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Don’t let people intimidate you into censorship

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

“the only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth, are those people who are living a lie. Keep speaking the truth” – Unknown”

If you don’t know what happened to me in the last week, check out these blogs first:

1. Steve Pheby threatens and libels me over my blogs
2. Why did you take your website down?

Still there? Great! Now I hadn’t thought about Pheby for a long time so it was a surprise to hear from him, I mean he responded to a blog I wrote about him in April of 2013, in January of 2017! Almost four years! He was only mentioned in one blog post, most of my blogs deal with other trolls who have stalked and harassed me. Notice again he is the one trying to get my attention, not the other way around. Harassment always begins with who starts the conversation first. I mean just imagine, if he had a website, and I went on to it and threatened him, like he did right here: Citation

I can only imagine if I said something like that! If there are cops out there who think I am harassing this guy, by being responsible, smart, and diligent in dealing with this cyber stalker, then shame on you! As an aside in further response to his threat, my point in my first blog was to illustrate that Pheby was the progenitor of the harassment towards me. He was the first to drop my docs, family, and threaten me and made it a suitable place for trolls to follow suit.

The man literally embodies stupidity and arrogance, the amount of information we have on him is staggering, and oh guess what Pheby, we saved your entire account on facebook, all documented, before you scrubbed your current facebook account: [and you know what you posted on that account!]

Yes hes going by another alias, Steven Street, which he has gone by for along time. The same Steven Street that claimed to run a non-existent company called StepTechs: Citation, the same step techs that Steven Pheby claimed to run: Citation

If I really have to I can prove that facebook account is Pheby’s. A friend of mine went onto facebook and, Pheby started a conversation with him. Pheby was all too willing to start the conversation, but to you know, I got better things to do with my time then go through screen shots, url addresses, and registrar information with Ip addresses to prove that’s him. I’m not sure why he would deny that’s him, but then again, he is a liar, so he’s just doing whats in his character.

But it got me thinking, his response was very much like another troll who was unhappy about me writing about him, and I received the same kinds of threats, which are intimidation tactics. People trying to coerce me into censorship. Both of these guys used threats of libel and lawsuits.

That may work for an easy target like a young 22 year old man, fresh out of University, still living with his mother, whose father is dying, who you can use against him. Someone who is just trying to make his way in the world who in no way shape or form poses a threat to anyone…

As I have said before I will never again remove anything based on a threat. You threaten me and I will only document it, and put it up on this site, and depending on the seriousness of the threat, report it to your local police.

I have tried many times in the past to reach out to these kinds of people and it was only met with more attacks. No one appreciated my kindness or decency. They saw it as an act of weakness time and time again. So I see no reason why I should remove anything, because I have removed material before, here are a few examples:

1. In early 2007 I deleted my youtube channel and reached out to a troll named themaskedanalyst, in a hand of peace, and tried the best I could to do the decent thing. He responded by accusing me of being a troll named “theonetheycallgod” and said I was harassing a youtube user named Digger, when in fact Digger was harassing me. Themaskedanalyst did not appreciate my kindness and he saw it as any bully would, as an act of weakness.

2. In January of 2009 I made a video to Sean Ruttledge, which removed material that would hurt his reputation, protected his name and reached out to him. He like the other trolls behind him, saw this as weakness and proceeded to attack me even more, getting me fired from my job, which I worked hard and honestly for. You can see him celebrate doing this by reading the other blogs on this site.

3. I have tolerated for over a decade, out right lies and harassment which I have detailed on this website. These trolls can lie about me, but heaven forbid I get one fact wrong by a simple mistake. If I get something wrong, its a mistake, but when they get something wrong, they know they are lying. Lies and mistakes are not the same thing. I am one person with a rich life, and most of the time I do not have the patience to sit on the computer all day trying to figure out who created some sock account.

The attempts by trolls to debunk this blog have failed. One of the reasons is they have lied so much about me, and what they do is try to point out simple mistakes on my site, like Jovian did. That simple minor mistake Jovian points out, in no way takes away from the main point of that blog post. Compare that to all the examples I have of trolls out right lying about me, here are a few:

1. E.D. trolls accused me of being someone named theonetheycallgod (no evidence given)
2. E.D. trolls accuse me of harassing Digger (when in fact he was harassing me) (no evidence given)
3. E.D. trolls accuse me of being InsultAlien, dropping my docs on his channel just to see if it was me or not. Turns out it wasn’t me.
4. E.D. trolls accuse me of having social media accounts that are not mine.
5. E.D. trolls accuse me of having email addresses that are not mine.
6. E.D. trolls drop peoples docs and turn right around and say I am the one doing it, examples of this can be found by reading the other blogs on this site.

That is just off the top of my head, but there is more accusations then that, please read the other blogs on this site to see how many times these assholes have done this crap. My concern in this obsession of me and these lies, is that someone, either me, or someone close to me will be hurt by this crap, and if people are going to engage in this kind of bull shit, I am going to respond and try to defend myself.

I have said it before on this site, I will not tolerate this crap anymore, and if people are going to threaten me because they are scared of being held responsible for what they did to me, maybe they shouldn’t be doing those things?

If someone only knows how to communicate with me by threatening me, they will no longer get very far. I have tried many times to show mercy people but it was never remembered nor appreciated. How many people have threatened me with law suits because of this blog? The total is now 4 people, and each of them I treated in the past with respect, but it was not appreciated. Whatever I do, this false malicious narrative that I am some kind of dangerous cyber stalking criminal persists…well then I might as well defend myself, instead of being nice and allowing ugliness to rule my life, and I would encourage others in similar circumstances to do the same.

Steven Pheby threatens and libels me over my blogs! My response…

Monday, April 10th, 2017

I have been very busy as most of you know but today I logged into my account here and I found a series of posts made by someone living in Calgary Alberta Canada. There ip address is and it appears they were dumb enough to post on this site without a proxy.

This person claims to be Steven Pheby, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE AWESOME STEVEN PHEBY, this guy:

No, the Steven Pheby I am referring to can be learned about by reading this blog post of mine:

Why did you take your website down?

I had been waiting for Phebys response for some time. I have a few theories as to how he learned of the blog, 1: He typed his name into google, or 2. someone told him about it. I know if you type his name into google past events of his will come up, which I am willing to bet he does not like. Just do it some time. Type “Steven Pheby” into google. This is good because it will help get the word out on this maniac. It also explains why he uses alias like “Steven Street” and so on to hide himself. In any event I have broken up his responses, because he posts a series of wild accusations and incoherent lies about me on that blog. His first response is right here: Phebys first comment about me.

Comment 1: Pheby threatens me after reading my blogs

Oh ok so I guess I can expect to be hearing from your lawyer then because if not, what are you doing, threatening me? Is that a physical threat I hear? You understand if you don’t follow through with your legal threats, you will look like you are incompetent and just trying to save face.

Comment 2: Pheby libels me but what else is new?

This is going to be a longer response because he just had to go on and on. So here it goes, hes back libelling claiming I posted a racist rant, which he knows I never did. I debunked his claims right here: Citation. Also someone needs to help this maniac with spelling, I think what he meant to say was EVIDENCE and no there was no evidence of anything, only your bull shit accusations.

Pheby claims he had only two accounts on youtube, wrong liar! Your ip address was connected to those accounts gazoo46 and rkane66 which all say “THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED” compare that with closed acccounts which state “this account has been closed”. Check out his gazoo46 account and see what it says: Notice it clearly says he violated the terms of service of youtube, same with his rkane66 account. He is lying to you, do not listen to him. He created a spoof account of me and dropped my information on it with the sole goal to defame me, and for no other reason. This is why defamation laws were created. It is unknown just how many accounts he has been behind, but I and others have suspected many other accounts, after all he created an account where he was uploading some questionable material about his estranged daughter.

If you want more information, readers, on the difference between Closed vs Terminated (suspended) accounts read this post here: Google Post

This is what an account that has been closed looks like: Closed account

Compare that with Phebys accounts that were rightfully suspended for dropping my docs: Rkane66 and Gazoo46

What Youtube has been doing lately is scourging old user names that were terminated so keeping a history of this has been hard like the JamieDemeter account he created which youtube has since completly deleted. However his rkane66 accounts and Gazoo46 accounts still remain.

He also claims he never made an account named “JamieDemeter” on youtube, which once again his IP address was phished from that account, if you pull your garbage into a court room Pheby, like other trolls before you, it will not go over well for you.

He also claims the postings that I listed on that blog, he never wrote. Yet themaskedanalyst himself said you wrote them, and he just copied and pasted it into his video description. So who is lying, you or themaskedanalyst?

The other claim he made was he is not theatherist, I never accused you of being any such account, just theatheistcrusader. Now it is possible you were not that account, do I have 100% proof you were, no, but I believe you were. In any situation it really doesn’t matter, your trolling and cyber stalking of me has been well preserved on this site.

Also he brings up the fact about a internet bet I had with Renetto, I did not take it serious, nor did Renetto (go ask Renetto yourself people) and Pheby just got caught up in that situation just like I said he did, nothing libellous about anything I said. You are the one full of hate, not me, and see how he says he dropped my information, just because of this situation, which is very important in what he brings up in his next paragraph. He is the one who took it into real life first because he could and for no other reason.

The next part is a BLATANT OUTRIGHT LIE and he knows it and I CHALLENGE him to prove it. I have never ever threatened to rape a little girl, nor would I, this is defamation and libel and the fact Steven Pheby of Calgary Alberta would put his ip address to that comment is grossly careless on his part. He also never warned me of anything, he just dropped my docs cause he was upset with the Renetto betting fiasco, nothing to do with a non-existent little girl. He just made this up later because he looks like a maniac for stalking me and my family over internet humor. This is the perfect example of how Steven Pheby is an outright liar and a serious danger to society.

Pheby later points out that his likenedin page is not a resume as I stated, but a likenedin page…uh maybe he should look at this then:

I have no idea why he would point out that I called his linkedin account a resume, I mean its standard practice and even Linkedin does it right there. I just pointed out Steven that you failed highschool and you lie about yourself in your resume to potential employers about your work history. You know, like the StepTechs company you said you ran which you never did: Citation1, Citation2 and Citation 3

If you want to see his most recent account in linkedin you can see it right here, however do not go there without a proxy or look at it with your main account:

Here is a good online proxy you can use, just copy that link and put it in the address bar on this page:

Its all about credibility Steven: when people see you lie about your work history, your education, they will know you can easily lie about other people to try and save face. It does make my job more challenging cause I have to document all your crap, but the truth is on my side, not yours.

His last paragraph he is laughing at me, and I ask you people who is the stalker and who is the liar? He thinks this is funny, name calling, lies, accusations, yeah its all a joke to him. Which goes against his narrative that he is saying I am a threat to people. I mean if I was so full of hate and a danger to people, look at the language this guy uses to talk to me with, look at the utter sheer disrespect.

Notice in all of this he never denies, as big a liar as he is, that he made a blog attacking and revealing the names of family members of mine. That I will not tolerate, this is why I have written about Pheby on my site. While I disagree with family members of mine as it pertains to trolls, I do love them, and I will protect them and I will not tolerate a loser maniac like Pheby potentially hurting there lives.

Pheby like other trolls claims he finds this funny, but I’m not too sure about that. I mean if he found this funny why would he threaten me right here: Citation

Now on to his next comment, yes he actually posted more:

Comment 3 : Pheby claims I know nothing about him

Yes I know of Tenille (not her real name, her stage name) and you made that bizarre X-rated website about her which was documented. I know where she works thanks to you. I know you don’t have a good relationship with your daughter, after all you put her up for adoption when she was born. I can understand you don’t have love for people or your daughter and I can understand why your relationship with your X failed, it shows Pheby. But you were making videos about her, which is why you closed your accounts and shut down that website. You did that cause you don’t want to be held accountable for your actions, which that is what I want nothing more to see. This is why I have made these blogs. And yes I know 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that is your daughter who you put up for adoption, do you seriously want me on this site, publicly, to prove that?! I can. Lying will not help you asshole.

My whole point in mentioning your daughter (who you put up for adoption) was to show I did not mention her on this site, unlike what you did to family members of mine, and if I wanted to respond in kind to the way you treated me, I could. It shows I have a moral code and you do not. It goes against every bull shit lie you have spread about me, the fact that I do not like scaring innocent people just because they are related to someone who I am concerned with. You on the other hand have zero qualms about stalking people families. Thats why you are on this site Pheby. Also I am glad you documented this site, but its not necessary, I will never taken it down.

I know you were working at a Salvation Army, I know of your work history (or lack thereof), I know of your education (or lack thereof), and thanks to your postings I have your latest IP, your internet service provider, and the billing address behind that IP address…

So here is how its going to play Pheby. If I hear from you ever again, or I think you are behind an account out here, and your running your mouth about me, or family members of mine, and I or someone I love has to worry about your bull shit. I will sue your ass for libel and defamation for what you just said here on this blog. I have your ip connected to it, so in court you will not be able to lie your way out of it. This is not an idol threat, it would be worth it to me to sue you and I would love to see you prove your accusations about me in court.

Specifically you will be sued because your actions contributed to the harassment and defamation I and family members received at the hands of many trolls.

UPDATE: Unbeknownst to Pheby, my lawyer just did a asset check of him and revealed hes not worth suing. He has no money or property! In one sense I am happy to hear that, in another sense if I sue this guy, I am not sure I will get a lot of money out of it. Who knows, maybe we can deduct money from any paychecks he gets. On the other hand I am not sure how much Salvation Army pays its volunteers, if anything. Looking at this link reveals at best he is making minimum wage there. My theory is he is either on unemployment right now, welfare, or making minimum wage at Salvation Army. Anyways we will see if he does the dumb thing and responds…