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Don’t let people intimidate you into censorship

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

“the only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth, are those people who are living a lie. Keep speaking the truth” – Unknown”

If you don’t know what happened to me in the last week, check out these blogs first:

1. Steve Pheby threatens and libels me over my blogs
2. Why did you take your website down?

Still there? Great! Now I hadn’t thought about Pheby for a long time so it was a surprise to hear from him, I mean he responded to a blog I wrote about him in April of 2013, in January of 2017! Almost four years! He was only mentioned in one blog post, most of my blogs deal with other trolls who have stalked and harassed me. Notice again he is the one trying to get my attention, not the other way around. Harassment always begins with who starts the conversation first. I mean just imagine, if he had a website, and I went on to it and threatened him, like he did right here: Citation

I can only imagine if I said something like that! If there are cops out there who think I am harassing this guy, by being responsible, smart, and diligent in dealing with this cyber stalker, then shame on you! As an aside in further response to his threat, my point in my first blog was to illustrate that Pheby was the progenitor of the harassment towards me. He was the first to drop my docs, family, and threaten me and made it a suitable place for trolls to follow suit.

The man literally embodies stupidity and arrogance, the amount of information we have on him is staggering, and oh guess what Pheby, we saved your entire account on facebook, all documented, before you scrubbed your current facebook account: [and you know what you posted on that account!]

Yes hes going by another alias, Steven Street, which he has gone by for along time. The same Steven Street that claimed to run a non-existent company called StepTechs: Citation, the same step techs that Steven Pheby claimed to run: Citation

If I really have to I can prove that facebook account is Pheby’s. A friend of mine went onto facebook and, Pheby started a conversation with him. Pheby was all too willing to start the conversation, but to you know, I got better things to do with my time then go through screen shots, url addresses, and registrar information with Ip addresses to prove that’s him. I’m not sure why he would deny that’s him, but then again, he is a liar, so he’s just doing whats in his character.

But it got me thinking, his response was very much like another troll who was unhappy about me writing about him, and I received the same kinds of threats, which are intimidation tactics. People trying to coerce me into censorship. Both of these guys used threats of libel and lawsuits.

That may work for an easy target like a young 22 year old man, fresh out of University, still living with his mother, whose father is dying, who you can use against him. Someone who is just trying to make his way in the world who in no way shape or form poses a threat to anyone…

As I have said before I will never again remove anything based on a threat. You threaten me and I will only document it, and put it up on this site, and depending on the seriousness of the threat, report it to your local police.

I have tried many times in the past to reach out to these kinds of people and it was only met with more attacks. No one appreciated my kindness or decency. They saw it as an act of weakness time and time again. So I see no reason why I should remove anything, because I have removed material before, here are a few examples:

1. In early 2007 I deleted my youtube channel and reached out to a troll named themaskedanalyst, in a hand of peace, and tried the best I could to do the decent thing. He responded by accusing me of being a troll named “theonetheycallgod” and said I was harassing a youtube user named Digger, when in fact Digger was harassing me. Themaskedanalyst did not appreciate my kindness and he saw it as any bully would, as an act of weakness.

2. In January of 2009 I made a video to Sean Ruttledge, which removed material that would hurt his reputation, protected his name and reached out to him. He like the other trolls behind him, saw this as weakness and proceeded to attack me even more, getting me fired from my job, which I worked hard and honestly for. You can see him celebrate doing this by reading the other blogs on this site.

3. I have tolerated for over a decade, out right lies and harassment which I have detailed on this website. These trolls can lie about me, but heaven forbid I get one fact wrong by a simple mistake. If I get something wrong, its a mistake, but when they get something wrong, they know they are lying. Lies and mistakes are not the same thing. I am one person with a rich life, and most of the time I do not have the patience to sit on the computer all day trying to figure out who created some sock account.

The attempts by trolls to debunk this blog have failed. One of the reasons is they have lied so much about me, and what they do is try to point out simple mistakes on my site, like Jovian did. That simple minor mistake Jovian points out, in no way takes away from the main point of that blog post. Compare that to all the examples I have of trolls out right lying about me, here are a few:

1. E.D. trolls accused me of being someone named theonetheycallgod (no evidence given)
2. E.D. trolls accuse me of harassing Digger (when in fact he was harassing me) (no evidence given)
3. E.D. trolls accuse me of being InsultAlien, dropping my docs on his channel just to see if it was me or not. Turns out it wasn’t me.
4. E.D. trolls accuse me of having social media accounts that are not mine.
5. E.D. trolls accuse me of having email addresses that are not mine.
6. E.D. trolls drop peoples docs and turn right around and say I am the one doing it, examples of this can be found by reading the other blogs on this site.

That is just off the top of my head, but there is more accusations then that, please read the other blogs on this site to see how many times these assholes have done this crap. My concern in this obsession of me and these lies, is that someone, either me, or someone close to me will be hurt by this crap, and if people are going to engage in this kind of bull shit, I am going to respond and try to defend myself.

I have said it before on this site, I will not tolerate this crap anymore, and if people are going to threaten me because they are scared of being held responsible for what they did to me, maybe they shouldn’t be doing those things?

If someone only knows how to communicate with me by threatening me, they will no longer get very far. I have tried many times to show mercy people but it was never remembered nor appreciated. How many people have threatened me with law suits because of this blog? The total is now 4 people, and each of them I treated in the past with respect, but it was not appreciated. Whatever I do, this false malicious narrative that I am some kind of dangerous cyber stalking criminal persists…well then I might as well defend myself, instead of being nice and allowing ugliness to rule my life, and I would encourage others in similar circumstances to do the same.

On June 24 2015, one year ago today, threats turned to vapor

Friday, June 24th, 2016

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
-Nelson Mandela

One year ago today is when I was threatened by Sean Ruttledge on this site, demanding it be taken down, threatening me saying i was libeling him and I would go to jail if I did not meet his demands. Citation

So my question to anyone who genuinely believes him is where is Mr. Ruttledge’s lawyer? Where are the police to hall me off to jail? (They have seen this blog btw) Yes it is true years ago Mr. Ruttledge managed to get ONE police officer to knock on my so called mothers and her husbands door (In January of 2009), so I find myself wondering why has Mr. Ruttledges threats turned up empty? He has had a full year to fulfill his threats and yet here I am, and here is my blog, not taken down like he promised…

This whole mess started in January of 2009 when my mother called me up saying “Your going to be sued!” and she demand I remove a website of mine, which in fact was not a website but rather a image placeholder. To calm her down and to try and bring peace to a volatile situation I did was she demanded (huge mistake!). Anyways what was on that site, or jpg image, was nothing compared to what I have put on this website blog. So if I was going to be sued for ONE jpg image, why have I not been sued for this blog which exposes Ruttledge and other trolls like Subseven. If you dont know who Subseven is read this blog. Blog link.

You will find links at the bottom of this blog post to a number of blogs preceding this that cover my story with this individual and others who he has conspired with. In a nutshell this man and others like him have been maliciously libeling, stalking, defaming, harassing and threatening me for almost ten years now. They successfully censored me, ruined my career, painted me in a light I do not deserve, simply because they wanted to hurt someone.

I do want to say that I would never want to work for an organization that would so blindly take this troll and others like him at his word. What I do know is that back in February of 2009 when I was let go from my position, one which I did not even hold that long, the organization was typing my name on the net for about two weeks after that event and I have the FTP logs of my site to prove it. Employees of the place were typing my name into search engines a few days leading up to the event at there own individual homes. What I suspect is that what Encyclopedia Dramatica was saying about me, combined with whatever Mr. Ruttledge told them (hes stalking my daughters blah blah, hes a dangerous cyber stalker), is the reason they blindly listened, with also me not being there for very long. My lawyer suggested the reason they were so mum is because if they had listened to a lie they too can be held actionable. Whatever the case was, I wish I knew then what I know now about law, the ministry of labor and the labor board.

If anyone actually believed Ruttledge had some sort of legitimate problem against me, that should be gone now, he has had a full year…a full year to get his act together and sue me for libel and get me thrown in jail.

So why has his threats, when called to task, amounted to spit from an angry bitter overgrown child? Because that is what they are, simply threats, nothing more and the only thing to fear from people like this is fear itself. When I have stood up to people like this, used evidence and the truth on my side, GOOD things happened to me, not bad.

It was only when someone in my life who FELT they knew better and FELT they had to take care of me because I was not fit to take care of myself, got involved and demanded I edit myself for people like this. If you have read my blogs you may recall one incident I document on here where a troll by the name of Subseven, gathered a bunch of trolls to call up my so called mother and threatened to kill her and her husband in April of 2009.

Annes response to this was to give into this terrorists demands, calling me up and saying I was endangering her life on the net. If you really felt Anne your life was in danger, why do you have a facebook account publicly available for the whole world to see? Why do you have a twitter account for everyone to see? Why did you not heed my advice and simply change your number? Seems to me Anne you wanted me to edit my life for these people, but not yours nor your husbands lives. Lets also not forget you would not go to the police until I forced you to…

See that is a hit on someones credibility, and makes me think they are not honest or trustworthy. The whole goal of people like Ruttledge is to cause infighting, to sew wedges between people, which he succeeded in.

Anne blamed me for her and her husband being harassed by Subseven, for no good reason. She would later manufacture a false reason for listening to Ruttledge, which she got from her husband “Fred”. What happened was Freddy saw a video I had made almost 10 years ago and he was going to use this as his excuse for not either being loyal to me or having my back. The video in question needs a context and explanation. What trolls did was used this video as a tool to attack me. It was a video where I took a picture of someone, urinated on it (no nudity) and threw the picture in the toilet and flushed. Fred was (I guess) appalled at this and mortified, to him this was the worst thing he had ever seen on the net, and at the time, it was his toilet too, so he felt he had a right to be offended…last I checked Freddy your toilet is working just fine.

Before I even give an explanation on this video I want to say I admitted to this video long ago so its not like Freddy or his wife caught me or anything like that. The fact that I have to defend myself from Anne and her husband, and that they would bring this up when I was suffering horribly really just goes to show they only care about themselves. I shouldn’t have to defend myself from someone who is a force for good in my life. Ruttledge doesn’t have to defend himself or Subseven from any troll who they conspire and collude with. They have each others backs no matter what. After all a “kingdom divided against itself cannot stand”. So why would I make such a video, and who was the person in the picture?

The video itself got about 80 views, mostly from trolls from Encyclopedia Dramatica, because they have no life and watch virtually every video on the Internet. The video was made in april of 2007, and I deleted it, and it would be used by Fred in March of 2009 to use as a way to attack me. He did not bring this video up when I made it, nor his wife. The video was made in response to a person called Casey Nunez, also known as thedramatube. He was the person in the picture. During this time he was swatting people and even had the police show up at a youtubers home. It was Renetto of all people who Casey had swatted. You can even ask Renetto about this yourself. Casey had claimed Renetto was going to kill his own wife so the police went after Renetto.

The irony that fred and his wife would use this event to try and blame me for me being harassed and defamed on the net because Ruttledge would later use this technique to get a police officer to show up at Anne and Freds house in January of 2009, which fred and anne blew way out of proportion.

I found this to be extremely disturbing and messed up. At the time there was no laws against swatting and past events where people were swatted, the victims, some of them had been hurt, when in fact they were innocent, completely.

So I ask you the reader what is worse. Lying to the police to make them go after someone and potentially hurt them or kill them, just for the fun of it…OR urinating on a picture of someone who engages in swatting? I say the first one is worse! To bring this up as a example of me harassing someone is really not fair because this is not a video I make every day.

According to Anne and her husband, the second that is worse, not the first, and it was this video they were using as a justification for why Ruttledge and ANY troll would go after me after this, no matter how long a time span. Even though Ruttledge and other trolls have never used this as a justification, they may now, but they never have up to this present moment. If I was like anne and fred i could go after them and use past behaviors from anne and fred which were horrid and say “well anne you did this and this in 1997, 2001, 2006, so that gives me the right to do anything to you…”

Does that make sense?

I really believe Anne and her husband know they are out of line and in the wrong. But they do not respect me enough to say it. You could just simply Anne: “It was poor judgement” and move on, but no you have decided to lie. If we are to believe Anne and her husband, they are giving there explanation why they would be so disloyal, yet all I have is there word. It is my belief that if I had not made that video, they would have come up with some other reason: you got mad in a video, you talked about aliens in your videos, you said something I did not like. I made (not many) videos while I was on youtube so long ago, but they always had a variety of different subjects: [Citation]. The reason I wore a mask back then was so the E.D. crowd could not Photoshop me into defamatory pictures. Look at all the videos there in that citation and see the different subjects, notice how many of them are short. Contrary to the E.D. crowd I was not on the internet that much, compared to these people who have no lives so they try and trash people who do. Notice one video on that citation named “A word on sock accounts” which was about a youtube user named Digger who was dropping my docs as a sock account named “Iamtheredskull”. This situation where I was being harassed, themaskedanalyst would later use and spin it to attack me, claiming I was harassing Digger when in fact it was completly the other way around.

This would become common place on the Internet with me. Me being attacked for no other reason then for just being me. Not for doing anything wrong, except minding my own business and being attacked by social parasites.

You want to know why a lot of people in my life have gone after me, its because of stuff like this:

Incidently ive seen what this guy looks like, and I would be hard pressed to say he is better looking then gargamel.

My so called mother would always say to me “you need to make them happy!!!” But how? See you cannot make a person like that happy. Is it my fault I am better looking then that person so they feel that have the right to demean me. Is it my fault I am more talented then them, so I should edited myself underneath anyone who has a problem with me, just like you, Anne, wanted me to do when I had my nose broken in high school and you blamed me for the assault. You grounded me for two weeks and said I should give the attackers money for lunch. And you wonder Anne why I want nothing to do with you and your husband…??? See I believe Anne you and your husbands world view are fundamentally flawed. How can I make a person like this happy?

See Subseven, falsely accusing me of being someone I was not who was named hatoradeking. Ironically the hatoradeking persona was none other then the misterjohnnysorrow account you see above, who also turned out to be a troll named TheSockDetective This would become a common action on Subsevens part and others who Subseven conspires with. Subseven and other trolls like him dragged me into situations I had nothing to do with, why my name was brought up there and why I was falsely accused of being someone I was not is a mystery to me to this day. I think it is because he has some weird obsession with me. I don’t like calling someone insane because it diminishes responsibility but Subseven and these trolls who see me in places where I am not, they’re very sick people.
Please read this blog post to learn who Subseven is.

If I tell him that the person he is accusing me of is not me, he will be unhappy and attack me. If I lie and say he has caught me, then I am admitting to something I did not do, which I do not want to do. You cannot make a person like Subseven happy, you just can’t because they are twisted and evil. They see what they want to see, even if the evidence is clearly in the opposite direction.

I remember another user named InsultAlien and these same trolls harassed him so much he had to show his drivers license on camera just to prove to them he was not me: Citation
If you look in that citation you will see a comment left by a user named theonetheycallgod. This was YET another YouTube user who themaskedanalyst falsely accused of being me for no reason. Themaskedanalyst made two 40 minute videos accusing the person of being me and I have never even herd the name theonetheycallgod until themasskedanalyst had made a video about him

Like I have said in past blogs I am working on a longer blog that deals fully my history in being falsely accused of youtube channels that are not me. On Encyclopedia Dramatica right now they accuse me of being ebay accounts, photobucket accounts, email addresses, youtube channels, etc which are not me. Some of which I have been able to prove are not me, like the ebay account, which states it is based in the United States. But this is very frustrating for me because I find myself having to prove a negative when these people have provided no proof of there false accusations. I cannot tell you how many times I have received a pm or email from someone altering me to a channel or video where I am being brought up in a false way with a malicious false accusation.

And yet ANOTHER false accusation comes to mind. In one incident during the summer of 2007 I was going by the name TheOneSpirit and I was contacted by a person named telebender3000. This is was exactly his first message to me:

Again I was dragged into a sitation that had nothing to do with me. And in talking to Telebender3000 I discovered the person who was accusing me of dropping telebenders docs, even though I had never spoken to or ever herd of Telebender until that moment, was none other then Mike Skehan. When I received the message above, I responded with this message:

And telebender said this:

Mike Skehan, who is a member of the terrorist troll group known as the YouTube Yahweh Clan (Link to members) – Look at the name skechan on that list, they purposefully keep his real name out of Encyclopedia dramatica so his name does not show up in search engines, unlike my name who they deliberately plaster all over that site in the intention to effect my real life so their article about me will show up if someone like a friend, child, family members or place of work types my name into Google. They’re response to this is, “hey its your material, you put yourself out there”, Um no! I am not photophopping myself into homosexual ponographic positions nor referring to myself they way they do.

Skehan is known for dropping peoples docs just for the fun of it [Citation], and it was he, who was the one giving telebender false information.

Having nothing to do with this it was very hard for me to give telebender any explanation when even I did not have one, so I asked Skehan himself why he would just throw my name out there. He claimed someone from Encyclopedia Dramatica was claiming I was this person. While doing some google searches I came across this video of telebender3000 making some heated remarks to Mike Skehan: Video

Apparently Telebender was in some sort of feud with Skehan. Skehan must have done something to this man to get him angry. What I suspect happened was from that video linked above, and the challenge that telebender3000 issued to Skehan, Skehan then dropped telebenders docs, and then put the blame on me, someone who Skehan suspected telebender would not ask nor question.

I want to thank telebender for asking me directly about this. Other people, like Digger would just take Skehan and the youtube yahweh clan at there word and just attack me. It was telebender who had the sensibilities to ask me directly. It was from this situation that I decided Skehan was not a credible person and was in fact devious and malicious. Contrary to what Skehan, E.D. themaskedanalyst, Ruttledge or others trolls may say, I take doc dropping very serious because I know whats out here on the internet with us. Only in the most extreme cases do I care to phish IP addresses, ISP’s, names, and addresses. What is the one thing Subseven (James Saxton), Steven Pheby and Sean Ruttledge all have in common? They have all threatened me, family members of mine, and my very way of life, purly for the sheer act of it. That is what will get me to look into who someone is. Why would I drop a mans docs who I have never herd of? Why would I even care to? If I was in fact the one doing this to this man and if skehan were right, it would imply I was intimatly aware of the situation with skehan and this person, but I had never even herd of this guy until he contacted me. But this is the kind of crap I have been pulled into, and its nonsense like this that has helped E.D. and the YouTube Yahweh Clan to blacken my reputation.

This situation concluded with Skehan blaming another youtube user for the doc dropping of telebender, a person named Tom Serson. Video link

The irony that Skehan and his loser thugs were able to fool telebender into blaming Serson is sad, after all it was Subseven, the leader of the YouTube Yaweh Clan, who Skehan is a member of, who would blame Tom Serson for when Subseven and his group dropped my docs. [Citation] I have more to say about this particular event in a later blog post. The Rorsh4ch name you see in that citation was Subseven (James Saxton) under another youtube account

It is a small world after all isn’t it? Look how every time a false accusation comes my way, Subseven, Mike Skehan or the Encyclopedia Dramatica crowd are not far behind…so you the reader may understand why I may be frustrated or upset with people or so called family members because they listen to this kind of garbage. The trolls who have targeted me, will try and spin it and say I have failed to harass people, and yet how am I harassing people by reaching out to people in a hand of peace and being attacked for it? How am I harassing people by being accused of things I did not do.

If I recieve death threats or LAUGHABLE legal threats from Chrinky or his uncle simply because I respond to a post made on my facebook page from his uncles son, and this is what gets me to receive threats, then there is something off balance here. Maybe Robin should prevent his son from using facebook? And I love how a certain someone would later apologize to me directly, knowing full well she was wrong. I can provide screen caps lest anyone disagrees she did this.

“Why you hating” they may ask…oh I don’t know, maybe its because you people helped someone hurt me and you people censored and stifled my life? Yeah gee, I wonder why I would not like someone after that. I mean does Chrinky have ANY evidence of me destroying Ruttledges life? That’s what he said to me, when I was being defamed, that I was the one hurting Ruttledge. Chrinky said I wasn’t defamed so I guess he has evidence of me being a drub abuser, child predator and animal abuser? You know, all the stuff that Ruttledge and the Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls accuse me of. Does he? If he doesn’t why would he say I wasn’t defamed, when I was? How many threats and OUT RIGHT LIES have I received from Chrinky? I’ve lost count! This is the same guy who threatened to kill me when I was 17 simply because I made a mortal kombat website, and this prevented him from telling his father and others around him that he is the “technical” one of the family:


Yeah Chrinky, you don’t know how to buy something online, but yeah, keep lying to yourself. What I do has no relation to your petty, underachieving, miserable life, nor should it. This is the same guy who almost had a heart attack when I showed him my computer and he had to try and demean me because I was DEMONSTRATING, my knowledge, and he knew full well he had no idea what I was showing him. He just wanted to lie to himself and say “I thought I was the technical one of the family”. And yet Chrinky all your education, unlike mine, has zero to do with the internet, or computers. When have you demonstrated Chrinky that you are the technical one of the family, instead of just saying it Chrinky? Do you know how credibility works? If I hear this crap from Chrinky one more time I will sue you Chrinky, this is not an idle threat, it would be worth it to me to sue you for defamation for spreading out right lies about me. I can honestly say this guy has been nothing but a parasite in my life who thinks its his business to try and censor and stifle me. If I begin to show something that he cannot do and does not know how to do, he gets upset. Why? Because he feels he can no longer lie to people. I have never ever seen him make a website, demonstrate his knowledge with Photoshop, or anything, anything at all. Hes just one big liar! Chrinkys idea of understanding the internet, is looking at a html tag and thinking he can then make a website, yet for some unknown reason chrinky, you never have…I know the reason Chrinky, its cause you’re full of shit!

When even Minky and Chrinkys father was on his death bed, and right in front of us Robin asks Minky if he trusts Chrinky, and Minky responds immediately with “NO!” right in front of his dying father…what does that tell you, the reader, about Chrinky? No one trusts that liar, and everyone knows hes full of shit. That situation was because Chrinky was running up his dying fathers credit card bills, while he was dying! Seriously this asshole was doing that, and yet Chrinky your going to try and lie and demean me? You better get a damn good lawyer! All I have to do is tell the truth about you, and the truth is only hate, to those who hate the truth.

But what have I learned from all this? Its that I know in my heart I am not responsible for any broken relationships. I did everything I could do to bring peace to a situation that had no peace. Is Anne and her husband going to get involved in EVERY situation in my life where SOMEONE has a problem with me? How many times when I was assaulted in high-school did Anne and her husband turn a blind eye to it, yet if I defended myself, they scolded me. That relationship is built upon selfishness not love.

When someone would say out right lies, and I mean OUT RIGHT LIES about me on the net, which I have documented on this site, Anne, her husband and her children would let that inside there heads and they would allow themselves to be manipulated. They did not help me in anyway but only made the situation worse. It was when I listened to them, did not defend myself, and reached out to my oppressors in a hand of peace that bad things happened to me. Then and only then.

Love is about freedom and people who love you want good for you, not bad. They don’t get jealous or bitter when you demonstrate a talent they don’t have but rather are happy for you. They don’t want to edit your life underneath them in the schism of what they call “the family”.

People who don’t respect you don’t see you as an equal and thus try to “take care” of you when in reality it is so that you can take care of them, lest you be competition or a threat. Selfish people will always do to you what you MAY do to them, first, to try and stop you from doing it to them, think of like a preemptive strike. They will most certainly project there character onto you, when you make a joke, you demonstrate a sense of humor, they will see it as you wanting to hurt people. Why? Because that is what they do.

They will always try to create relationships that are built upon dependency “you need me!” instead of mutual respect.

As you may or not be aware of, I am a big fan of Star Wars (the first six movies), and I was listening to George Lucas on a pod cast, where he explained the character of the emperor. This had some weight with me because I can remember in my childhood, arguing with my so called brothers about Darth Vader and the emperor. They would say Vader was the ultimate bad guy and the Emperor was just some weird dark wizard. However I believed something else. I recognized the Emperor when i saw him. Listen to Lucas himself explain in this podcast, go to 12:18 to see what I am referring to:

The last bit where he says hurting people does no good and if you are doing that then you are on the Emperors side, hit home with me. I am no longer blind to the spiritual warfare that is raging on this planet, because I know there are people out there who want to hurt me. Not just me but lots of other people. So many times in my life have I seen people bad mouth others, put others down because they were jealous and I always thought these haughty arrogant people who belittled others were in fact the bad ones. People who bad mouthed you behind there back because there is something about you they feel threatened by, when for me, in those situations i was just minding my own buisness, yet those people, because they are selfish (and birds of a feather flock together) lash out against you because they cannot earn what they feel they deserve.

I believe the best way to deal with people like The Emperor is to not give into there demands. Yes they can threaten me, Photoshop me in homosexual pornographic positions, spread out right lies about me, destroy relationships of mine, get me fired from a job I worked honestly for. And yes they can even take my life. But I have learned there are indeed worse things then death. If you give up the things you love based on outside pressure then what is the point in living?

If someone like Anne got her way we would have no buildings because terrorists might fly planes into them. We would have no super markets because people might blow them up. We would have no marathon runs because someone might attack them with guns. Likewise I guess people should not use the Internet because there are bullies and trolls out here. This is crazy! You cannot allow someone to edit your life because of threats!

The solution to people like this is to simply resist and reject them. As demonstrated by these blogs, Ruttledge has failed to follow through with his threats. Its like a terrorist who says give into my demands or else ill blow up a market place. They may indeed blow up the market place, but I will continue on living my life, doing what I believe in my heart is the right thing to do, trying the best I can to be compassionate, doing what brings me joy, and defending myself if need be… because I know the Emperor and his children have nothing to offer, and neither does there world view.

I want to be clear that the people who have gone after me, people like Subseven or Ruttledge are genuinely evil. What bothers me about these people is that they would scope for family members at all, or my job, especially when they have absolutely nothing to do with anything on the Internet, but I guess I should not be surprised. When they have gone after family members of mine, even though I strongly disagree with how those family members reacted, I take it extremly serious, which is why I have written these blogs to begin with.

You have to counter lies is what I am saying. To allow lies to spread like wild fire and not combat them with evidence is suicide. As I have stated in earlier blogs section 312 of the Canadian Criminal code reads:


312. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes defamatory matter
(a) on the invitation or challenge of the person in respect of whom it is published, or
(b) that it is necessary to publish in order to refute defamatory matter published in respect of him by another person,
if he believes that the defamatory matter is true and it is relevant to the invitation, challenge or necessary refutation, as the case may be, and does not in any respect exceed what is reasonably sufficient in the circumstances. [R.S., c.C-34, s.276.]

If you noticed whether Ruttledge or Subseven (James Saxton) make a false accusation about me, I have to debunk it, but in order to debunk it I must talk about how they have lied about me and other people. It is a perfectly valid reason for talking about someone and I thank the Canadian Government for also recognizing this as well. When they accuse me of lying, which is a lie in it of itself, I would be a fool not to document there behavior to show that in fact they are the ones lying. Not me.

When Sean Ruttledge falsely accuses me of committing libel, being a drub abuser, animal abuser, child predator etc etc, that calls for a response and in order to debunk his claims I have to show that he says this about anyone who he has a problem with. Its not libel, or defamation of any kind, but it is the right thing to do. But still you cannot allow fear to be the deciding factor in any situation, rather let it be hope. The number one thing that will lead to failure is doubt, and that is what enemies of mine have tried to sow into me, whether it is an internet troll or a so called family member. They try and stop your freedom of speech and ascent at the moment of thought.

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I am working on a final post which goes into history with trolls from 2006 all the way up to January of 2009. When this post is done, I will have a complete history documented of these trolls who have defamed and harassed me for over a decade. How this post will be made available I have not yet decided. It may be in the form of a pdf document or blog, but its still up in the air.