Indiana Jones 5?

February 2nd, 2014

So what do you think? Do we need another Indiana Jones movie? Maybe we don’t need one, but its no secret I love Indiana Jones and the series. Where else are you going to find an academic with a flavor for the supernatural? While some people have strong opinions about all the Indiana Jones movies, I rather enjoyed all of them and still do. The two least favorite among the populace seems to be Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull, both of which I liked.

When Temple of Doom came out in 1984, many people complained that it wasn’t for children, and maybe they were right, but was Raiders of the Lost Ark? Anyone remember the end scene when they open that Ark? Here is a refresher for all you kiddies.

Ive herd it said that Temple of Doom was a somewhat deviation from Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade in that it did not feature anyone from Indy’s past nor did it feature any of the Judeo-Christian beliefs from the other two. However what Temple of Doom did feature was some great action and real evil baddies. You know you are dealing with someone bad when we see Mola Ram pull out that guys heart, or what the distraught and poor indian village has been put through with there stolen children. In some ways one could argue this was Indy’s greatest and most dangerous challenge.  He wasn’t out to save the world from the Nazis but rather a village and children from a supernatural evil. There is no doubt there was a battle of Good versus Evil in this, demonstrated at the end on the bridge between Mola Ram and Indy.

In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I believe the makers were fighting an uphill battle. It was a long time since we saw Indiana Jones, everyone was older, some actors passed away, and even Spielberg himself was lukewarm about making another Indiana Jones movie. After all, after the ark and the grail what else could be the mystical item that Indy is after. I may be in a minority but I enjoyed Crystal Skull for its alien spin and playing on the ideas of Roswell and the many possibilities about “Area 51”.  It was great just to see Jones back in action and there is no doubt of the clout and following that Crystal Skulls have through out South America.

But will they make another Indiana Jones movie, I doubt it, but if they do what could it be about? What is Indiana Jones after this time. I was reading on the Internet the many ideas fans have. Atlantis, Spear of Destiny and many other items are all thrown around. In fact The Staff of Moses, which was made into a game, Atlantis and The Spear of Destiny have all been used in comics or books about Indiana Jones.  I wish I could say I came up with this idea, but I didn’t. I found someones ( Maximillian from Austrailia) ideas for Indiana Jones 5 and here it is:

Indiana Jones and the Son of Man

Indiana Jones is offered the chance to visit Palestine in the time of Christ in a joint U.S. Army/Vatican time-travel experiment—overseen by Albert Einstein, who is also part of Indy’s posse—to verify the existence of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, a mysterious group bent on erasing Christ from history hijack the experimental base underneath the Vatican, and pursue Indy through the tunnels of Time, as Jones tries to save a man who neither needs nor wants saving.

Indiana Jones and the Son of Man

I liked this idea so much I decided to make a fan poster to match that description. Not only does the technological/secretive aspect of Crystal Skull make its way into this, but it also connects with Raiders and Last Crusade. It could explore the notion of effecting time and the consequences that has and it could feature a great enemy against our Hero in the way of black magik, just like in Temple of Doom. If this would be Indys final adventure, the stakes have got to be higher then ever, maybe too high, even for Indiana Jones?

It could also feature Indy passing the hat or adventurer mentality to his son or someone like him. After all Harrison Ford is getting a little old for the part. I’m not even against them going as far as killing off the character.

Indiana Jones was based loosely on Alan Quartermain and James Bond and for this movie to work, I’m thinking of the rather excellent James Bond Movie Skyfall. Skyfall featured a hero running out of time, past his prime, and in over his head every time.  When I saw Skyfall, I certainly was not thinking I would see a movie filled with spiritual themes, but it does. It features an older Bond being told time and time again hes to old, not good enough and he has to find the inner strength within himself to persevere.  Those are themes I would like to see in Indiana Jones 5, if it is to have Harrison Ford back.

What do you think, is this a good idea for Indiana Jones 5? Should Indy face off against the ultimate evil and be killed only to be revived by Christ himself? Let me know what you think…

Batman Forever Darker Cut – Update

April 22nd, 2013


Way back in 2001 when I was just starting to edit videos and play around with a camera I purchased a DVD+RW re-writable disc drive. I had to spend a pretty penny back then to do it and was spending about 20$ for a single disc to burn and customize menus. I have always had a fondness for tinkering around with my own edits of movies. In the past I have made edits of Spider-man 3, Superman 3 and the Captain America 1990 movie.

The one I get asked about the most is the Batman Forever Much Darker cut. The intro to the cut can be seen on my Youtube channel. Originally I burned and sent out DVD’s to anyone who was interested, provided they pay a small shipping charge. Later I had to stop this for reasons beyond my control. So I stopped handing out cuts of the movie but that did not stop people from asking about it. You guys asked, and asked and asked. So here it is, a downloadable file, free of charge to anyone. It is a ISO file. Meaning that you have to burn it onto a DVD disc. Most DVD writing software programs will understand this file like: PowerDVD and many others. If you need more information on what a ISO file is, check out this great tutorial:


Batman Forever Much Darker Cut Download Link:!yR9mjZoB!Ry3dYA3OCQMbiZmyThWe82YAd_wKJk1adfqyPguv01g

The file may take you a while to download, and when you do, mount it onto a DVD then plug it into your DVD player and watch away!

I recently watched this to remember what I had made and in retrospect there is a lot I would change, but the cut stands as I did it back in 2008. If I had to do this again I would do it in proper widescreen – HD and on a blu ray. Additionally there are some rare scenes I have acquired that are not on the public DVD/blu ray…

Again this would go a long way to making Batman Forever similar to the previous movies…well as close as one can get it. However, it is still Batman Forever, and its still ultimately Schumachers baby. Im’ still seriously thinking about re-cutting this again with the materials I have at my disposal. Will it happen? Now there is a riddle for you…

I have also added here two images if you want to print them off for a DVD art cover and DVD disc art, if you have the materials to do so:

DVD art for Batman Forever Darker cut

DVD art for Batman Forever Darker cut

DVD Disc Art

DVD Disc Art


Why did you make this?

One of my favorite memories was seeing Batman Returns when I was a kid, I must have been around 9, with my father. I absolutely loved that movie when I saw it and still do . I always wondered what a third Batman movie by Tim Burton would be like and would we ever get a follow up to Batman Returns. Since then I have tried to find as much information as possible about Burtons ideas for Batman 3 and here are just a few of them:

-Two-Face would most likely appear to be white on one side and black on the other (Referenced by Burton himself on the Batman 1989 DVD commentary)

-Riddler was said to be the main villain played by Robin Williams. He would have a pet rat and a question mark shaved into his head.

-Marlon Waynes was cast as Robin in Batman Returns and even did costume fittings and was said to appear in Burtons Batman 3, named only as Robin, a mechanic who would work on Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile.

-Michael Keaton has said publicly he wanted the movie to explore Batmans origins.

This particular cut of Batman Forever is very different. Its much shorter, more to the point, and a lot has be cut out. Colors are less vibrant, music by Danny elfman is re-inserted into the movie, and the scenes that have been left in have been changed around a bit.

I ultimately made this so if I ever have to sit down and watch Batman Forever, this is the cut I’ll watch. I have often been asked will I ever do a Batman and Robin cut and the answer is no. I don’t think there is enough in there that can be fixed. However one talented individual by the name of Greencapt gave his best shot at it and made a Batman and Robin (Deassified) Version. I have a copy of it and if you look around the net i’m sure you can find it. I don’ think it saves BandR but it comes close and he made a good attempt.

I hope you enjoy this cut and find something worthwhile here, and perhaps a glimmer of what could have been released back in the summer of 1995.

If you have any questions about the cut, or how to download the file or mount it onto a DVD, post here. Ill respond as soon as I can.


Update: This cut is in no way meant to infringe on Warner Bros Copyright in any way shape or form. It is not meant to make me or anyone else a profit and has been made purely for fun.  If I receive any notification from Warners or anyone connected to the original film to remove this cut I will do so immediately.