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Steven Pheby threatens and libels me over my blogs! My response…

Monday, April 10th, 2017

I have been very busy as most of you know but today I logged into my account here and I found a series of posts made by someone living in Calgary Alberta Canada. There ip address is and it appears they were dumb enough to post on this site without a proxy.

This person claims to be Steven Pheby, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE AWESOME STEVEN PHEBY, this guy:

No, the Steven Pheby I am referring to can be learned about by reading this blog post of mine:

Why did you take your website down?

I had been waiting for Phebys response for some time. I have a few theories as to how he learned of the blog, 1: He typed his name into google, or 2. someone told him about it. I know if you type his name into google past events of his will come up, which I am willing to bet he does not like. Just do it some time. Type “Steven Pheby” into google. This is good because it will help get the word out on this maniac. It also explains why he uses alias like “Steven Street” and so on to hide himself. In any event I have broken up his responses, because he posts a series of wild accusations and incoherent lies about me on that blog. His first response is right here: Phebys first comment about me.

Comment 1: Pheby threatens me after reading my blogs

Oh ok so I guess I can expect to be hearing from your lawyer then because if not, what are you doing, threatening me? Is that a physical threat I hear? You understand if you don’t follow through with your legal threats, you will look like you are incompetent and just trying to save face.

Comment 2: Pheby libels me but what else is new?

This is going to be a longer response because he just had to go on and on. So here it goes, hes back libelling claiming I posted a racist rant, which he knows I never did. I debunked his claims right here: Citation. Also someone needs to help this maniac with spelling, I think what he meant to say was EVIDENCE and no there was no evidence of anything, only your bull shit accusations.

Pheby claims he had only two accounts on youtube, wrong liar! Your ip address was connected to those accounts gazoo46 and rkane66 which all say “THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED” compare that with closed acccounts which state “this account has been closed”. Check out his gazoo46 account and see what it says: Notice it clearly says he violated the terms of service of youtube, same with his rkane66 account. He is lying to you, do not listen to him. He created a spoof account of me and dropped my information on it with the sole goal to defame me, and for no other reason. This is why defamation laws were created. It is unknown just how many accounts he has been behind, but I and others have suspected many other accounts, after all he created an account where he was uploading some questionable material about his estranged daughter.

If you want more information, readers, on the difference between Closed vs Terminated (suspended) accounts read this post here: Google Post

This is what an account that has been closed looks like: Closed account

Compare that with Phebys accounts that were rightfully suspended for dropping my docs: Rkane66 and Gazoo46

What Youtube has been doing lately is scourging old user names that were terminated so keeping a history of this has been hard like the JamieDemeter account he created which youtube has since completly deleted. However his rkane66 accounts and Gazoo46 accounts still remain.

He also claims he never made an account named “JamieDemeter” on youtube, which once again his IP address was phished from that account, if you pull your garbage into a court room Pheby, like other trolls before you, it will not go over well for you.

He also claims the postings that I listed on that blog, he never wrote. Yet themaskedanalyst himself said you wrote them, and he just copied and pasted it into his video description. So who is lying, you or themaskedanalyst?

The other claim he made was he is not theatherist, I never accused you of being any such account, just theatheistcrusader. Now it is possible you were not that account, do I have 100% proof you were, no, but I believe you were. In any situation it really doesn’t matter, your trolling and cyber stalking of me has been well preserved on this site.

Also he brings up the fact about a internet bet I had with Renetto, I did not take it serious, nor did Renetto (go ask Renetto yourself people) and Pheby just got caught up in that situation just like I said he did, nothing libellous about anything I said. You are the one full of hate, not me, and see how he says he dropped my information, just because of this situation, which is very important in what he brings up in his next paragraph. He is the one who took it into real life first because he could and for no other reason.

The next part is a BLATANT OUTRIGHT LIE and he knows it and I CHALLENGE him to prove it. I have never ever threatened to rape a little girl, nor would I, this is defamation and libel and the fact Steven Pheby of Calgary Alberta would put his ip address to that comment is grossly careless on his part. He also never warned me of anything, he just dropped my docs cause he was upset with the Renetto betting fiasco, nothing to do with a non-existent little girl. He just made this up later because he looks like a maniac for stalking me and my family over internet humor. This is the perfect example of how Steven Pheby is an outright liar and a serious danger to society.

Pheby later points out that his likenedin page is not a resume as I stated, but a likenedin page…uh maybe he should look at this then:

I have no idea why he would point out that I called his linkedin account a resume, I mean its standard practice and even Linkedin does it right there. I just pointed out Steven that you failed highschool and you lie about yourself in your resume to potential employers about your work history. You know, like the StepTechs company you said you ran which you never did: Citation1, Citation2 and Citation 3

If you want to see his most recent account in linkedin you can see it right here, however do not go there without a proxy or look at it with your main account:

Here is a good online proxy you can use, just copy that link and put it in the address bar on this page:

Its all about credibility Steven: when people see you lie about your work history, your education, they will know you can easily lie about other people to try and save face. It does make my job more challenging cause I have to document all your crap, but the truth is on my side, not yours.

His last paragraph he is laughing at me, and I ask you people who is the stalker and who is the liar? He thinks this is funny, name calling, lies, accusations, yeah its all a joke to him. Which goes against his narrative that he is saying I am a threat to people. I mean if I was so full of hate and a danger to people, look at the language this guy uses to talk to me with, look at the utter sheer disrespect.

Notice in all of this he never denies, as big a liar as he is, that he made a blog attacking and revealing the names of family members of mine. That I will not tolerate, this is why I have written about Pheby on my site. While I disagree with family members of mine as it pertains to trolls, I do love them, and I will protect them and I will not tolerate a loser maniac like Pheby potentially hurting there lives.

Pheby like other trolls claims he finds this funny, but I’m not too sure about that. I mean if he found this funny why would he threaten me right here: Citation

Now on to his next comment, yes he actually posted more:

Comment 3 : Pheby claims I know nothing about him

Yes I know of Tenille (not her real name, her stage name) and you made that bizarre X-rated website about her which was documented. I know where she works thanks to you. I know you don’t have a good relationship with your daughter, after all you put her up for adoption when she was born. I can understand you don’t have love for people or your daughter and I can understand why your relationship with your X failed, it shows Pheby. But you were making videos about her, which is why you closed your accounts and shut down that website. You did that cause you don’t want to be held accountable for your actions, which that is what I want nothing more to see. This is why I have made these blogs. And yes I know 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that is your daughter who you put up for adoption, do you seriously want me on this site, publicly, to prove that?! I can. Lying will not help you asshole.

My whole point in mentioning your daughter (who you put up for adoption) was to show I did not mention her on this site, unlike what you did to family members of mine, and if I wanted to respond in kind to the way you treated me, I could. It shows I have a moral code and you do not. It goes against every bull shit lie you have spread about me, the fact that I do not like scaring innocent people just because they are related to someone who I am concerned with. You on the other hand have zero qualms about stalking people families. Thats why you are on this site Pheby. Also I am glad you documented this site, but its not necessary, I will never taken it down.

I know you were working at a Salvation Army, I know of your work history (or lack thereof), I know of your education (or lack thereof), and thanks to your postings I have your latest IP, your internet service provider, and the billing address behind that IP address…

So here is how its going to play Pheby. If I hear from you ever again, or I think you are behind an account out here, and your running your mouth about me, or family members of mine, and I or someone I love has to worry about your bull shit. I will sue your ass for libel and defamation for what you just said here on this blog. I have your ip connected to it, so in court you will not be able to lie your way out of it. This is not an idol threat, it would be worth it to me to sue you and I would love to see you prove your accusations about me in court.

Specifically you will be sued because your actions contributed to the harassment and defamation I and family members received at the hands of many trolls.

UPDATE: Unbeknownst to Pheby, my lawyer just did a asset check of him and revealed hes not worth suing. He has no money or property! In one sense I am happy to hear that, in another sense if I sue this guy, I am not sure I will get a lot of money out of it. Who knows, maybe we can deduct money from any paychecks he gets. On the other hand I am not sure how much Salvation Army pays its volunteers, if anything. Looking at this link reveals at best he is making minimum wage there. My theory is he is either on unemployment right now, welfare, or making minimum wage at Salvation Army. Anyways we will see if he does the dumb thing and responds…

Why did you take your website down?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.
Frederick Douglass

Its certainly been a long strange road to this point but alas I have decided to take down my online portfolio website. This update is a brief explanation as to why for anyone who may email me and ask a question about a previous project of mine.

For close to a decade now I have been the target of vicious harassment, stalking, and defamation from people who hail from the community known as 4chan, Anonymous, and Encyclopedia Dramatica. I came under there sights back in 2006 when I began to make videos on youtube and the attacks have not stopped; nor do I imagine they will. These people have a variety of stalker/troll groups and wiki sites all through out the Internet. This is not about someone posting a mean comment on a video or hard criticism. What I am talking about goes way beyond that. I am referring to people spamming the Internet with false claims about me, claiming I am behind youtube channels when I am not, claiming I own a myspace account, photobucket account, Quake online video game account, and an ebay account when I have none of those. Photoshopping penis’s on pictures of me and photoshopping me in homosexual pornographic positions and slandering any work I may post on the Internet. They have accused me of being behind many different youtube channels when I never was, posting my former home address over youtube; insighting the people who live there to harassing phone calls and death threats over the phone (I have those recorded). I have received hundreds of death threats, and threats made towards family members that include rape. These people will try (disingenuously) to explain there behavior by lying about me. They do these things under the cloak of anonymity to escape there accountability. They are hypocrites and liars in every sense of the word. Some of the attacks they have done against me have been life-altering. If you would like to see a just a quick debunking of some the accusations they have done towards me, see this picture here as well as this picture. Now that is a quick summation, but I want to be clear everything they say about me, whether its videos or screen-caps is in someway a distortion of the truth.

It really started in 2006 when a stalker of mine named Steven Pheby who goes under many alias’s and sock accounts (slang term referring to many different ids) decided to post my name, address and phone number across the Internet along with stalking family members of mine. He later went on to make youtube channels featuring my name to impersonate me and to damage my reputation in real life. So if you go to you will see it is suspended. That is because he made that channel along with other channels like rkane66, gazoo46, and theatheistcrusader channels. All of which have been suspended from that site for posting mine and other peoples addresses. He created the jamiedemeter account for no other reason but to harass me. His excuse was he deemed me a hater yet he was the one using his anonymity to stalk someone, make sock accounts of that person, lie about them, and use threats and intimidation to try and silence them. Fortunately with the help of some people, I managed to find out who my stalker was. I want to thank here and now the people (you know who you are) who helped me find out who this guy is. From all accounts Pheby is currently living in Calgary Alberta. Even if anyone was to believe Pheby’s nonsensical claims about me, he went after my family, people who never made one video on YouTube. This is a clear sign of a deranged mind, someone who does not know where to direct his own failures and hate, so he just randomly targets people because he has nothing better to do.  If someone gets so offended over the Internet they feel they have the right to stalk someone just because that person is making videos, then there is something very wrong with that person. I see no reason why Pheby should be offended by anything, if only himself.  Its actions like Pheby partakes in everyday that help poison an Internet community and make everyone less trusting. What he did was not only an injustice against me, and my family, but to everyone else online. He later went on to hand over my information to trolls from Encyclopedia Dramatica. Those people along with other trolls went on to make many more troll accounts to stalk me. As far as I’m concerned, once you take it into real life, you have no more reason to ever claim anything done to you is wrong, (dmcas, copyright violations, whatever they may complain about) because you just didn’t cross the line of morale’s on the Internet, you threw up all over them. I know a lot about Pheby, information on family members of his: a daughter, addresses etc, places of employment and yet if I was like him, there names would be on this blog post…

When Pheby dropped my docs and my families all over the Internet and proceed to mock me. He made a statement in a youtube users video description. That youtube user copied and pasted that text of Phebys in his own video attacking me. The video has rightfully since been removed from youtube for obvious terms of service violations but feel free to read Phebys reasons for doing this, in which he has changed his story, so many times, right here:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

The ultimate irony here is this man, Steven Pheby misrepresents himself online, as you will see later in this blog, and furthermore, the person he mentions in that video description, mgpapas, whom I’m supposedly harassing, was representing himself as a wealthy entrepreneur who travels the world, when in fact he was being sued for 100k which he could not afford because he stole someones material. Oh the irony and hypocrisy to accuse me of pretending to be something I am not, (who is it Steven who takes the Internet so serious?) when it seems to be Pheby’s and Myles Papas favorite hobby! Ironically Mgpapas is the same Mgpapas who dropped lonelygirl15’s docs, and he did that simply because she was popular and to try and expose her. He, as well as Pheby, could care less if they open someone up to real life danger, they only got caught in the emotional moment, i.e. they have no life. This kind of paparazzi way of thinking needs to stop on the net where people who are in the audience think they can treat someone who is the content creator differently then say how they would like to be treated.

Another aspect of there hypocrisy is they would point the finger at me; Pheby and themaskedanalyst, when they are the ones making the threats. They are the ones directly threatening me because when you disclose information on someone, you open them up to the possibility of being attacked in real life, or perhaps there family being attacked. Themaskedanalyst is someone who I have alot to say about as he jumped on the band wagon of supporting what Pheby did. He will claim that Pheby simply posted my name when he knows for a fact the video that Pheby made was from my website, was linked to my home address, and even showed my home in the video. Pheby later went onto saying he would continue to do this under other sock accounts if I did not pay Renetto 1k dollars (Renetto was involved in some “internet drama betting” with me and others) and that I had to make a video doing it as well as apologizing and so on. Of course I did the right thing and did not give into the demands of Steven Pheby. I am serious, this psychopath Steven Pheby actually said this, he was willing to endanger my life for mere internet drama. Can you say insane?!

Furthermore Steven Pheby compounds his hypocrisy even further and lies about his own education on his resume. Check this out:

Why Pheby would you lie about yourself on your resume? If you look at the two Screen shots I provide above, Phebys slew of accusations consist of me claiming to be things I am not and also name calling people. Basically “I am offended by this person, I think he is lying about himself so I have to take him down!” and yet look what Pheby does, the very thing he hypocritically is against, i.e. lying, he does so to potential employers. Additionally I have never claimed to be a astrophysicist. Do I know of Scientists? Have I worked with some? Did I meet a Professor at Mohawk College who use to work out of the University of Toronto who had developed a new energy system? Yes! Never have I lied about myself to make myself appear to be something I am not, unlike you Pheby! Do not project your own insecurities and sins onto other people.

Here is a good video that displays why Doc Dropping is and should be out of bounds:

Just to give you an idea what these people have done to me, and again I have all the evidence to back this up (I would love nothing more then to show this), here is just a small list of the attacks they have done to me:

1. Posting my address and phone number over the Internet with the sole intent to open me up to harassment and danger.

2. Lying about me, claiming I am a pedophile, claiming I hurt animals, claiming I murder people, claiming I am a psychopath, nazi, racist, homophobic, etc etc. Pretty much any lie you could ever say about someone.

3. Stalking me and then turning right around and claiming I am stalking them. The individuals who do this have a very long history of doing this to people.

4. Successfully getting me fired from a job of mine and damaging my career.

5. Stalking people who are simply related to me and for no other reason.

6. Calling people up over the phone who know me and threatening them. A common tactic by these people.

7. Making up false evidence to try and back up there lies, including complaining to the police about me with false claims.

The individuals responsible for these attacks are still out here and still to this day continue to follow me around and stalk me. So lets say I made a video on YouTube on my channel and the video had nothing to do with these people. They would be the first to appear on the video. I assume they have absolutely no lives of there own and are only here to parasite off of other people. They have zero trouble about lying about someone to justify there own behavior. They have no trouble lying to people about me, behind my back. For a long time I wondered why do I get this kind of attention from these people. It was years later after first meeting them that I found out. You see a friend of these people once started to document there actions and they gave him the same treatment. They did not want to be exposed or revealed to be what they are.  I knew what they were about and why they were out here. They are out here to hurt people and for no other reason. They do not want you to know the truth about them. They do not want to be revealed for the liars and hypocrites that they are.

He (Steven) has made many excuses for what he did, even out right lying about me saying I threatened to rape and kill a little girl. Notice in the two screen shots above, Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2,, Pheby makes no mention of me threatening to rape and kill a little girl. This was a new story he came up with in 2010. His story has changed so many times. My question is what is this little girls YouTube channel? Why is she messaging Pheby a seemingly anonymous troll on the Internet? Why is she not going to the police or why did he not go to the police? And how come Steven did not mention this back in 2006 with evidence? Why has zero evidence of this appeared anywhere? You would think he would give this evidence to the many different troll communities out there but still to this day no evidence has appeared of his bogus statements.  The fact is he lied about me and simply stalked me to humiliate me and cause me problems in my real life. Another youtube user who has colluded with some of the worst trolls on the Internet (all of which have stalked me in someway) decided to give Steven a voice in his videos and applauded him and this is what brought me the attention of more trolls. This particular YouTube user said there was no evidence that Pheby posted information on my family on that blog of Phebys, yet anyone can easily email Pheby at his email address and ask him yourself. Its hard to imagine that troll never asked Pheby. That YouTube user said that the dropping of my docs was a good thing, and that it could set a good precedent on the net, to curb trolls. If this did anything, it has only caused more people to drop docs on the net. From Phebys own admission he did that to humiliate me and for no other reason. Not to protect some young girl who doesn’t exist but to simply stalk me. He clearly cannot tell the difference between Internet Entertainment and real life. A great video that deals with subjects like this and why what Steven did is so wrong, can be found here. : .

It is one thing to be critical of someone, but there is something wrong with a person who feels they have the right to invade someone else s life simply because they are offended. From what I know of Pheby he lies and misrepresents himself online. He claims to be some sort of Internet expert yet his website is a direct rip off of another website. The entire design and template is stolen from another. What sort of Internet expert can’t even make his own website and yet accuses other people of doing the very same thing he does? Where does he get off accusing me of being a plagiarist for doing impersonations of characters and people, when in fact that website of his and its text contents were merely copied and pasted. There is zero originality in his so called work. He is a hypocrite through and through. I have often wondered, perhaps, if Pheby is a member of that whole troll group scene. He certainly knew about making troll accounts to stalk someone, he knows about trolling, and everything that goes with it. I wonder what else has he done online? If you are curious to learn more about Pheby, he has a linkedin account right here and most of what is on there is a lie, such as the StephTechs company he says he worked for when in reality he merely made it up and its not even functional anymore. As previously stated his education is a lie too. My question to Pheby is: Why do you think its OK to lie about yourself to potential employers? Why do you think its OK to endanger peoples lives? My suspicion  is he is currently unemployed and more then likely is on some Government Welfare program and spends his days stalking people on the net. Still to this day, Steven Pheby continues to stalk me, often I get emails like this: Email Snapshot.

It is very important for any genuine person reading this to know that I am not, nor have, or will I ever be apart of these groups. I am not “involved” with these people. These people targeted me, and they have targeted and run off the net many other people.

You may ask yourself is taking my website down not giving these people what they want? Well to a certain extent it is. Sadly they have way more time on their hands then I do so I really can no longer be out here to keep tabs on certain people. I wish I could tell you more. I wish I could show you all that I have documented on these people; every lie, every false accusation, every slanderous piece of filth. I have them all saved and maybe some day the truth will come out. But when I have gone to try and defend myself against these people, certain individuals who I have nothing to do with will contact me stating things like “you’re not allowed to defend yourself” or “it doesn’t matter what the truth is” or “your hurting this person” or they will try to blame me somehow for the actions of these people. It puts me in a very difficult no win situation. My question to anyone of these people who would contact me and say these things is this; would you say that to the very people who stalk me on the Internet? Do you talk like that to members of  Anonymous or any other troll personality? If the answer is no you do not, and that you’re afraid of them, maybe you need to ask yourself why you are afraid of them. It only makes sense that we hold everyone to the same standard and we should never be emotionally manipulative to try and control someone simply because you find something to be an inconvenience in your life.

Furthermore when Steven posted my personal information across the web and handed it over to Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls for me to be stalked and harassed in real life, I went to defend myself and YouTube saw fit to ban me. Back then from 2006 to 2009 if you had an account previously suspended from YouTube and someone reported your current account, as connected to your previous, your current account would just be banned. Supporters of the troll mentioned above, used this technicality to keep my side of the story off of YouTube. Now that YouTube has since rectified this, all my account after 2009, remain opened, with no suspensions. This means that these trolls can and do say anything about me on many platforms, but I had no say whatsoever. You will never create a fair and open environment, if that is the intention, when you silence someone and create a narrative around them. Later the narrative formed around me was I was just someone who targeted people to get there information to harass them. This is an outright lie.

When I have documented my enemies and try to show it in a video, it is quickly removed by YouTube. YouTube seems to harbor these people and by there non-action, promotes them. For example, I have many audio logs of said trolls conspiring against me and others and how they plan there attacks. If I tried to make this available online, these trolls would either file DMCA (copyright complaints) on the video to get it removed, or they would file privacy complaints (talk about hypocrites) to get the video removed. This is why I wanted to create a site off YouTube where I could have my say and there would be no way for them to get it removed. It should also be stated here that most of these people target and stalk many other individuals and most of them have had run ins with the law. This is something these trolls have attempted to do to me, making bogus claims across the net about me  getting arrested and making bogus claims to police agencies about me. Fortunately for me, I have the truth on my side. However it is very difficult for me to talk about this without going into specifics, as much as I would like to.

I don’t like giving bullies what they want or giving into the demands of terrorists, the outcome of that is far worse than going down fighting. Now I have suffered too much at there hands to the point where its just not worth being out here, and I know that if I stated the pains they have caused me it would only be feeding into there evil desires. Sometimes in this world evil gets what it wants and bullies win, and in this case they did. For me the only peace of mind I get is a great quote from Mahatma Ghandi:

I have seen countless people driven off the Internet through bullying and harassment that I have lost count. These same groups of people I have personally witnessed bully a teenager into committing suicide. There have been many suicides concerning this issue and unfortunately there will be more. I did not come out on the Internet to deal with rotten people, but as someone once said to me “You won’t find them, they will find you”. Any honest genuine person reading this, I want you to ask yourself this question: Is this the kind of environment you want? Where people who stalk someone and accuse someone of something, do the very same thing they accuse said person of? Where people who benefit from living in a free and open society use that benefit to stifle and silence someone else? If that’s not censorship I don’t know what is. I once heard someone say “do you have any idea how many people tolerate our wickedness all over the world everyday”. The key word there is tolerate. People put up with this, police turn a blind eye to it, the law is slow to act on it, and as long as you’re not on the receiving end of it, well then I guess its ok right?

The fact is the Internet is quickly becoming a place where its not a matter of what you can prove, but what you say and who you accuse. The old idea of don’t believe everything you read on the net has gone out the window. You see I cannot prove a negative, if someone accuses me of being behind something when I have been gone from the Internet for over four and a half years now, I cannot prove that I am not behind it. It is the owness of the person making the claim to prove it. Sadly this logic no longer applies to the net.

To summarize, these people who are apart of and engage in behaviors like that of 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica are attacking people not to expose them or to try and make the Internet safer. They are the antithesis of freedom and represent the tearing down of lives and safety. I have found these people to be very thin-skinned when they receive even the slightest same treatment they do to others. There true purpose is to destroy human lives. Its all over them, even in there names. There goal with me was to drive me off the Internet into censorship and oppression all the while crying foul that they were the ones being stalked and censored, when in fact it was always me who was on the receiving end of it.

Finally I wanted to say that it is not the victims fault for being stalked. It is not the victims fault for being attacked or slandered. It is the oppressors fault, not the victims. Even if you find yourself being stalked and no one seems to listen, you have the right to defend yourself. After all your heart beat is yours and yours alone. Never give in to the demands of terrorists or those who knowingly lie and misrepresent you. Just like Ghandi said the truth is still the truth even if the majority is not on your side. The truth still matters. I wish I could show more, for I tell you, you would not believe the kind of evil that is lurking behind Anonymous. I know I had trouble believing it, even when I came face to face with it. Given the fact I know there true motives and how destructive they are, if given the chance they would try and take my life; but for anyone reading this I hope my fate does not befall you, and I wish you the best.

“Predatory Gangstalking” is a criminal phenomenon referring to a group of loosely affiliated people who, in an organized and systematic manner, relentlessly invade an individual’s life on a continuous basis, to an extreme degree, as part of their lifestyle. While each individual gangstalker does his or her small part, what defines Predatory Gangstalking is the collective intent to do harm. R.B. Ross

Further Information on Gang Stalking