The Best Evidence is…Video Evidence.

The disclosure of a new fact, the leap forward, the conquest over yesterday’s ignorance, is an act not of reason but of imagination, of intuition.
Charles Nicolle

I was surfing the net and was on a site called RipOffReport and was doing some evidence gathering on a particular troll who has stalked me for almost a decade when I looked in the side bar and saw an add for Real Estate Fraud.

I found a man who I recognized holding a wad of cash and flaunting it. I could not believe who I was looking at. It was in fact none other then Nicholas Bravo, a YouTube personality I had some small interaction with in the past. I clicked on the add and found this:

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If you have read these blogs you will know I have documented on this site a situation in the past where Sean Ruttledge was filing false DMCAs on Nicholas Bravo and youtuber Happycabbie but Rutledge was using my real name. Not only is this illegal and criminal it is also comitting identity theft which Ruttledge is all to eager to commit. Citation

Now while what Ruttledge did to happycabbie, bravo, and pretending to be me is totally wrong I cannot help but laugh at this RipOff Segment and it should make for some very interesting collection of videos. The reason I find this funny is because in November of 2011 Ruttledge tried to swat me. He also contacted my mother and claimed libelous statements about me to her. You can read all about this in further detail on the other blogs on this site.

During this exact time I had seen that on Nicholas Bravos channel, Nick had featured a video made by Ruttledge designed to get me swatted. How I had herd of this video was that I was alerted to it by a number of YouTubers who felt concerned for my well being. I want to thank (you know who you are) those people for caring. On the video Ruttledge had made about me someone had spammed false pre-paid for comments of people agreeing with the video. That means someone either Nick or Sean actually spent money to falsely spamm the video. You know if you have to buy fake comments to attack someone, it usually means that your ideas are fraudulent…

The video made by Ruttledge and the channel it was on titled YouTubeMostSuspended would later be suspended by youtube for stalking, bullying and issuing threats. Pay attention to the difference of when he first made that channel YouTubeMostSUspended in 2007 and then when he started uploading his lies about me here and here. While it was active Sean was spamming false accusations about me and even some people were confused as to the identity of the YouTubeMostSuspended account. Some people even suspected Nicholas Bravo being behind the account. Look at this screen cap from Nick Bravos current channel comments at the time titled “ImFuckingWinning”, seriously he made a channel with that name: Citation.

Think about this too, Nick believes he is a victim of defamation and Ruttledge accuses me of committing libel but when Nick had money (from stealing peoples homes) and when Sean Ruttledge wanted to attack me, did either of them use there money to get a lawyer? No. Instead they used that money to spam fake comments on a fallacious video to try and swat me. That’s how much the truth is on there side.

The video Ruttledge had made about me featured zero evidence, only a collection of images of my face and the claim of being a “DANGEROUS CYBER STALKER” and “COMITTING CRIMINAL LIBEL” which for some odd reason Ruttledge has failed to get a lawyer about…despite him threatening me and so on.

Apparently Ruttledge was feeding Nick at the time false info on me which lead Nick into thinking I was harassing him which of course I was not. What I did see however were many videos that exposed Nicks blatant disregard for the law and his desire to use people for everything they got. There was one particular video I can remember calling for the youtube community to get together and stop Nick from swindling people out of money. “How bad will it get?” the video stated, I recall.

And now it seems its gotten pretty bad for Nick, what with two felonies on his name and spending almost a year and a half in jail. Ouch! Do I feel bad for Nick, no. He was always a fool listening to the wrong people. He listened to Sean Ruttledge, believed him, took his advice and went to a comedy stand up club on Ruttledges words. There he met Tom Davis aka Tom Williams, who would later find out about Nicks penchant for stealing peoples homes. Had Nick never listened to Ruttledge, he never would have been caught. THAT IS A FACT! A fact you will see in that full Rip Off Report…

As an aside Tom Davis and Ruttledge have a ton of things in common. They are both racists, they both have delusions of being famous comedians, they are both hateful mean spirited gutless cowardly trolls who attack people who they perceive to be weaker then them, and they are both past there prime. Accusations of pedophilia have swirled around Ruttledge for years and Tom Davis was running a photography service that was just a smoke screen where he would sell children’s photos to pedophiles on the black market – Citation (Beware, that link is not safe for work!) It amazes me that Tom Davis can get away with something like that. Where are the police?!

What else do Tom and Sean have in common?..oh yeah! Tom, like Sean also pays for fake comments to make himself look better then he actually is. Citation

This opens a deeper issue in that Tom Davis was outed only after Nicks friend “Tim” filed a DMCA on Tom and Tom foolishly filled out his real name and address in the counter notice and then it was sent back to “Tim”. Had Tim never filed that DMCA, Tom would never have been outed. I wonder how themaskedanalyst would feel about this? Should a pedophile be allowed to be anonymous? What if the DMCA was the only avenue one could use to out a pedophile? Should it be used? Is themaskedanalyst against keeping children safe and outing pedophiles? Id like to hear his thoughts on this…

But even though Tom Davis is a true scumbag I still do not feel sorry for Nick because Nick is not a victim, he committed a crime and a troll seized the opportunity. I mean if Tom Davis is going to run a child porn photography service then he doesn’t give a damn about breaking the law but rather he went after Nick just to hurt him. Nick is still by no means a victim of defamation as Ruttlege may say. Remember defamation is when its false, NOT TRUE. Its like me saying “Nick Bravo is a convicted Criminal”, its not a false statement, stalking nor defamatory, because its true. But when Ruttledge (under his sock accounts because he himself doesn’t believe the bull shit he spews about me) claims I am a criminal, drug abuser, that i’m libeling him etc etc and says that to family members of mine. That is defamation.

The best evidence is video evidence and that is what got Nick in jail. Its also the reason why Ruttledge has shown up on this site and threatened me a number of times for posting HIS OWN VIDEOS where he is lying and defaming other people.

If you find yourself under the attack of Ruttledge or people like him (Nick gets out of jail in july), document, document and then DOCUMENT!!! The best thing to do with liars like these is shine the light of truth on them. It takes away from them the ability to make it your word versus there word.

There is, however, one good thing that has emerged from Nick stealing peoples homes and going to prison. When Nick gets out and hes on probation and living in a half way house, I will never ever have to worry about him paying for fake comments to spam some libelous video made by Sean Ruttledge to attack me ever again… And that is a good thing!

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