to my own civility, mercy and kindness. If anyone thinks these blogs make me look bad, so be it, but that doesn’t mean its going to get anything removed. Threatening me will not get anything removed so don’t waste your time. If you think I have libeled someone, (for the 100th TIME!!!) GO GET A LAWYER! Put up or shut up because, unlike my so called mother, I don’t believe in backing down from threats.

I have bent over backwards for people who have unfairly targeted me, I cared about what they wanted and put there needs before my own, that is not going to happen again.

None of these trolls, whether it is the thugs from Encyclopedia Dramatica, or trolls who just jump on the band wagon have no reason to point there finger at me for anything at all. I never started any fight with any of these people, and to even try and suggest that is yet another long standing lie. And if someone is going to call me a liar or say I libeled them then it is incumbant upon me to defend myself. One of the reasons why this blog is so big is because I have to back up everything I say with evidence otherwise trolls will just say “he’s a liar”. And if you think that blog is big just wait till you see what I have been working on…

What is not surprising is, if you dig beneath the sock accounts and unmask some of these people you are going to get into things like: contract killers, Satanism, wicca, spells, and working with demons.

What awaits a person who dares to criticize E.D. or trolls like them, could very well have a hit put out on them in the world of organized crime. Weev himself even talks about this and gloats over it. I am not kidding, that’s how serious these thugs take this stuff. They are true pure evil and the scum of the earth.

Please read that article because it will give you a very good idea of the kind of thinking I have had to deal with.

“That’s a very interesting reaction,” Fortuny said. “Why didn’t you get so defensive when I said you had green hair?” If I were certain that I wasn’t a terrible reporter, he explained, I would have laughed the suggestion off just as easily. The willingness of trolling “victims” to be hurt by words, he argued, makes them complicit, and trolling will end as soon as we all get over it.

Understanding the mind of a troll right above aka Victim blaming.

This is the kind of thinking by pigs and dogs. It is completely backwards. Its one thing to have an opinion, its another to lie about someone, that’s what I’m against. Not if someone has harsh words against you, or says you suck at something. Doesn’t mean much. But when someone has to say you are drug abuser or an animal abuser and out right lie about you and say those things to naive family members, that calls for an immediate response. It is self defense. Nothing more, and there is nothing wrong with it. Doesn’t make me butt-hurt or whatever term these people throw out. It makes me rational.

I had made mention in the blog before this about a situation between youtube user Thunderf00t and other people and how they were tying to get him fired for his actions on YouTube. I can say this about that whole situation. Thunderf00t was making videos at his job and if it was the other way around, if you simply took him out of that and in his place put me, I would have been fired, very much like in 2009, to which Mr. Seanie exploited and is ultimately responsible for. I am against unfair treatment.

If in someones mind I am a “lolcow” or “butthurt” because I want to defend myself from someone who would say “I believe him to be behind sinister threats of murder, rape, kidnap and torture to my infant daughters over the telephone[Citation] and say that to family members of mine, then so be it. You know Mr. Seanie has tried hundreds of times to get me arrested, so why hasn’t he provided all the evidence of me supposedly threatening his daughters with murder, rape, torture and kidnap?!

He is so quick to call me a criminal and yet has on occasion helped criminals like Nick Bravo, who recently was arrested and convicted of stealing land in California. As an aside note, Nick Bravo was caught by someone at the Comedy stand up club he went to, and Nick was advised to go to that club on the instructions of one Mr. Seanie. Had Nick never listened to him, Nick would never have met TomDavis and thus never had been caught and thus would not be sitting in state prison with two felony’s on his name. Citation 1 Citation 2

When I call Ruttledge a racist or stalker or pervert, I back it up with specific examples that I have documented from him, when he calls me a child predator, animal abuser, and drug abuser, where are his specific examples? Somehow in Ruttledges mind when I document his behavior it gives him a blank check to say whatever lie he can to ty and defame me.

If I am a “lolcow” in someones mind for being against the ridiculous unfair treatment done towards me, then so be it.

If someone finds it funny that a troll would try and destroy my livelihood simply because I reported there accounts for clearly violating the terms of service on YouTube, then that’s not someone I want around me.

That’s not someone I want anything to do with, but someone who has there morals and world view completely backwards, just like the inverted star.

And as I said before many of these people are into Satanism and the occult. I am not going to get into a discussion on whether demons exist (Jesus said they did).

But just imagine if demons did exist, and that there were people in this world who would be willing to work with them to harm there fellow human beings and to gain supernatural abilities. It really doesn’t get more evil then this. I don’t think at all that MrSeanie is a witch doctor (I happen to know hes not), but there are people who he colludes with and gives high fives to that are.

For someone who claims to be against Nazis, one wonders why he would run with people who engage in the same behavior that Hitler himself gloated about.

Furthermore themaskedanalyst, who has colluded with Sean ruttledge to attack me has said in his videos he finds youtube user meanblackdude to be trustworthy: Citation

And what is meanblack dudes words on Sean ruttledge. Meanblackdude said this:

The actions that Seanie was taking were effecting peoples lives off the internet. Seanie wished people harm, in there real lives. Citation

I challenge themaskedanalyst to get meanblackdude to say the same things about me. See it didn’t matter what ruttledge was doing to anyone, he and themaskedanalyst have something in common. They say negative things about me, doesn’t matter if they are true or not, but as long as its negative they will work together. It is a personal attack on me, has nothing to do with making the Internet safer. That is a cover they use to mask there malicious intent.

Can you imagine if I did half of what the Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls do, like when they made this website: Link

Can you imagine if I did what Subseven, aka James Patrick Saxtion is doing right here:

I recall a troll by the name of Digger and Ruttledge both accusing me of doing things like that in that audio recording with, of course, zero evidence, but here Subseven is doing it and no one cry’s foul.

I wonder how Ruttledge would react if he had an encyclopedia dramatica article made about him and he was being photoshopped in homosexual ponographics positions.

As I have said before on this site, we all need to start holding me and everyone else to the same standard. The only problem with that is some people, like Ruttledge, Subseven, Pheby, themaskedanalyst, digger, e.d. trolls, will not look as morale next to some people. They will appear to be the worthless garbage that they in fact are.

A lot of this blog I mention that in early 2009 ruttledge succeeded in managing to get one street cop to show up at Annes house. Anne and her husband blew that situation way out of proportion and what they need to do is look into what swatting is:

What if that youtuber had a mother like Anne who would say to him “you have to leave the net forever cause someone can do this”, it would only give his enemies a blank check to do whatever they wanted to him.

When even Chrinky says he doesn’t know who Ruttledge is, the guy who sent him this message and even Chrinky says in that message that what Ruttledge is saying about me, is dangerous. I guess he didn’t clue in to the fact that Ruttledge, the very guy sending chrinky that message is the one who got me fired in 2009…i mean he just doesn’t connect the dots.